New Years Eve Bacon


A New Year……BUT

Bacon will still ring out the old year

before it rings in the new!


It sure is – even if that Caturday is New Year’s Eve!


One must make sure that before one indulges in a New Year’s Eve NIPTINI, one has FOOD in one’s tum.


Then we will all be praying that the new year coming continues to be bountiful in the bacon department.


After all, two out of three vets highly recommend bacon for their patients – US!


And we all know that BACON truly does make every single thing BETTER including New Year’s Eve!

SO…… what are you waiting for?


Let the begging BEGIN!!!!!


Here’s to a happy, healthy 2017!

Love, Angel Sammy

P.S.   Tomorrow, January 1, 2017 would have been my 17th birthday.   Since I’m now a Rainbow Bridge Angel, I’m not having a big par-tay to celebrate…..instead, I’m inviting everyone to stop by and have a New Year’s Day birthday breakfast with me… party hats and balloons – just a good old breakfast buffet complete with bacon (of course).   We’ll just start the new year off EATING……..TOGETHER………like the good friends that we are!

Sam's Birthday 2012

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    • Thank you Dee………such a strange Christmas for us this year but next year we’ll have found our “new normal”……without Sam and hopefully with a new “kid” or two! I hope you have a fabulous new year – with a new home and lots of wonderful new memories of travel and fun times with your photography!

      Hugs, Pam (and Angel Sam thanks you for the birthday wishes!)

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  1. happy birthday angel Sam on jan.1, Today Dec.31 is Star’s birthday and she turned 5.. I would love to attend your new year’s day breakfast and celebrate together with the rest of the gang.. hugs from Star and happy birthday to us. Cheers 🙂


  2. Enjoy the New Year’s Eve bacon, Angel Sammy! I will be here for your birthday. No bacon today for us… dang. We just forget to pick it up. Might be an egg or two over easy with some sourdough bread… 🙂


  3. Happy Early Birthday Angel Sammy! Thank you for putting this celebration together for us, You have made it all the more fun to have to get up tomorrow and leave our warm buddies. Bacons….ah….I know there will be a long line at the buffet! XXX pee ess: I think I would like just a tinge of egg too…if you have it.


  4. We’ll be “on the road” tomorrow (vacation starts) but probably stop for breakfast somewhere, so will eat a platterful of bacon in honor of your birthday! Likely can’t stop by here tho since traveling … so sending a birthday hug today!
    Love … Zoey, Dougie Dog and the hu-mom, Ann


  5. Angel Sammy…may I just say….my friend…you are a classy angel and always thinking of your bud and budettes! Breakfast buffet will be fine by us
    Hugs Madi your bfffff


  6. I will see you tomorrow for your birthday breakfast, Sammy. I don’t know what time I will be here, but I am sure you will have the breakfast bar open throughout the day.
    Me and my mum and dad wish your mum and dad a much better and happier 2017, and of course a Happy New Year at the Bridge to you.


  7. Happy New Years, Angel Sammy and his folks. I didn’t get any bacon this morning but there has been an abundance of smoked turkey available. The J didn’t buy any of us a Christmas present so she assuaged her guilt by giving me, my two brothers, and my sister extra smoked turkey breast! I so appreciate your keeping in touch with us and helping us to know more what life at the bridge is like; It helps us all to know it isn’t a bad thing and we need to know that as we get older and our biped parents need to know that too. Happy New Years eve. Do you stay up until midnight to see the new year in and have an angel party?


    • Hi Wickett………Happy New Year!! Smoked turkey is delish – it was one of my earthly favorites! At the Bridge we don’t really celebrate the new year – mostly we look out for all the crazy humans who are out at parties and we try to make sure they get home safe! I’m glad you enjoy hearing about the Bridge…’s definitely not a place to be afraid of or worried about……it’s so peaceful…….it’s everything you might imagine and more.

      Love, Angel Sammy


  8. Well, we can still wish you a very Happy Birthday, Angel Sammy. How we miss you and all the other Angels. Good news – we got bacon this week, not once, not twice, but THREE days in a row!!!

    Happy New Year from us to you!!!

    Woos – Lightning and Misty


  9. Sammy, our heart aches that you are not here to celebrate your birthday tomorrow. We know you tried very hard to make it to that most important day. Mom says she’ll be praying for Mom Pam and Dad David tomorrow, as she is sure they will be very sad. Hope you will have a blow-out of a party at the RB. Sending you all our love. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Mom Janet and Dad Tom


    • Oh I tried very hard to be with Mom and Dad for Christmas and one last birthday but – well – you know! But I have done the best I could with making sure they know I’m alright…….and that I will always love and watch out for them. I think next Christmas will probably still be a bit sad for them BUT I know by then they will have a new kitty in the house (who I will be training of course!) and that will bring them joy. Last night on NYE I managed to send Mom a sign that I was alright – I sent a bright shooting star……….not a firework (!) but a shooting star because I knew SHE would know it was me. We used to look for them every single morning when we took our early in the dark walks….I wish all the Kitties Blue and Mom and Dad Blue an AMAZING new year. It’s not been the best 2016 but this new year – I think it will be wonderful!

      Love always, Angel Sammy


    • Atta girl Shoko! I think it’s great you have a mind of your own!!!! We actually never did know my REAL birthday but Mom and Dad decided to celebrate it on January 1 and my vet when he first saw me guessed that was about right!

      Love, Angel Sam


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