Thoroughly Poetic Thursday




Welcome Poetry Freaks Fans !

Our final Poetry Thursday of the year and the letter we are celebrating today is the letter “C”!    Hmmmmm…………..many things come to mind………Corn, Christmas, Cuckoo Clocks, Cinnamon, Crochet, Castinets (huh?).    OK – I’m being silly here.   I chose my “C” word ages ago and here it is along with the attached poem.


By Angel Sammy Kimmell, 12/29/16

Cats are beautiful this we know

Some are special – with extra toes (tee hee)!

Cats are loving – unless they’re not

Some run COLD and others run HOT

Some are moody, aloof, and haughty

Some are really, TRULY naughty.

Cats are regal and full of grace

They rule the roost – they OWN their place!

Cats can be cuddily or hate to be brushed

Some cats are HUGE and your lap could be crushed!

But one thing is true from beginning to end

A cat might not SHOW it, but he’s your forever friend.


Well there you have it…… final poem for 2016.    Let’s be ready for NEXT week’s Thursday Poetry Day – it will be a day for “D”………….put your thinking caps on and be sure to write something for “D”………….meanwhile if you wrote a poem for “C” like I did, please feel free to give your blog link to your poem in my comments!  We’ll follow the link to read your WORK OF ART.    OR, if you’d rather, you can just post your poem in my comments in its’ entirety (as long as it’s not 87 paragraphs long of course).

See you in 2017 for more Poetry on  Thursdays!


Oui Oui Mon amis!   ‘Tis I, Angel Sammy Ze Poet Extraordinaire!

Signing off with zee HUG!

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      • Aarrghhh Sammy, it’s been a very sad time for us as our house sitters let us down the day before we were due to go 😦 We’ve been here, licking our wounds ever since. Mind you, to cheer ourselves up, we’ve taken a few day trips and may have one or two photos… xAx


        • OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Didn’t realize that had happened to you – that’s just awful. I did wonder how you were able to find time to comment on our blog when you were traveling but now I know why – you weren’t!!!! That’s a shame and I hope you can find another more reliable house sitter so you can get some much needed time off. Day trips are fun too – my Mom and Dad enjoy those. So sorry!! 😦

          Love, Angel Sam


  1. Haha…so true, Angel Sammy! This poem brought a smile to my face. Samantha…though…was concerned that the “huge, lap-crushing” part was in reference to her…but I reassured her that no one really knows she is 16 lbs since her svelte fur coat hides it so well. 😂

    Big hugs for you and Mom! ❤️


  2. Ohhhhh Angel Sammy well done and oh 1000% true.
    I love these verses, they might (or might not) apply to my poem today. MOLMOL
    “Cats are loving – unless they’re not,
    Some run COLD and others run HOT

    Some are moody, aloof, and haughty”

    Yep we did a C poem today too!!
    Hugs madi your bfff


  3. that’s a super poem!!! and I agree… cats were gods once and the people worshipped them and brought mice and nip… for a reason… to listen one minute to a purring friend makes your day to a purr-fect day :o)


    • I love it! HI COO is probably my most fave poetry form…..why doesn’t Mom let ME write one once in a while on poetry day? Who knows! I’ll have to bug her about it. I love your poem though and it makes me hungry for chowder.

      Love and bunches of Hugs for the New Year
      Angel Sammy and Mom Pam


  4. ***clapss pawss together inn deelite!!!***
    That was a furabuluss poe-em Unccle Sammy…..yur a true blue Poe-et fur sure!
    Mee has a littul poe-em to share with you.

    Mee purrayss fur a werld of
    caring an sharing.
    A werld where LUV knowss no boundss,
    an all wee hear iss happy soundss.

    Caring an sharing
    makess our werld a better place,
    an it putss a BIG smile
    on mee mankat face!!!

    Without thee caring an sharing
    thee werld wood bee dark;
    Trulee lifeless an stark!

    So let’ss keep on caring
    Let’ss keep on sharing….
    Our LUV will keep us together
    an make our werld better!!!

    bye Purrince Siddhartha Henry 2016
    Deddykated to mee Unccle Sammy an Easy an Fiona an who have gone to Pure Land this year….. ❤ ❤


    • Oh dear boy what a wonderful poem……I think we will always care and share…….the animal blogosphere is a wonderful place full of people who really do care about each other…..we are so lucky that way. Thanks for dedicating the poem to me, Easy and Fiona……we appreciate it!

      Love, Angel Uncle Sammy


  5. Greetings fellow cat lover and poet! Thanks for sharing this. I am a cat lover and we have just rescued three little cuties, Nera, Ebony and Ziggy. I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s poem is about a cat I saw on holiday in case you have time to look? Have a good weekend, Sam 🙂


    • Great poem! I bet Rocky has “seen it all” and probably done it all as well. Good for you rescuing three cats recently – bless you for caring. I probably would have a house full of cats since I so totally “get” cats, but my husband thinks one at a time is enough. Teddy seems like THREE as he’s rather full of himself but that’s OK – he is the “heart” of our home. I used to write a lot of poetry – was an editor for a poetry e-mag “back in the day” and only dabble these days. Life is full of surprises and changes! Thanks for reading our blog post……happy weekend.

      Pam and Teddy too


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