Sunday Selfie


Selfie Time!

We are as always, hopping with The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop…………….we love pawticipating in this BIG Sunday get-together all across blogdom and hope that you will add your selfie to the Hop!   Just click on their badge to visit them – it’s at the end of this post – AFTER my fabulous selfie that Mom did with the help of the “Beauty” feature on Lunapic.   Beauty?  Who me??????????????


Thanks for hosting the Hop Kitties Blue!




Sunday Hugs, Sammy


About onespoiledcat

We are Angel Sammy and Teddy......! When I went to the Rainbow Bridge in December 2016, my Mom and Dad adopted Teddy from the same shelter where they got me 17 years ago.......he's a cutie......I'm teaching him ALL I know. It's great that I can continue blogging from the Bridge - we have great wi-fi up here! Teddy and I will tell you all about our adventures together AND we have some fun blog features every week too. It's nice to meet you..........have fun with TWOSPOILEDCATS!

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    • Hi Kosmo my faraway friend in Finland! I thought the photo effect Mom stuck on my selfie today was maybe just a little too “SUMMERY” for a Fall Selfie but I don’t mind my Mom getting “artsy” sometimes!

      Hope you have a SUPER SUNDAY TOO!
      Love, Sammy

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    • Hi Flynn! Yes we finally got them – my doctor had been super duper booked with surgeries and emergencies so we just had to WAIT a little longer than usual for results. My thyroid is in range (just barely) and I’m a bit anemic but even though one of my kidneys isn’t functioning any longer (it’s itsy bitsy tiny!) my kidney values are acceptable. So, what my doctor told us is that I’m “maintaining” – and that’s good! I hope you’re feeling good too – I just love your selfie today – you LOOK like you’re feeling good my dear friend – and that makes me happy!

      Love, Sammy
      p.s. Happy Anniversay to your Mum and Dad!


    • Thanks Charles! We love Lunapic…….Also, I hope you saw the thank you badge I posted for you and your family at Scouts for helping Foxy – you all are SO SPECIAL……….we love you all.

      Hugs, Sammy


  1. Sammy dats furry handsome ofs you’s – me’s liked last weeks toos. Your Mommy sure am goods at helping you do loverly arts. Me so glads dats your bloodwork came back and you am goods even wifs your tiny kidney… a little bits anemic. we be purring fur you.

    The mom am working on trying to finds out what am wrong wifs Gordo so hims having some more tests done — Weze late getting selfies dones – probably gonna show some goods oldies selfies of three kitties needing to see vets. be ups in bit.

    -Angel the Fetch Kitty, who likes helping Mom type.


    • Mom recently tried for photo effects and I think it’s probably one of the COOOOOOOLEST spots to play around with! Glad you like it. Yes, I lucked out this time with my bloodwork for the most part. For a guy who is almost 17 I’m hanging in there pretty well. I’m sorry that your Gordo is unwell – let’s just pray that the tests he will have can figure it out – until they figure things out we can’t get help right?

      Love and Hugs, Sammy
      POTP to Gordo!


    • I wish I was as colorful as this but alas I am ginger and white which I think made this special effect from Lunapic have the GREAT color scheme that it did when I used the “BEAUTY” option.

      Love to you!
      Hugs, Sammy


  2. Wow, Sammy. This is amazing. The colors are so vibrant. We think you should get greeting cards made from this design. We definitely would buy them. It put a huge smile on Mom’s face.Thanks for being our extra special friend and faithful hopper. Sending love to all and hoping you are feeling well today. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


    • Mom can add cards with this photo on them to my Cafepress store……you really think someone would like them that much to buy them?? I love hopping with you – I look forward to it EVERY week!

      Love, Sammy
      p.s. I am feeling good today – thank heavens.


  3. You do look quite Beautiful, in a very ManCatly way of course. I mean, *I* am extra fond of pink and have declared it a ManCatly shade to be worn with pride. My pink beddie has always been my favorite. And pink and black? Well a very stylish combo. Remember Good & Plenty–the epitome of pink & black! Pink and orange….well, it is reminiscent of a “60s shop in SF’s Ghirardelli Square called Takahashi–it had all sorts of great Japanese stuff and about 90% of it was pink & orange. So it must be cool. Right?


    • Oh my Mom was practically addicted to Good & Plenty….that was her “sin of choice” to get at the candy counter at the movie theater. Happily they have it in our grocery store here so the addiction continues! Pink and Orange is a good combo and my Mom loves Japanese EVERYTHING. She lived in the Far East for a couple of years as a teen and even though it wasn’t Japan, the oriental flair has “stuck” and some of the stuff that her Mom had bought while they were in Taiwan now resides in our house. A couple of beautiful carved chests AND a big red lacquer/brass fittings chest too. Me? I’ve never been anywhere but around my front yard and to the vet…..some people have all the luck right? I have a FAVORITE pink fleecie – pink is DEFINITELY Mancatly!

      Love, Sam


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