Pre-Tease/Post-Christmas Monday




Indeed it is!!!   Welcome aboard!

Students I know you all had a wonderful holiday and it’s hard to concentrate on geography after eating lots of good food, opening lots of fun presents and staying up all hours to see Santa Paws plop out of your chimney BUT it’s time for pre-teasing.    I must prepare you for tomorrow’s test.   There will be a post coming to your mailbox at an undisclosed and top secret time and in it will be a photo that you must try and figure out WHERE WAS THIS TAKEN????????

The FIRST person to comment on that post tomorrow will get a special prize to display in a spot of honor on their blog or FACEBOOK page or just hang it up in the bathroom on the mirror !!   


Then, the first person who actually guesses the location (the FULL location… and state/country) will get this:


Other folk who guess correctly but are NOT first, will get this:


AND, heaven forbid you are WRONG when you guess or just plain haven’t got any idea where the photo was taken but even then you STILL get one of these to call your VERY OWN!!!!:


Everyone is a winner – how cool is that anyway?   Where else can you go and be WRONG and still win something except HERE in Professor Sammy’s classroom?

I do hope that everyone had a nice holiday yesterday OR are still enjoying their holiday today – my Mom and Dad had a visit from Santa Paws but still found it very different NOT having yours truly present for Christmas.   Yes they miss me.   Guess what.   I miss them too.   BUT we are moving forward with a smile.   It’s not just a New Year’s Resolution – it’s a promise!

Suzie is warming up in the Cheerleaders Locker Room (she’s either warming up or she’s peeking in the guy cheerleader’s shower room which wouldn’t surprise me one bit!)…………and she will be here tomorrow to cheer you on……………… make sure and be here OK?  OK!


Yes….even dignified geography professors are

allowed to celebrate the new year that’s coming! 

Professor Sam 

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    • HA! Well Phenny my little buddy, we’ll see if the final Teaser of this year is in fact Maine, USA or maybe inside some Army compound where there are a lot of “forts” like the one your Mom and Dad got you and ALMOST built in your living room…..who knows?! The Teaser is always a big surprise!

      Love, Angel Sammy

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  1. Happy Day After Christmas, Angel Sammy! I’m sure yesterday was difficult for your pawrents: my pawrents thought about them a LOT. We’ll be here for the Teaser….clueless, as usual, I’m sure!
    Love, Sundae


  2. Happy Boxing Day Angel Sammy! We have our Christmas dinner today and will have roast rib of beast. I will try and keep mum on time tomorrow, but you know what she’s like.


    • Oh Flynn when my Mom and Dad went to the neighbors for Christmas dinner yesterday they had roast rib of beast too and it was delicious (so they say)…..roasted veggies too and mincemeat pie for dessert with vanilla ice cream! I hope you have a wonderful time with your feast and that you get a few little bites to try! Good luck tomorrow!

      Love, Angel Sammy


  3. Sammy, even as an angel you crack us up! We love you all so much. We’ll be back tomorrow to see what shenanigans SuzieQ has up her pompoms. Even if we get a Greenie, we always have fun participating! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


    • GOOD ATTITUDE KITTIES BLUE CREW!!! I’ve seen Suzie’s cheer for tomorrow and she managed to keep it toned down to a dull roar. As for her outfit – well………….. See you tomorrow!!!

      Love, Angel Sammy


    • Oh goodie! I’ll look for you in class tomorrow! Don’t forget – the post is at a random time not the usual posting time for my blog – that’s so it’s a BIG FAT SURPRISE so be on your toes!!!!!!

      Love, Angel sammy


  4. I’m early for the Teaser! I’ll try to pop back again later, but the sun is shining and the bipeds are planning a long walk so I’m going to miss that first commenter spot!


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