Teaser Tuesday


Welcome Class

I do hope none of you are hung-over from Halloween?  You need to be ALERT for class today!


Clear your heads, take a deep breath, and prepare for the photo of the day BUTTTTTTTTT FIRST

If you hurry to COMMENTS and make a comment you might be the first one to do that and if you are you get this:


SO – go on and do that and we’ll wait a minute for you……….

You’re BACK!   Were you first?

We want to remind you that when you guess WHERE the photo was taken, we need to know what city/town/village AND what country/state (if in the USA) you think the photo was snapped!  GOT IT?

Shall we ask our little cheerleader to come in and get everyone all excited and ready to guess??   Oh yeah – let’s do it!   SUZIE???????????????????????


Yesterday was Halloween But today is Teaser and I'm QUEEN Sometimes the Teaser photo is tough But I know you - you like it rough!! Put your thinking cap on and stay in your seat Now gimme your guess and make it SWEET! Tomorrow we'll see who rules this class..... If you don't win, I'll kick your buns! (I know it doesn't rhyme but Professor Sam said I can't say the OTHER WORD!).

Yesterday was Halloween
But today is Teaser and I’m QUEEN
Sometimes the Teaser photo is tough
But I know you – you like it rough!!
Put your thinking cap on and stay in your seat
Now gimme your guess and make it SWEET!
Tomorrow we’ll see who rules this class…..
If you don’t win, I’ll kick your buns!
(I know it doesn’t rhyme but Professor Sam said I can’t say the OTHER WORD!).

Thanks a whole bunch Suzie……………………let’s give her a cheer everyone!



Now on with the show…………….Mr. Silver Briefcase DOOD, please come in, unlock that handcuff around your wrist and open up that suitcase will ya?   Post that photo on the bulletin board for us.   Let’s see who today’s SMARTYPANTS will be!

Here I am Professor.....I've guarded the top secret photo and now it's time to post it for your students!

Here I am Professor…..I’ve guarded the top secret photo and now it’s time to post it for your students!


Where is this????? Hmmmm???????

REMEMBER Class, if you are the first to guess CORRECTLY, tomorrow you will win this:


If you guess RIGHT but aren’t first, you will win this:


If you are WRONG WRONG WRONG, I still have a prize for you – – – – THE GREENIE!


Tomorrow on the TELL ALL post, we’ll all find out WHO WINS WHAT!   OK?   OK!!!!    See you in class tomorrow!

Good Luck!!


The Prof………….


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  1. Oh me I am late for a very impawtant date! My peeps had a Golden Arches coupon that was about expire.. You know how it is w Sr. citizens..they like saving a buck, Suzy Q. Great cheer
    We say the photo Orland, FL, cinderall’s castle!
    Hugs Madi your bfff

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  2. I know that the Teaser photo was taken on February 9th (or maybe September 2nd) in 2001 (Or perhaps 1901)….

    What, that doesn’t get me anything? OK, fine…. I recognize that place!

    That is the creme de la creme of the penal system! The biggest of the Big Houses! The world’s only five star penitentiary! A jail built exclusively to cater to the world’s biggest names in felons! bin Laden, Noriega, Blagojevich…. they all spent time at the United Nations First Class Minimum Security Correctional Institution and License Plate Factory… located at The Hague, Netherlands!

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  3. Teaser Lament

    As the correct answer is above,
    We are just going to shove,
    Off and do some chores,
    As we can’t be tortured any more!
    We know Sam’s not a meanie;
    Though, Kitties Blue get another Greenie.
    But we only come for Suzie’s cheers
    To see whose name she smears!
    Today she was mostly a good kitty,
    While still being funny and rather witty.
    So we’ll return again next week
    To give the new Teaser a peak.
    We have won a couple of times,
    But if we don’t, we can still rhyme.
    We’re getting ready for our Thursday verse.
    Where it doesn’t matter who is FIRST!
    With a U for a prompt it won’t be easy,
    So we better go now and get busy.
    See you tomorrow for the big reveal
    We know the winner is going to squeal!

    © KITTIES BLUE 11/01/16

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  4. Yeah…this is easy peasy. This is Sleeping Beauty’s castle after she married Prince Charming and became Willhemina Beverly Charming. We all just called her Will B Charming. If, you look closely you can see her in the window, wishing they had a fish boat. This castle is in Neverland, right near the Hungarian border.


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  5. Wee get thee award fur beein thee most late Unccle Purrfessor Sammy!
    LadyMum sayss it iss thee Kathedral inn Salzburg, Austria!
    Shee soundss deffynite on this one…..mew mew mew……
    **paw patsss** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxx


  6. Dear Pam and Sammy, Jello! kiss kiss ❤
    Saucy Suzy was as entertaining as ever, LOL. I'm actually wondering if this is Canadian……mmmmm maybe even in Victoria, British Columbia? Another wild guess by la Boomdee xoxox


    • Hi BOOMER! Kissy face back atcha! Sorry to say, you were a world away from right – how about BUDAPEST?????? yeah – would I kid you? Nope! At least you were on the right planet………come back next week and give it the old BOOMDEE try again though will you? I’ll probably need another kiss by then! 😉

      Love, Sammy

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