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New Years Eve Bacon


A New Year……BUT

Bacon will still ring out the old year

before it rings in the new!


It sure is – even if that Caturday is New Year’s Eve!


One must make sure that before one indulges in a New Year’s Eve NIPTINI, one has FOOD in one’s tum.


Then we will all be praying that the new year coming continues to be bountiful in the bacon department.


After all, two out of three vets highly recommend bacon for their patients – US!


And we all know that BACON truly does make every single thing BETTER including New Year’s Eve!

SO…… what are you waiting for?


Let the begging BEGIN!!!!!


Here’s to a happy, healthy 2017!

Love, Angel Sammy

P.S.   Tomorrow, January 1, 2017 would have been my 17th birthday.   Since I’m now a Rainbow Bridge Angel, I’m not having a big par-tay to celebrate…..instead, I’m inviting everyone to stop by and have a New Year’s Day birthday breakfast with me… party hats and balloons – just a good old breakfast buffet complete with bacon (of course).   We’ll just start the new year off EATING……..TOGETHER………like the good friends that we are!

Sam's Birthday 2012

Friendly Filling In!



Fill ‘er up!!!

Today is Friendly Fill-Ins which is co-hosted by Ellen at 15andmeowing and Ann of McGuffy’sReader.    Thank you ladies for this fun blog hop.   Today I’m letting my Mom answer because – well –

Here are the sentences for this week and Mom’s answers are in RED just BECAUSE it’s bright!    If you would like to pawticipate in filling in sentences, just visit McGuffy’s Reader and add your blog to the LINKY TOOL and that’s ALL you need to do!!!  Oh yeah and fill in the sentences too – that’s important.  

1.The highlight of my Christmas was having Christmas Dinner with our neighbors…..being around them helped us be a bit less sad over our first Christmas without Sammy.
2 .My New Year’s resolution is adopting another cat (or maybe two?) from the same shelter where we got Sammy AND to try and lose some weight.
3.This year, 2016, has truly been tough – a lot of losses in the pet blogosphere and strangely I feel like I’ve aged a LOT more than just one year’s worth!.

4 Next year, 2017, WILL BE BETTER……we all want it to be, so let’s make it happen!!.

So there you have it – the final Fill-In of 2016………………we hope Ellen and Ann keep this up in 2017.   I think it’s been a great way to get to know each other better…….AND it’s a fun way to end every week too.

We’ll see all you FILL-IN fans next year………………………watch out 2017………………….


Love, Angel Sammy


Lighting A Candle For Easy



My Friend Easy – friend to all

It’s not hard to write a post in honor of someone who has been so much to so many………….I’m just one of  many admirers of the most beautiful soul in the blogosphere – with the misty grey coat, wagging tail, and piercing blue eyes full of mischief.    That wasn’t the only thing in those eyes though – you could see it in every single post of his – there was PURE love in those eyes for his Mama and his Dad.   Nobody had more FUN than Easy!    He dug back yard tunnels to far away places (or at least far enough to get covered with dirt!), he de-stuffed every stuffy he was ever given from his Mama’s trips to the “trashure” store, he ate holes in every blanket, pillow case, fleecie that came within two feet of him………and he kept all of us laughing every single time he posted a new adventure on his blog.   He was one of a kind.

He was a MASTER TEASER expert too – nobody had faster paws than Easy………first Commenter, First Right Guesser………he was a MASTER of my Tuesday Teaser posts!


Whenever his Mama or his Dad was injured or hurt or sick, he was there – the best Weim-Nurse in the world…………


His posts made us laugh SO HARD it wasn’t unusual for my Mom to spit her coffee out in the morning because she was laughing so hard she couldn’t help herself!!


I wasn’t much for wearing clothes unlike some of my anipals, but I was gifted with a beautiful blue sweater from my friend Easy a few years ago and I actually DID wear it!   It was special because it was from my Brittany Buddy!


