Pre-Tease Monday



Here we go again!  It’s time to get ready for tomorrow!

Hi Teaser fans……………….I have a confession – I had fully intended to come up with some brand new badges for everyone tomorrow but I’m afraid between my duties at the Rainbow Bridge, learning my way around, keeping a close eye on my Mom and Dad, being at Cat Scouts, AND my blog here, I’m up to my eyeballs!    Add to that the fact Mom needs my help to do her Christmas cards (yes we’re WAY WAY behind around my house) and NO NEW BADGES is the end result.  I’ll try to have them for NEXT Tuesday though OK?

Tomorrow’s Teaser photo is yet to be finalized too – we have two in the running and I haven’t chosen THE ONE yet.   But I will…… me on that!    Also Suzie will be here as usual to get you all fired up and in the mood to guess.

Remember too that we have a prize for whoever is the first to comment on tomorrow’s Teaser blog – that’s right – that lucky ducky will win this:



All you have to do is be alert for the notice that my Teaser post is UP………….hurry here and comment…….then you can take your time guessing where the photo was taken OK?   OK!    Our operators will be standing by for your call……HAHA

We';; be ready!

We’ll be ready!

You know Christmas is almost here and there’s still time to switch from one list to the other in Santa’s books so if you wanna be on the NICE list, you’d better show up in class tomorrow……….!!



See you tomorrow!  

Angel Professor Sammy


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    • Not sure what we’ll do with the header after the holiday and we go back to our old theme…….but at least I modified it a bit. Maybe whenever Mom and Dad adopt again it can be ONESPOILEDCAT (looking after the new kids from the Bridge) or something like that! Mom says thanks for the much needed hugs.

      Love, Angel Sam


  1. A.S. don’t you worry your little ginger-ness about new badges…the current ones in fact all of them always please and delight us.
    Hugs madi your bfff


  2. Mee-you yur so busy uppy there Unccle Sammy! Mee thott you wood bee lounging inn thee lush green meadowss with NYLABLUE an eatin tuna an reelaxin!!!
    Have you found NYLABLUE? An Mingflower? Did you see JABAR thee Arabian horsie??? If you DO see him; pleeze give him mee LUV an reegardss ok??? Hee iss a red chestnut color an berry hansum…you can not miss him inn a crowd!
    ****nose kissesss**** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxx
    Pee S: Mee do mee best to bee here tomorrow…..


      • **sniffullsss**
        Oh Unccle Sammy mee is tryin so-o hard to bee brave an not miss all of youss’ uppy there. Sum dayss are good an sum dayss are **sniffull** like today….
        Mee iss happy efurry one watchess over mee….an mee iss beein such a good boy fur LadyMum….so all of youss’ will bee proud fo mee!!!
        ❤ LUV ❤ neffkitty Siddhartha Henry ❤


        • Yes dear nephew it’s like that for my Mom and Dad and even for those of us who are now Angels…..we all miss everyone there…..but we have to all just get used to FEELING each other in our hearts because that’s where we are now.

          So happy you’re being a good boy – that makes your Ladymum and all of the Angels here to look out for you VERY happy!

          Love, Angel Uncle Sam

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  3. Dear Angel Sammy, I had to send my Ladybug over the rainbow bridge this past Saturday. Please keep an eye out for a tiny (4 pounds), mostly white calico kitty with crippled front paws and make sure she has all the bacon and other treats she wants, and keep her warm. And tell her I’ll miss her forever. Hopefully she has already met my dog Fred, who went over the bridge 33 years ago. He loves cats and will take care of her too.

