Tuesday Teaser



Are you ready??  Did you study?   Good!

Before we tackle the photo of the day – remember, the first person to COMMENT on today’s blog (or PERSONS as we often have a tie!) will win this badge:TEASERBADGESUMMER16-1

Today we have a challenge Teaser………yep – this one is an old photo that was sent in……….and the color was off a little which I tried to correct but you’ll just have to struggle along as best you can!  Since I know how hard you studied last night (what?  Huh?  You didn’t study?  How can this be?!?!)………..anyway, since you supposedly studied, maybe this one will be easy for you.   Shall we begin?

I will remind you that I need to know what town/village/city and what state (if you think it’s in the USA) or country the photo was taken in……….OK????   Partial guess is a partial win!

Let’s see if our little Teaser Powerhouse of a Cheerleader is ready to whip you all into a frenzy this morning !!    SUZIE?   Wake this crowd up girl!

Rinky dinky pinky Gym socks can get stinky Cheers to all you Teasers I'm a real crowd pleaser! The photo today is moldy A real super ancient oldie So squint and strain those eyes Gimme a big surprise! Guess this one and be FIRST OR ELSE YOU WILL BE CURSED!!!!!!

Rinky dinky pinky
Gym socks can get stinky
Cheers to all you Teasers
I’m a real crowd pleaser!
The photo today is moldy
A real super ancient oldie
So squint and strain those eyes
Gimme a big surprise!
Guess this one and be FIRST

Uhhhhh…………………………thanks Suzie…………you did fairy well until you threatened everyone with a curse.   I suppose that Aunt Grizelda of yours will be zapping everyone who isn’t FIRST with a curse?   Isn’t that just a bit HARSH???

OH BOY! My curses are a little rusty but I'll practice!

OH BOY! My curses are a little rusty but I’ll practice!

Well thanks Aunt Grizelda, I think for now we’re going to SKIP the curse thing – I’ll contact you after Halloween – I’m sure you’re gonna be BUSY until then anyway!

Mr. Silver Briefcase Guy, you’re up now – time to display the PAWSOME photograph for our class to look at and figure out………………GO FOR IT!

Here's today's photo, Professor......I'll escort Aunt Grizelda out of the classroom for you!

Here’s today’s photo, Professor……I’ll escort Aunt Grizelda out of the classroom for you!


Where was this photo taken????????????????????

Here’s what’s being offered up today for those of you who guess the Teaser…………..for the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER:


For everyone else who guesses right:


For you losers guessers who are wrong with your  answer:


YAY!   Everyone is a winner………………….so put on your thinking cap (or your dunce cap) and get guessing!

I will re-convene class tomorrow morning bright and early and we’ll find out who wins what and most importantly WHERE this photo was taken!!!



The Prof………..


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    • Good Morning Miss Csilla!!!! So far, you’re the only FIRST………let’s see if anyone else is paying attention at 7:18AM (my time!!!!!)………………….

      Love, Sam


  1. Haha! Aunt Grizelda is perfect for this time of year! It do look like Portugal. My niece and her husband went there this past summer and we have seen tons of pictures and they stayed in Lisbon, Obidos, and Cascais. Good Morning!


  2. Everyone is really up and at it this morning! Well, not us though. 🙂 We are guessing Lisbon, Portugal. Gosh, we sure don’t want to be cursed, that’s for sure!


    • Quite a BIG penitentiary wouldn’t you say? And right on the water – say – maybe it’s a relative of Alcatraz????????????????? Oh gosh…..I had totally forgotten that Monkees song – now I’ll have to live with it until it fades away………….AGAIN! EEEEEEEEEK!


    • Oh I’d love to have a 4-foot long goldfish…..or any kind of fish…..that would be ever so yummy!!!!! Thanks for coming to guess on the Teaser my doods………you’re the BEST! What’s on the grill today? I need to go check – I have the munchies!

      Love, Sammy


  3. SuzieQ, we love you, ’cause even when we don’t know the locale, you are a funny and clever gal, who makes us giggle when you try to wiggle, your way out of a poetic jam without having to go on the lam, for saying naughty things or dissing Mom Pam with one of your thoughtless slams. Today’s was a pip without nary a slip as stinky socks are merely funny and your demeanor was bright and sunny. We don’t worry about curses. Okay, no ideas for this one. Not only does the photo look old but so do the buildings! We’ll check back tomorrow for the answer and our Greenie. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    Liked by 1 person

    • HAHAHAHA………….loved your poem within your post – it reminded us of a rap song…..LOL!!!!! Well if you visit us tomorrow you’ll get the scoop on this one – which is an old photo from the 60s/70s as best we can tell!!!!

      Hugs, Sammy


  4. Ear Worms! Mes played the Monkees song and Mommy is having flashbacks and mumbling about her dissipated youth!!!
    Mes not sure where the teaser was taken, but the ocean looks like the ocean here!!! As does the tankers!!!
    Many kises dear furrend, mes purraying yous feeling better and yous also letting your Mommy gets some sleep…mes not…


    • Well Nellie I think our Moms believe SLEEPING to be a highly over-rated activity…..what’s more important after all? Taking care of US and making US happy or a few hours of sleep?!?!?!?!?! I am feeling better but still making Mom worry – I think it’s what Moms are supposed to do!

      Love and Hugs, Sammy


  5. Stinky or not here I come! LOL. Holy Gaucamole Catman, it was a long ways down here. So many guessers! I mean, ‘knowledgeable visitors’ today 😉 I have absolutely no, nudda, zippo idea where this is or was. What year was that? It looks like a 70’s photo…..hmmmmm, where were people going in the 70’s? I’m going to guess Porto, Portugal because maybe you went there for a honeymoon? xo Boomdee


    • Oh Miss Boomdee you guessed the right country! YAY FOR YOU!!!!!! It’s actually Lisbon but you are so close! Mom and Dad have never been there but this photo is from the very early 70s and was taken by my Mom’s Mom on a trip she took WITHOUT Mom. SO NICE TO SEE YOU!!!!!!!

      Love and Aqua Hugs, Sammy

      Liked by 1 person

      • NO way!! that was a total guess….LOL. Wacky day or what? I couldn’t fall asleep last night and was still awake at 4:15am..I’m getting sleepy now but now what sweet dreams I’ll have. Thanks Pammy and Sammy ❤ Aqualicious hugs echo'd back to you too xox Boom


        • YAY!!!! Wacky days are the best…..wacky guesses are the best……trusting your first impression – almost always works! Sorry you couldn’t sleep – Mom gets that way sometimes if she’s excited about something the next day. I hope you did get some rest though – creative minds need SLEEP!!!!! Thanks for the aquacized hugs – they are ALWAYS welcome!

          Hugs, Sammy


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