He had a brilliant idea for a blog hop though when I was quite ill and failing quickly in late November this year……………he wanted to give me a day that I could visit ALL my wonderful blog friends by flying in a big beautiful balloon and stopping to see my friends’ homes or favorite places all around the world.   My friend Madi helped him organize it!    What an honor that was and what fun………..nobody could know (even me) that on the day of the Blog Hop, December 2, I myself would make the trip to the Rainbow Bridge………but the WORST part was that Easy himself had already gone to the Bridge two days before that very unexpectedly – in spite of that tragedy, the Blog Hop he planned for me went on ANYWAY and was wonderful…………………


He and his Mom and Dad were “CLOSER THAN CLOSE”………….a very happy family………..


Until one very sad and scary day when he had to go to the vet for a huge and horrible emergency and we lost our handsome silver-misty-grey best friend…………..the world mourned his loss and we waited until the day that he could “come back home” to his Mom and Dad forever – just like I have returned back home to my Mom and Dad after I became a Rainbow Bridge Angel………..well, Easy is now HOME AGAIN………..I am happy and I know his Mom and Dad are happy…………and I also think that his little brother Da Phenny FEELS his presence every single day.    Easy will whisper in Phenny’s ear how to become the SECOND BEST crazy Weim in the whole of Brittany!!!

THAT MAKES ME HAPPY……………….Dear Easy……………….WELCOME HOME…………….



Love, Angel Sammy

This post is linked to Dory’s Backyard where you can find the linky tool to enter your post for Easy today.   Thanks to Dory for hosting this special Hop!

Here’s the link to Easy’s blog (HERE)


Teaser Tell All


Well!  What a Teaser!


I guess I didn’t fool many of you with yesterday’s Teaser did I ?!    You know, I wasn’t sure about it because I know that those sculptures “travel” around a lot so it could be in many spots but the photo we used was just one of those spots so I thought it might “test” you to figure out which one!

Let’s thank the one who sent in our Teaser photo from yesterday shall we????    It was sent in by Gracie from GoodnessGracie – thanks for the photo Gracie and this is for you!


Now let me show you the fab photo she sent then we’ll get to the awards!

teaserdec27-2016These sculptures are in MANY places in the world, and in fact this particular one has been to three places (maybe more) but when Gracie’s Mom and Dad captures this photo, they were in front of La Scala Opera House in Milan, Italy!    YAY!

Let’s talk BADGES…………………….the first order of business today is telling you that we had only ONE Teaser First Commenter yesterday instead of a tie!    WHO was the first to comment?

Da Phenny at EasyWeimaraner – that’s who!   Seems Easy might be whispering in Phenny’s ear and helping him become a TEASER EXPERT already!

This is for you Phenny:



Gimme a P Gimme an H Gimme an E Gimme an N Gimme another N Gimme a Y..... What's it spell? PHENNY that's who! YAY Da Phenny!

Gimme a P
Gimme an H
Gimme an E
Gimme an N
Gimme another N
Gimme a Y…..
What’s it spell?
PHENNY that’s who!
YAY Da Phenny!

I do believe Phenny is gonna be a force to be reckoned with on Teasers don’t you?   This is for you little guy:


We had QUITE A FEW others who guessed Milan, Italy and if you were one of them – guess what – you get a badge too!!!


Were you WRONG?  Did you blow it?   Were you clueless on Tuesday?   Help yourself to a Greenie then!


So that’s it for 2016 Teaser gang……………….we have done all the Teasing we’re going to do this year.   Next Tuesday we’ll be starting out the Teasing Year of 2017 and I’ll try to find something suitably TOUGH for you to start the year with OK?   OK!

MEANWHILE, Happy New Year – Suzie and I will see you in 2017!


Final Teaser Hug of 2016,

Hug, Angel Prof Sammy



Tuesday Teaser


Good Morning Class!  

I hope you didn’t eat too much Christmas food

or you won’t be able to wedge yourselves

into your little tiny desks today!


I hope you all had a happy holiday and are ready to tackle the tough work of guessing a Teaser photo!   ARE YOU?