    Hugs, Kathy


    • Dear Miss Kathy…..I will DEFINITELY look for your Ladybug….remember here she will have NO crippled front paws (bless her heart) she will be fine and dandy and running like the wind! I’ll make sure she knows where the Bridge Bacon Breakfast Bar is and everything else she likes I’ll help her find it. I’m on the “GREETING COMMITTEE” so don’t worry about her. She will be visiting you soon too – we get to do that – just sit quietly with your heart open and a smile on your face and thoughts of her and she just might whisper in your ear or touch your cheek with her tail. She is ALWAYS there though in your heart when you need her. I bet your Fred is up here – I don’t visit the pups often but will make an effort to look him up!

      Be happy – your Ladybug is at peace…………..
      Love, Angel Sammy

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  4. Oh! Oh! Oh! Sammy! mes just saw your selfie from yesterday(glares at Mommy) it has been furry hectic at our new place. But mes insisted mes stops by this morning to say HELLO!
    So HELLO!!! to yous dear Sammy and Nellie Kisses for your Mommy


    • Nellie dear girl – make sure your Mommy sends my Mommy your new address! Looks like quite a lot of moving ISSUES at your place – – – including your poor Mom taking a fall with Cinni! I hope soon your new palace is fixed the way you want it and you have lots of snuggly and warm spots to spend your days. Sending you and your Mom TONS OF ANGEL HUGS!

      Love, Angel Sammy


  5. Claire is a kind of organization maniac, and as we mostly send our cards and our Secret Paws package overseas, we have to be ready for end of November to make sure that our friends get it before Christmas. Can’t wait to see your teaser tomorrow ! Purrs


  6. Oh Sammy, how funny, our post for tomorrow is titled, “Naughty or Nice?” You know we’ll get here tomorrow whenever Mom remembers it is Tuesday. You are the sweetest and most adorable Santa Angel. Sending lots of love and prayers. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


    • The Teaser is an INTERESTING one today……not sure it will be hard though – maybe easy. Loved your NAUGHTY or NICE post…..made me giggle! Lisbeth looks so cute! Hope your Mom remembers what day of the week it is……

      Love, Angel Sam


  7. Oh Sammy, We are very happy to hear that one of these days your mom might find a kitty who needs her love like you did those many years ago. One of the hardest things for the Humans when one of us flies away is that they still have allllllllll this love to give and no place to put it anymore. The Human hasn’t told toooooooo many people this because they might not understand, but when Clarkie went to the Bridge, she just couldn’t stand the empty house so she gotted me just three days later. She says she was still very sad about Clarkie and she mourned him and Mr. Teeth for a long time, but it helped her so much to have me to take care of (not that I was a very easy kitten to love since I was feral and *really* scared and mad). But it gave her a place to put all that love and mushy stuff the Humans feel all the time. She said to one of the vet techs when she picked me up (somebody had brought a feral litter into their office) that she felt a little guilty getting another kitty so soon, but the tech said to her, No, it was just that Clarkie had been such a good kitty he had showed her that she’d always need a kitty and said he’d be proud of her for adopting me. We know some Humans take a long time to even think about finding a new kitty, and that’s fine too. But we are happy to think that some day another kitty will get to have the wonderful kind of life you had with your mom.

    Oh, and we are terrible at teasers, but we will try to get here to lose again tomorrow! XOXOXOXO


    • Wise words dear Spitty – and so true too…..Mom has said that very thing to Dad about how they need a kitty to give all their love to – Dad agrees and I’m working on finding just the right kitty for them at our local shelter. Dad says “after Christmas” and Mom says “NOW!” but as long as it happens, I’ll be able to REST knowing they are helping another lucky kitty have the BEST possible life. Actually I have my eye on a kitty now who’s at the shelter where Mom and Dad found me….he’s 2 years old, is orange and white (hmm..sounds familiar!) and his name is Sherman. Mom is hoping…..hoping…..Anyway, thanks for sharing the story of Clarkie and you. Mom is going to share your story with my Dad when he comes home from going flying this morning. I was one very lucky boy for almost 17 years to be living here – and I want that same happiness for another deserving cat. I’ll look for you at Teaser time today – GOOD LUCK!

      Love, Angel Sammy


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