Teaser Tell All Time!


Welcome Class – I’m handing out grades now!

Yep – time to tell you how you did and award badges as appropriate………………..ready?   Why of COURSE you are!    Yesterday we had a Teaser that I thought MIGHT be tough but in the end it wasn’t………..we had a winner QUICKLY and then a whole bunch of others who popped on the bandwagon and agreed with the FIRST GUESSER.

BUT – I digress – first off we had ONE lucky FIRST COMMENTER – she doesn’t have to share that honor with anyone either as she was the FIRST AND ONLY FIRST!    Miss Csilla got it all by herself!   YAY FOR YOU!   Here’s your badge:


So here’s yesterday’s Teaser one last time!


How cool is this?  It’s the Sibelius Monument in Helsinki, Finland – isn’t it amazing?????????

We got this fab photo from Miss Annie of Animal Couriers so THANKS Miss Annie – this is some gorgeous monument indeed!   This is for you:


After this photo went out on the internet, it was just a matter of a short period of time before we had the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER chime in, and then a bunch of others guessed it which means some others recognized it too and knew the  answer too (or thought HER answer was the right one and joined in)……………..but the FIRST was Miss Katharine – Easy’s Mom – from HERE and she gets this fabulous award:


As I said though she wasn’t the only one who got it right – so if you were a lucky duck (or cat or dog or pigeon or pig or WHATEVA) you get this:


And of course there’s always a few of you who bomb out/guess wrong/haven’t got a clue/love the color GREEN and all of you get this:


YAY!!!!!   Give yourselves some applause class!


Next week I’ll try to do better – honest I will – I was a bit off my game this week – still getting used to these Angel wings you know…………..but next week will be the 20th and so close to Christmas it will be our CHRISTMAS TEASER and I’ll have special CHRISTMAS BADGES (which are different than the new Angel Badges I’m working on).

You WILL plan on being at class next week right?   RIGHT?   You don’t want a de-merit this close to the end of the year do you?

My wings are folded back (or tucked in under my sweater) for class!

My wings are folded back (or tucked in under my sweater) for class!

See you next week class!  

Angel Prof Sam

Pee Ess

Tomorrow is Thoroughly Poetic Thursday and we are starting the alphabet over with “A” (obviously) so if you post your blog link or your poem here tomorrow about something starting with the letter “A”, you might get extra credit on your report card this year……….(I SAID MIGHT!).

62 thoughts on “Teaser Tell All Time!

  1. When I came by yesterday there was no teaser, so mum went out and that was that! I was left high and dry!! Well, that’s my excuse MOL. Well done to the right guessers and first commenters!! 🙂


    • No Teaser??????????????????? Maybe it had disappeared temporarily due to overwhelming traffic to the site (hahahahahahaha just kidding). I do think it makes a good excuse though Austin!

      Love, Angel Sam


  2. Congrats to those two smart ladies. OMCs mom probably needs a refresher course in Geography.
    We have our A poem ready and could surely uses tons of extra credit.
    Hugs madi your bfff


  3. Ooh, Christmas badges next week. Cool! Bet you know what we will be writing our poem about for tomorrow, and it won’t be Astrid. We suspect your poem might just have the same theme, Angel Sammy. Sending you and Mom Pam and Dad David lots and lots of love. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


    • YES – there was little doubt that “A” was going to be what it turned out to be!!! Your poem was beyond beautiful………Mom shed a tear and so did I but Angel Fiona said not to cry but to be happy that she is no longer uncomfortable and hurting – she is happy and healthy and that she and I should celebrate that we were SO lucky to have the BEST homes and humans EVER!!!!!!!

      Love and Big Hugs, Angels Sam and Fiona


  4. Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Mes gotted one right!!!! YEAH!!! Mes added it to my post today!!! mes so excited!!! Wes all doing the happy dance over here!!!
    And singing!!! Mes Singing!!!!
    Thanks Yous!!! Thanks Yous!!!
    Many Kisses


  5. Hello sweet Pam and Angel Sam. Wow, that’s very Startrek’ish looking. Leave it to Finland to be very cutting edge. I missed your challenge yesterday since I was at work late but as usual, I had no clue. I will try to be on time next week xoxox


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