I guess we’re about to find out right?    Today is our FINAL TEASER of the old year 2016 and I daresay a whole lot of you are happy to say BYE BYE to the old year and are ready to give a brand new year a run for the money.   I know that 2016 was not a good year for yours truly – I began failing and while I’d hoped to make it to Christmas I didn’t………..however, thanks to special permission by the powers that be at the Bridge, HERE I AM STILL TEACHING CLASS AND DOING TUESDAY TEASERS!!!     YAY!!!

Now before we start, please remember that if you are the very first person to COMMENT on today blog post – you will win a badge – – – – why don’t you hurry up and comment then come back and we’ll continue with class……….we’ll all wait for you right Class?   (la de da….hmmmmmm…….Scooby dooby dooooo……)  ARE YOU BACK?   Good.  Now on with the show.

Today we have a GUEST TEASER………….is it an easy one?  Maybe yes and maybe no.  Lately I’m wrong when I say it’s tough – you wind up guessing it right away……… let’s just take it one thing at a time…….before I show you the photo, let’s bring little Suzie (aka wacko) Q in for a cheer for the New Year!   SUZIE TAKE IT AWAY!

Out with the old year In with the new Gimme some champagne Or I'll step on your shoe! Your last chance of the year for a 2016 win You know you want a badge today so give the wheel a spin! I'm cheering for you so give it a try...... If you don't guess I might just have to CRY. Don't make the kitty sad It wouldn't be so wise So study the Teaser photo AND you might win a prize!

Out with the old year
In with the new
Gimme some champagne
Or I’ll step on your shoe!
Your last chance of the year for a 2016 win
You know you want a badge today so give the wheel a spin!
I’m cheering for you so give it a try……
If you don’t guess I might just have to CRY.
Don’t make the kitty sad
It wouldn’t be so wise
So study the Teaser photo
AND you might win a prize!

Thank you Suzie and I SOOOOOOOOOOO appreciate you keeping things “clean” for your last cheering session of the year!    Now let’s bring in Silver Briefcase DOOD for his final 2016 appearance…………….maybe we can buy him a new trench coat for the new year……….??!

Here's the final 2016 photo for the trench coat - I think the girls like me in my black coat and me that James Bond look! But thanks anyway......

Here’s the final 2016 photo Professor… for the trench coat – I think the girls like me in my black coat and hat… me that James Bond look! But thanks anyway……

Now when you guess where this photo was taken class, remember you must guess what TOWN/VILLAGE/CITY as well as what STATE (if USA) or COUNTRY (if not USA) the photo was taken in!  GOT IT??    READY?


Now here’s the badge collection you can win today if you’re lucky………………………

First Commenter on this post:


First RIGHT GUESSER of the photo location:


Others who guess CORRECTLY but aren’t FIRST:


AND the ever popular GREENIE for those who guess incorrectly!


So get to work class……….the clock is ticking………..time is of the essence……………you want to win right?   Of course you do…………………GOOD LUCK!

Tune in tomorrow for the TEASER TELL ALL!   Find out who wins what and whether or not Suzie gets to step on anybody’s shoes!    OUCH!


Good luck!  

Angel Professor Sammy

P.S.   Tomorrow is a special day in the blogosphere – a day when we will all honor our dear friend Easy Weimaraner who departed for the Bridge so tragically just before I left for the Bridge myself.   His Mom and Dad wanted to wait until Easy was “home again” to have a special day of his friends’ blogs of remembrance and that day has come as Easy is now home.    The Hop is being hosted by Dory’s Backyard (CLICK HERE) where all of us who wish to participate can link a special “Lighting the Way” blog in Easy’s honor.   Visit Dory for info!    You can simply post the photo lighting the candle for Easy or write something in his honor – whatever you want to do.    It’s just our way of saying WELCOME HOME Easy and honoring his life and being our friend.    You may use the below photo for your post or something else of your choosing.   Let’s all support Easy’s Mom and Dad and our forever friendship with Easy tomorrow………..