Teaser Tell All


Well!  What a Teaser!


I guess I didn’t fool many of you with yesterday’s Teaser did I ?!    You know, I wasn’t sure about it because I know that those sculptures “travel” around a lot so it could be in many spots but the photo we used was just one of those spots so I thought it might “test” you to figure out which one!

Let’s thank the one who sent in our Teaser photo from yesterday shall we????    It was sent in by Gracie from GoodnessGracie – thanks for the photo Gracie and this is for you!


Now let me show you the fab photo she sent then we’ll get to the awards!

teaserdec27-2016These sculptures are in MANY places in the world, and in fact this particular one has been to three places (maybe more) but when Gracie’s Mom and Dad captures this photo, they were in front of La Scala Opera House in Milan, Italy!    YAY!

Let’s talk BADGES…………………….the first order of business today is telling you that we had only ONE Teaser First Commenter yesterday instead of a tie!    WHO was the first to comment?

Da Phenny at EasyWeimaraner – that’s who!   Seems Easy might be whispering in Phenny’s ear and helping him become a TEASER EXPERT already!

This is for you Phenny:



Gimme a P Gimme an H Gimme an E Gimme an N Gimme another N Gimme a Y..... What's it spell? PHENNY that's who! YAY Da Phenny!

Gimme a P
Gimme an H
Gimme an E
Gimme an N
Gimme another N
Gimme a Y…..
What’s it spell?
PHENNY that’s who!
YAY Da Phenny!

I do believe Phenny is gonna be a force to be reckoned with on Teasers don’t you?   This is for you little guy:


We had QUITE A FEW others who guessed Milan, Italy and if you were one of them – guess what – you get a badge too!!!


Were you WRONG?  Did you blow it?   Were you clueless on Tuesday?   Help yourself to a Greenie then!


So that’s it for 2016 Teaser gang……………….we have done all the Teasing we’re going to do this year.   Next Tuesday we’ll be starting out the Teasing Year of 2017 and I’ll try to find something suitably TOUGH for you to start the year with OK?   OK!

MEANWHILE, Happy New Year – Suzie and I will see you in 2017!


Final Teaser Hug of 2016,

Hug, Angel Prof Sammy



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  1. Concats to Phenny and to the other winners. I didn’t know there were “LOVE” signs in other countries, too. We have them here in Virginia: Virginia is for Lovers!
    Love, Sundae


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