Tuesday Teaser


Good Morning Class!  

I hope you didn’t eat too much Christmas food

or you won’t be able to wedge yourselves

into your little tiny desks today!


I hope you all had a happy holiday and are ready to tackle the tough work of guessing a Teaser photo!   ARE YOU?

I guess we’re about to find out right?    Today is our FINAL TEASER of the old year 2016 and I daresay a whole lot of you are happy to say BYE BYE to the old year and are ready to give a brand new year a run for the money.   I know that 2016 was not a good year for yours truly – I began failing and while I’d hoped to make it to Christmas I didn’t………..however, thanks to special permission by the powers that be at the Bridge, HERE I AM STILL TEACHING CLASS AND DOING TUESDAY TEASERS!!!     YAY!!!

Now before we start, please remember that if you are the very first person to COMMENT on today blog post – you will win a badge – – – – why don’t you hurry up and comment then come back and we’ll continue with class……….we’ll all wait for you right Class?   (la de da….hmmmmmm…….Scooby dooby dooooo……)  ARE YOU BACK?   Good.  Now on with the show.

Today we have a GUEST TEASER………….is it an easy one?  Maybe yes and maybe no.  Lately I’m wrong when I say it’s tough – you wind up guessing it right away………..so let’s just take it one thing at a time…….before I show you the photo, let’s bring little Suzie (aka wacko) Q in for a cheer for the New Year!   SUZIE TAKE IT AWAY!

Out with the old year In with the new Gimme some champagne Or I'll step on your shoe! Your last chance of the year for a 2016 win You know you want a badge today so give the wheel a spin! I'm cheering for you so give it a try...... If you don't guess I might just have to CRY. Don't make the kitty sad It wouldn't be so wise So study the Teaser photo AND you might win a prize!

Out with the old year
In with the new
Gimme some champagne
Or I’ll step on your shoe!
Your last chance of the year for a 2016 win
You know you want a badge today so give the wheel a spin!
I’m cheering for you so give it a try……
If you don’t guess I might just have to CRY.
Don’t make the kitty sad
It wouldn’t be so wise
So study the Teaser photo
AND you might win a prize!

Thank you Suzie and I SOOOOOOOOOOO appreciate you keeping things “clean” for your last cheering session of the year!    Now let’s bring in Silver Briefcase DOOD for his final 2016 appearance…………….maybe we can buy him a new trench coat for the new year……….??!

Here's the final 2016 photo Professor.....as for the trench coat - I think the girls like me in my black coat and hat.....gives me that James Bond look! But thanks anyway......

Here’s the final 2016 photo Professor…..as for the trench coat – I think the girls like me in my black coat and hat…..gives me that James Bond look! But thanks anyway……

Now when you guess where this photo was taken class, remember you must guess what TOWN/VILLAGE/CITY as well as what STATE (if USA) or COUNTRY (if not USA) the photo was taken in!  GOT IT??    READY?


Now here’s the badge collection you can win today if you’re lucky………………………

First Commenter on this post:


First RIGHT GUESSER of the photo location:


Others who guess CORRECTLY but aren’t FIRST:


AND the ever popular GREENIE for those who guess incorrectly!


So get to work class……….the clock is ticking………..time is of the essence……………you want to win right?   Of course you do…………………GOOD LUCK!

Tune in tomorrow for the TEASER TELL ALL!   Find out who wins what and whether or not Suzie gets to step on anybody’s shoes!    OUCH!


Good luck!  

Angel Professor Sammy

P.S.   Tomorrow is a special day in the blogosphere – a day when we will all honor our dear friend Easy Weimaraner who departed for the Bridge so tragically just before I left for the Bridge myself.   His Mom and Dad wanted to wait until Easy was “home again” to have a special day of his friends’ blogs of remembrance and that day has come as Easy is now home.    The Hop is being hosted by Dory’s Backyard (CLICK HERE) where all of us who wish to participate can link a special “Lighting the Way” blog in Easy’s honor.   Visit Dory for info!    You can simply post the photo lighting the candle for Easy or write something in his honor – whatever you want to do.    It’s just our way of saying WELCOME HOME Easy and honoring his life and being our friend.    You may use the below photo for your post or something else of your choosing.   Let’s all support Easy’s Mom and Dad and our forever friendship with Easy tomorrow………..


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    • Oh I think Da Phenny’s Mom is keeping him super entertained (check out their blog to find out!!!!!)…….he’s definitely being “trained” by Easy – he’s great at destroying EVERYTHING!

      Hugs, Angel Sam


  1. I told you my mum would be late! We knew the answer too but it has already been guessed several times. It is one of a series of “Love” sculptures in various cities, and this one is in Milan which is a beautiful place to visit.


  2. Hmmm….this could be a tricky one because we believe this sculpture can be seen in many different places, and even in different languages! Are you trying to fool our overstuffed brains, Angel Sammy? 🙂


  3. Well we are not first but at least we are not last. MOL MOL MOL. The peeps have started having breakfast out on Tuesdays.

    We came right to the comment block did not read any other comments so we’re guessing it is in Chicago, IL ….they have a ton of larger than life sculptures and outside art. Sugar used to take her photos lots of them when she lived in Chicago
    hugs madi your bfff


  4. Great cheer Suzie, but threatening to step on my shoe with your wee tiny foot is not a threat. I am going to guess Philadelphia, PA. I have a photo of my hubby and I near the Love one in NYC. XO


    • Good guess but is it RIGHT?????????????? We’ll find out tomorrow. I didn’t realize that these things are moved all around the world so it’s tough to know where they will “land” next!

      Hugs, Angel Sammy


  5. The photo tells me where it is. You’re all reading it from left to right and from top to bottom. Lets read it from right to left and bottom to top. It says “ROMA” so we’re talking about the capital of Italy. “Roma” is “Rome” in the local Italian language for you squirrels out there.


  6. Morning, Sammy, we see are not the first to guess this, but that’s okay. We will be happy if we just get the last Teaser of the year correct. What a great thing to do for Easy. We will add the badge to our planned post tomorrow. We are so happy to hear hat he is finally back home again. That was such a long time for his parents to wait for him. We sure hope Da Phenny is settling in. Sending lots of love to all at your house and to you. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


    • Good Morning KB! I guess we’ll be handing out a lot of “RIGHT GUESSERS” for the last post of the year!! Yes I thought it was a wonderful idea when I heard about it for Easy. Murphy and Stanley and Dory I guess put the Blog Hop together for Easy. Nobody thought it would be so long that they’d have to wait to do it but finally Easy is home. Phenny is having a ball – 3-1/2 month old puppies usually do! HAHAHA Lots of love to you this morning – enjoyed seeing you guys open up your SECRET PAWS box of fun!

      Hugs and love, Angel Sam and Mom Pam


  7. Not as late as us…Pig-Out! I don’t know. From the Initials. I would hazard a guess as Amsterdam, Oregon but that doesn’t make sense. So I shall guess Milan, Italy. I would never get it but had fun looking at the windows. I see only 1 arched window and the rest are square. I know, it doesn’t tell us anything about the picture but it is different.



  8. Mee-you Angel Unccle Sammy wee so-o late…..
    LadyMum puzzled over thee foto an shee sayss shee finkss it iss inn Prague…
    Do not ask mee Unccle; mee has NO idea where shee iss mee-yowin about, mew mew mew….
    ***paw wavesss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxx


    • Your Ladymum is a bit off with her guess this week little guy but know what? It doesn’t matter because she TRIED and you know what I say about that – “trying is the most important thing”……!

      Love, Angel Uncle Sam


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