Thoroughly Poetic and Thankful Thursday!


Double Duty Day!   Thankful Thursday with Brian

and MY Poetic Day!


First is Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop…………….well I truly am THANKFUL for all the love you have shown my Mom and Dad while they have struggled to come to grips with me heading off to the Rainbow Bridge last Friday.    Your love helps them and has been the wind beneath their sails.    Thank you my friends.


Next up is my Thoroughly Poetic Thursday post which this week gets us to the END of the alphabet by writing a poem about something starting with the letter “Z”!


I knew the day would come when I’d have to face the letter “Z” for a poem…………….not that it’s all THAT hard, but it’s a challenge – certainly more of a challenge than many of the other letters of the alphabet right?    Well, anyway, here goes!



By Sammy Kimmell, Angel, 12/8/16

In most zoos it’s sad to see

Animals in cages NOT running free

There are many though who have seen the light

Have widened spaces and lines of sight

Have given animals some dignity

With landscapes having more reality

So animals can roam

Feel more at home

And allow more individuality.

Zoos also keep some endangered species going

Safely protecting animals instead of just showing.

One thing for sure of which I am glad

I’m totally free and not caged and sad.

Well, there it is………….done!    We made it through the WHOLE alphabet but now we’re going to start all over – remember I asked you to vote on whether you wanted to start over with A and do this one more time or not???    The votes were cast and you wanted to “play this again Sam” (haha) so next week we’ll begin again with the letter “A”!     Meanwhile, if you wrote a “Z” poem today, you can either post it in my comments so we can read it OR put your blog link in comments so we can visit your blog and read your poem!    It’s fun isn’t it?  I think so…………………


Oui, Oui!   I wrote a poem starting with “Z” !

Sammy the Angel Poet


About onespoiledcat

We are Angel Sammy and Teddy......! When I went to the Rainbow Bridge in December 2016, my Mom and Dad adopted Teddy from the same shelter where they got me 17 years ago.......he's a cutie......I'm teaching him ALL I know. It's great that I can continue blogging from the Bridge - we have great wi-fi up here! Teddy and I will tell you all about our adventures together AND we have some fun blog features every week too. It's nice to meet you..........have fun with TWOSPOILEDCATS!

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    • So sad isn’t it…..and then people get outraged when the animals act out from their frustration at being trapped in cages….well, let’s hope that more zoos do the GOOD things that many of them do to preserve animals and give them the dignity they deserve! Glad you liked my poem….we’re starting ALL over again with “A” next week!

      Love and Hugs, Sammy


  1. Oh what a great z word A.S….you are for sure the poet laureate and did such a good job of encouraging us to pawticipate. Mom missed out on the first 1/2 of the letters..
    We have a Z poem today our word is Zest!
    Hugs Madi your bfffffff

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  2. Great job on Z. I have never been to a zoo aside from a mini one at a park nearby. I love this photo of you in your beret. I am thankful that your folks are being surrounded by love for them and for you. XO


    • I love my beret and I SOOOOOOOOOOO appreciate that you made one for me. This is one of my Mom and Dad’s favorite photos of me too – with my funny face I did just to make Mom smile. There are no zoos at the Bridge – we’re all running free as can be!

      Love, Angel Sam

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    • I wear my beret on poetry day only – I pretend to be oooh la la French and oooh la la Monsieur Poet! HAHAHA You guys have it made – you are “naturals” in your French berets!!!!! Glad you like my poem today.

      Love, Angel Sammy

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  3. Well done on your Z poem, Sammy! My mum agrees that zoos are sad places for animals to be caged in. We have some wildlife parks here which are much better if an animal must be kept in captivity.


    • Thank heavens for wildlife parks – much more “true” to nature for animals to occupy! I know I wouldn’t like living in a cage like I was when my Mom and Dad found me at the shelter!!!!!!!

      Love and Hugs, Angel Sam


  4. Well Angel Sammy you did it from A to Z! This was a thoughtful poem for Z. I have to say that St. Louis has an awesome zoo. I think they work hard at making great widened spaces and landscapes. The only other zoo I have been to was the zoo in Washington, DC.


    • The zoo in DC isn’t TOOOO bad because they have worked to open things up and their zoo property is beautiful with the woods and “natural” feel……but they still have a lot of penned in animals in places with no grass or small spaces for large animals. Things HAVE gotten a lot better though around the world – people are beginning to understand the role zoos can play in keeping endangered animals going strong and THAT makes me happy!!!!!!

      Love, Pam (with Angel Sam on my shoulder dictating!)

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      • We saw the DC zoo in 1989 when CH was working in DC. We weren’t too impressed. So, I am happy they have improved it. I am really not a fan of zoos… 🙂 I am with you in being HAPPY with the work they do for endangered animals. St. Louis zoo was one of the 10 best zoos in the US as picked by Fodor’s Travel, depending on whether we could give a hoot about Fodor’s choices… 😀 And it’s very close to the ARCH!… 😀

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  5. Sammy, you really nailed it wth that poem. It is so sad to visit a zoo where animals to do not there natural habitat to roam around. Astrid loved doing our “Z” poem. But then she’s a character. Sending lots and lots and lots of amour to Mom Pam and Dad David, and to you as well our petit French chat. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo and our mom

    p.s. Here’s the link to our poem:


    • We loved Astrid’s “Z” poem today – your Zoomie Queen! We have always had a lot of sadness in our hearts when we visited “zoos of old” – fortunately many of them are changing things and making their animals more “at home” (or at least a reasonable facsimile) and doing more to perpetuate vanishing species, etc. so we are encouraged by that……and they say that for a lot of kids, the only way to get to KNOW animals is at their local zoos. I just have seen more than a fair share of SAD animals in zoos….they look you right in the eye and say “help me”……!! (Maybe I’m TOOOOO tuned in???). Enjoy your Thursday and thanks for pawticipting in Poetry day – next week we start the alphabet ALLLL over again!

