Teaser Tell All



Tell It Like It Is Time!!

Not a bad little Teaser yesterday eh????   Well, it was a “home grown” one – in fact my Mom and Dad took that many years ago on one of their trips……………….and I’ll tell you WHERE in just a minute after I tell you who got FIRST COMMENTER yesterday!

WE HAD A TIE!    Yep – two of my peeps chimed in with a comment in the first minute the post popped up………….who?    Miss Sue from KATSRUS on Facebook,  and Miss Sabina from TOBY’S WRECKING CREW!

Both of you get this little gem of a badge to show off for your effort!



Now, here’s the photo again for you to take a final peekie at………………………then I’ll tell you the scoop………..


This, my friends, is Covent Garden in London!!!   That’s right!     And while a bunch of you said “UK” the first to say LONDON, UK, was Miss Sherri-Ellen of Purrrince Siddhartha Henry and Ladymum’s Purrrfect Pad!



Everyone else who guessed London, UK gets this:


AND everyone who was WRONG gets this:


That was fun!    Every week is fun if you ask me………….I love Tuesday Teaser and I hope that you do too……….if you do, and you wanna tell the world, you can put this little badge on your blog if you wanna:


So let’s meet in Geography class again NEXT Tuesday and do this again – OK?    Cool!


Congrats to our winners!  

Hugs, Professor Sam

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  1. congrats katsrus and toby’s wrecking crew… and BIG concats to shelli ellen and the purrince. it was london? wow! then the one who parked the car in front of the picture was really clever… it totally looked like our cars, as it the wheel is on the left side LOL

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  2. Concats to Sherri-Ellen and the first commenters.
    No wonder it looked familiar to my mum. She stayed in a hotel about 2 or 3 minutes walk from there for their wedding anniversary! It was quite a while back and they went to see Cats in the theatre while they were there.

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    • Yep – there are a whole lot of political hangovers today………but ONWARD!!!! Anyone who guessed UK was a winner as far as I’m concerned – we had guesses ALL OVER the globe so UK was a good guess………

      Big Huggies, Sammy and Mom

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  3. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!
    Dubbull WOO HOO!!!!!!
    LadyMum did it; shee REELLY did it!!!!!!
    Mee iss so happy an proud of LadyMum…..
    Mee did help her a bit as wee watch ALOT of British Tee Vee an mee said it looked like thee market in London, England…..see meee DOES pay attenshun…sumtimess……mew mew mew…..
    Fankss Unccle Sammy an lady pam!!!
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ neffkitty Siddhartha Henry~~~


  4. Mom is not happy her eye dr was not there and the office forgot to call her.
    Mom thinks her exam should be free. YOu know if peeps don’t show up for appts
    they are charged. Bahumbug
    Hugs madi

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  5. Concats to Purrrince Siddhartha Henry and LadyMum Sherri-Ellen. We at least figured it was in Europe. We were amazed that a photo with so much detail had no clues that we could see. Thanks for another Greenie, Sammy. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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    • It’s rather interesting that no license plates were visible, no signage either and other than the possible age of the vehicles you might not have realized it was an OLD photo either! Mom and Dad took that on their honeymoon. Happy Greenie!!!!!

      Love, Sammy


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