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Tuesday Teaser


It’s TIME……..


School Is In Session!

Welcome to Geography class students……..nice to see your smiling or yawning faces (whichever category you may be in this morning).    FIRST UP – make sure and leave a comment NOW on this blog so you can possibly be my FIRST COMMENTER today and win this:

teaserbadgeoct2016-1Hurry up – we’ll wait for you………………………….


Yes Bobby?   “Professor Sammy can I go to the litterbox while we’re waiting for people to comment?”

YES Bobby but hurry because Sarge will not be happy if you take too long!

That's right Bobby - get your REAR in GEAR and march quickly! Hup-two-three-four.......

That’s right Bobby – get your REAR in GEAR and march quickly! Hut-two-three-four…….

OK – looks like Bobby is back and you all are back so let’s get on with today’s Teaser photo shall we?    Let me remind you that the object of this exercise is to guess the spot where these photos were taken – what town/village/city AND what state or country (depending on whether you think it’s in the USA or elsewhere) were they taken?    It’s all about examining photos and figuring out any clues and making a guess.   AND if you are the FIRST to guess correctly you will win this:


If you guess correctly but just aren’t FIRST to guess correctly, you will get this:


And those of you who guess but are WRONG, get the GREENIE!



Mr. Silver Briefcase would you pretty please bring in the photos you have diligently guarded with your life since last week?????    There are TWO photos today sent in by our Guest Teaser!

Here I am in my Park Ranger/Top Secret Courier outfit with today's PHOTOS!

Here I am in my Park Ranger/Top Secret Courier outfit with today’s PHOTOS!

teaserjan31-2017-1 teaserjan31-2017-2

YES I blanked out a few CLUES but you should still have some left to help you figure this out!  Remember it must be the TOWN and COUNTRY OR STATE where these were snapped!

Tomorrow I will do the TEASER TELL ALL and you will find out who our winner (if we have one!) is and who else got it or didn’t.


C'mon students! Get those brains in gear.....let's see some GUESSES coming in!

C’mon students! Get those brains in gear…..let’s see some GUESSES coming in!

Thanks Sarge………..I think you did a good job lighting a fire under some of our students alright!


Until tomorrow…….Angel Professor Sammy

Pre-Teaser Monday


WHAT?  Monday AGAIN?


Can it be possible it’s been a WEEK since we met in the Geography classroom to exercise our brain cells?   I guess it can be possible because here we are and there you sit.   So, instead of pondering the imponderables, let’s get down to business shall we??

Tomorrow I will be posting TWO photos for you to look at and guess what CITY/TOWN/VILLAGE and what COUNTRY (non-USA) or STATE (USA) they were taken in!    It is a GUEST TEASER too so “batten the hatches” because those seem to be the toughest right?

It will be your job to be here when the post goes live (at a TOP SECRET TIME so you just have to be on your toes!)……………….and then to hopefully be FIRST COMMENTER on the blog so you can win this:


THEN, you have to examine the photos and give it a TRY to see if you just might be able to GUESS RIGHT and hopefully be the FIRST to guess right………….if you do that then you get this!


You know by now there are badges for anyone ELSE who guesses right but isn’t first, AND we even have a special GREEN badge for those of you who guess but miss the mark!   SO, plenty of reasons to be here tomorrow right?

If you need any encouragement, I’m sure Suzie will get your hearts beating…………..Suzie?   SOCK IT TO ‘EM GIRL!

Boogidy Boogidy Boo I'm watching YOU! Pay attention in class Or I'll pinch your......toe..... Guessing is such fun Like a burger with a bun Make sure you have your glasses Don't miss Prof. Sammy's classes! I hope you are the winner Or you might not get your dinner! Now study hard tonight No partying and no fights! Be bright and early tomorrow Or there's nothing for you but SORROW!

Boogidy Boogidy Boo
I’m watching YOU!
Pay attention in class
Or I’ll pinch your……toe…..
Guessing is such fun
Like a burger with a bun
Make sure you have your glasses
Don’t miss Prof. Sammy’s classes!
I hope you are the winner
Or you might not get your dinner!
Now study hard tonight
No partying and no fights!
Be bright and early tomorrow
Or there’s nothing for you but SORROW!

Thank you Suzie……….you never fail to make us THINK when we hear your cheers.    Nobody falls asleep in class when you’re giving us your pep talk on Mondays – nosirrreeeeee!

At the back of the classroom today is our Teaching Assistant “Sarge”…………………anything you’d like to say to the class “Sarge” ??



Gosh, feels like we’re in the Marines doesn’t it?

So I will see you all here bright and early right?   Right!   Study your books tonight and get plenty of rest so you’ll be READY when the post arrives in your inbox tomorrow.

Until then………


Professor Angel Sammy (at your service!)

Selfie Blog Hop


Sunday Selfie Time!

We join in the fun at Kitties Blue, The Cat On My Head on Sundays………everybody shares a photo of themselves or a friend sometimes as a “guest selfie” and it’s a lot of fun to see each other UP CLOSE and personal.   I don’t do traditional selfies though – now that I’m an Angel I get creative and Mom helps me express myself from the “Angel” point of view.   Here’s this week’s effort:


Would you like to see other Selfies or even join in with your OWN Selfie?   Then visit The Cat On My Head by clicking their badge below………………..I hope to see you in the “line-up”!    Just use the LINKY TOOL and voila – you’re there!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Sunday Selfie Hugs,

Angel Sammy

Bacon Update


The Bacon Report



We are going to give you a worldwide premier photo of the FIRST blooming bacon plant in the fabulous BACON GREENHOUSE – apparently all the plants don’t “mature” at the same rate since this is the only one with BACON BLOOMS on it right now.   Ready?