      Love, Mom Pam with Angel Sam on my shoulder


  6. sammy dood….waves two ewe frum cloudz 3313 N 3177; it bee uz dude N sauce =^..^=
    ….. we gotta ZOO rhyme two day… tho de trout towne zoo iz free roamin, sew watch wear
    ya….step ~~~~~~ ther bee noe cages but everee one heer iz soooper friend lee grate

    reddy…letz go

    Furst stopz an ar vark… who haza cold a choo
    Chex out de blue gill… hiz finz iz reel lee bloo
    Cougarz eatin brekfest… whoa look at him chew
    Dingo wantz ta sing hiz song…. a shoo be doo doo

    Lambz name iz mary…. coz her izza ewe
    Sum flamingoz R gonna fly…. N ther them flew
    Canna bee leeve how fast…. de billy goatz grew
    Therz R pal hippo…. hiz furst name iz hugh

    Letz stop for lunch…. N haz sum irish stew
    We can chillax for a bit ….under de Japanese yew
    Next stop on de toor….. we’ll chex out kangaroo
    Ther be R awesum pal lion…. N hiz name be lou

    Mountain lion mannie ….iz sure knot gonna mew
    Chek out de needlefish… this yeer him iz new
    Octopus got mooved…. hiz pond him outgrew
    Can ya bee leeve de polar bearz ….name iz POOH

    Quollz a new guy heer N…. wood ya look at that queue
    Rabbit dizz play last month…. got a reel lee grate review
    N therz R pal sand cat…. whitefish waves two ewe stew
    In de tiger den we can normal lee see …..bout fifty two

    De vicuna over ther….. haza soopper grate view
    Watermelonz for dee sert two nite ….N we say wahoo
    We N joyed spendin thiz time….. two day with you
    N Sammy we hope ya liked ….de trout towne zoo

    ♥♥♥ dude & sauce

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  7. What a great poem, Angel Sammy!! I entirely agree with the sentiment. Because me and mum have been so out of the loop, we didn’t cotton on to poetry Thursday!!! But as luck would have it, I wrote a pome today on my blog, but I can’t remember there was even one z in it!! What a dipstick, eh!!


    • Austin my man – next Thursday we’re starting the alphabet ALLLL over again so you can pop in on any Thursday and join in with a “pome”! I love your poetry so I’m sure I’ll get a giggle out of it!!!!!!

      Love and Angel Hugs, Sammy


  8. Your ‘z’ poem is the best yet. I HATE going to zoos because they make me sad. The only good part might be the protection of animals that would otherwise be hunted to extinction in other parts of the world. But then you read about zoos in war torn countries and the animals are the first to suffer. As you watch over your Mom and Dad, send them a little extra love from Bear and I. They aren’t alone 🙂

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  9. Great poem Angel Sammy. I love going to the zoo exhibits which are well done and give the animals a larger and more natural environment. However there is a lot of work to be done still with some of their old small enclosures. But most zoos are constantly upgrading their exhibits to help the animals feel more comfortable and even give them room to chill where they’re not so out in the open. The zookeepers really love the animals so things are surely getting better.


    • I really do think you’re right that zoos are getting much better at treatment of their animals and giving them real “homes” away from home…….I’m glad about that and hope one day to see lots of HAPPY animals in all zoos around the world!!! Thanks for coming by to see my “Z” poem!!

      Hugs, Angel Sammy


  10. I’m so glad you like your poem A.S. you brought out a poet in mom. that is good and bad
    We already have our A poem written
    Hugs madi your bfff


    • Your Mom is a wonderful poet and maybe she surprised herself AND you with that “hidden talent” ??? Poetry is fun – and gives us a chance to express ourselves in a special kind of way. I’m excited about starting over again with “A” and you already have your poem done? WOWZERS!

      Love, Angel Sam


    • Zoos are interesting – it’s cool to see animals you wouldn’t normally see in your own back yard (!) but sometimes when you see an animal in a cage it makes you sad……..Glad you liked my “Z” poem! Next week “A”!

      Love, Angel Sam


  11. Mee-you Angel Unccle Sammy yur even more poe-etick uppy inn Pure Land…..
    Mee pizzled an puzzled over what to rite an mee thott mee had a grate idea….butt thee Kittiess Blue had mee werd… mee thott sum more an here iss mee ‘Z’ Haiku poe-em:

    “Zippy Zoomie

    “Mee spendss all mee dayss
    runnin round zippy zoomie…..
    ZZ all thee way!!!”

    Mew mew mew…..did mee menshun it was a silly Haiku Unccle??? 😉
    ***paw kissesss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxx


  12. You crack me up with that beret, Angel Sam. It is a perfect look for you. Whenever your mom is ready and you send her a new kitty to love, maybe he will wear the beret as a tribute….

    Love and licks,


    • Oui Oui Mademoiselle Cupcake……me and my beret had some good times……and the beret is waiting here for the next kitty to wear – I’m working hard to find the right one (or two)for Mom and Dad. They need a kitty family again.

      Love and Hugs, Angel Sammy


    • Hi Hermie!!! I know – I feel that they are close to finding each other….there are kitties waiting for a home and two hearts that are almost ready to be filled with more love. I’m working behind the scenes to make it happen!!

      Love, Angel Sammy


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