Now that’s what I call a nice start………no doubt this plant will produce even MORE blooms as it matures – and the other plants will no doubt join in the fun and BLOOM shortly.   What a sight it wil be………….we need to give some major KUDOS to our fabulous greenhouse crew………they are diligently working to keep bugs out and humidity high and just look how healthy the plants are!





And last but by now means LEAST:

Our official Garden Gnome hard at work keeping PESTS out!

Our official Garden Gnome hard at work keeping PESTS out!

Needless to say this is a BIG DAY for us to be able to say we’re well on our way to a bacon festival this Spring………………we must take a minute to thank the responsible party who sent us our wonderful BACON SEEDS…………..!


My Pal Mauricio from Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head!

My Pal Mau in his cupcake hat and me in my bacon hat!!

My Pal Mau in his cupcake hat and me in my bacon hat!!

Remember this Spring we will be having a BACON-O-RAMA party on my blog with a celebration of our first crop of bacon.   I’ll have a contest or two and we’ll make it a BIG occasion – after all, to my knowledge this is the first homegrown bacon crop EVER (herds of farm pigs do not count!).


YAY!!!!   Angel Sammy, the Baconator


Friendly Fill-Ins and Shopping!



Yes I know – Friendly Fill-Ins and Shopping have very little to do with one another BUT we pawticipate in both of these so we’ll have TWO parts to our Friday blog!    First up will be Friendly Fill-Ins which is a blog hop co-hosted by 15andmeowing and mcguffy’sreader!   If you would like to do some filling in of your own, you can do that and link up at mcguffy’sreader.


This week’s four sentences AND our fill-ins are below…………..this week Mom filled them in and her fill-ins are in RED!

1. I have seen 42nd Street on Broadway.
2. My Chinese zodiac sign is a PIG!

3. Celebrities lead a life that I wouldn’t want to have – I like peace and quiet! .

4. A  rainy   day is  great for daydreaming and/or reading .

Ta da!   Thanks Mom!   Next week purrrrhaps I’ll do the filling in!

Now onward with PART TWO of today’s blog…………….which is – SHOPPING AROUND THE WORLD!   This hop is hosted jointly by Fozziemum and Bacon!


Our assignment this month was to blog about and post a recipe for “something we are known for”………………well, I’m not known for a THING other than being an Angel at the Rainbow Bridge but my Mom is going to post a recipe that she’s posted BEFORE – which is for her world-famous biscotti !!!

Mom’s Biscotti Recipe


Mom makes biscotti using all kinds of dried fruit and nuts but THIS recipe is Dad’s favorite – cranberry biscotti.   You can substitute ANY dried fruit or almost any kind of nuts you like in this recipe!  If Mom makes Almond Biscotti she will substitute almond extract for vanilla extract.


3 cups flour (Price this week at our grocery 5 lbs. bag of flour was $1.47)

3/4-1 cup sugar (Price this week at our grocery 4 lb. bag of sugar was $2.79)  Note:  if you like your biscotti on the SWEET side, use 1 cup……otherwise 3/4 cup

1 tablespoon baking powder (Price this week at our grocery for 10 oz. container was $1.27)

1 teasp. vanilla extract (Price this week at our grocery for 2 oz. bottle was $3.79)

5 oz. package dried fruit (can be more or less as you like) – (Price this week for 5 oz. package of dried cranberries was $3.39)

3 large eggs (Price this week for one doz. large eggs was $1.59)

1 stick butter – melted (Price this week for butter 16 oz. package $3.45)


PREHEAT oven to 350 degrees……….use large cookie sheet (ungreased).   Mom lines her cookie sheet with parchment but that’s not necessary.

In large mixing bowl, combine sugar and melted butter……..then with hand mixer add one egg at a time and beat well.   Add the vanilla extract to that mix and set aside.    In second mixing bowl, combine three cups flour and one tablespoon baking powder.  Mix well.    Put the butter mixture into the flour/baking powder and mix well.    Batter will be STIFF.    Add fruit or nuts (you can add more or less than I’ve shown in the recipe – it’s totally to your taste…..sometimes I add a LOT more fruit or nuts than one 5 oz. package!).     Mix well.

On floured surface, divide the dough into three equal portions.    Shape each portion into round “loaf” about 9-10 inches long.   Transfer each loaf onto cookie sheet and flatten with your hand until each loaf is about three inches wide and about 3/4 inch thick.    Separate each flattened loaf by at least an inch on the cookie sheet – more if your cookie sheet is large enough!

Bake in oven for 18-20 minutes until light golden color………remove and cool for ten minutes on cookie sheet.    After cooling, transfer loaves to large cutting board and using very sharp knife, cut the loaves on a diagonal into pieces about an inch wide.   Cutting on the diagonal will give you “longer” biscotti.   Note:  Try to make one, swift cut for each piece because the cookies are pretty delicate at this point – don’t use a “sawing” motion or they will break up.    Put cut pieces back on the cookie sheet cut side down.  They can be crowded on the cookie sheet – no need to leave space between.    There will be room for all three loaves of cut biscotti on one cookie sheet!     Put back in hot oven for 10 minutes, remove from oven and carefully turn pieces over to expose other side – then back in the oven they go for another 10 minutes.   Keep an eye on them –  you don’t want them to burn but you want them to be browned up a bit.    Almost every time I make these I either have to add a minute or less (don’t ask me why – maybe my oven?!).

Let finished biscotti cool on the cookie sheet.    They are delicious warm AND if you want to, you can easily make a chocolate sauce (melted chocolate) to dip one end of each piece into and allow them to dry if you like your biscotti like that.

IT IS DELICIOUS!!!!   I promise – and so easy to make.

There you have it peeps!   TWO blogs for the price of one today.    I’ll see you tomorrow for BACON day!


Love and Angel Hugs, Sammy