Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Let’s Do it! (write a poem that is)


Ah yes……..the wheels of time are moving quickly now as we sneak up on the end of the alphabet – hence the end of our exercise in writing a poem for each letter!   But let’s not dwell on the END of something – let’s enjoy the moment and SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE out a poem to honor the letter of the week – the lovely letter “R” !   


By Sammy Kimmell, 10/13/2016


Rainy days are messy

I have to stay inside

Rainy days have thunder

That noise can make you hide!

There is one thing that’s NICE though

About a rainy day

When rain stops and the sun pops out

Something SPECIAL comes our way!

Mother Nature’s paint palette

With all the colors bright

A ribbon of color across the sky

Brings smiles of pure delight.

The rainbow is so beautiful

Stretching from ridge to ridge

A reminder too that our friends are smiling

From across the Rainbow Bridge……..

Now, next week we tackle the letter “S”………………gosh………….I know someone whose first name starts with an S……….hmm……..!!!!   Meanwhile, if you have written a poem today for “R”, put your link in my comments here so we can visit you and read it OR just write your poem in comments here and we can read it HERE……….stretch that imagination and write one!

Happy Poetry Day

Surprise someone with a little poem today!

Oui Mon Amis, I did zee "R" today and next week we shall do zee "S" together, oui???

Oui Mon Amis, I did zee “R” today and next week we shall do zee “S” together, oui???

Hugs, Monsieur Sam, le poet

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    • AND I love your poem today!!!!!! BRAVO!!!! I also like your Mom’s book pumpkins…..very cool. Once we go through the whole alphabet maybe we’ll do it again…… can’t have “too much” poetry right?!

      Love, Sammy


    • I absolutely ADORE your poem today about Rescue…..for many reasons – the storm made me think about all the animals who needed help, people who needed rescuing, and the whole world of taking care of the animals of the world who need forever homes. My Mom and Dad saw a double rainbow only once – – – on one of their cruises; Mom thinks the Rhine River Cruise…..they were on board the ship and looked out and there it was……everyone who was in the lounge did the “OHHHHHHH…….AHHHHHHH” thing. Dad caught a photo of it but we couldn’t find it when we looked. Thanks again for doing poetry with me every week!

      Love, Sammy


  1. You write lovely poetry, Sammy. We get a lot of rainbows here, but that is probably because we get lots of rain. I hope your new food and medication is helping your poop problems improve.


    • I hope it will too Flynn……….I go to the doctor again when I’m finished with this stuff in 4 more days and we’ll see how things stand. Sending you a hug or two or three!!!!!

      Love, Sammy


  2. dood….ya noe what else rain iz good for
    ….it bringz out fishin wermz !!!!!!

    heerz R ☺ poem for R


    itz howl o ween time… bee warree oh RATZ
    & trix and treeterz …and witchez in hatz
    therz ghostz and goblinz… and big scaree batz
    N funkee pumpkinz… out side on door mattz
    scaree mewzik….. mooveez ta look at
    get a bag fulla candee….with a bit oh this N that
    share with yur sis N brother…and don’t bee a brat
    coz if ewe eat it all…yur buttz will get fat


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    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA………Mom about fell off her chair with your last line you wild and crazy kids you!!! Love this one – it’s truly a GEM! You’ve definitely got “THE GIFT” of poetry doods, keep up the good work – we’re sliding towards Z then I’m thinking we should start all over again!!!! Thanks for pawticipating in poetry day – you do it with a style all your own and I love you all for that – truly.

      Hugs and Fish, Sammy


  3. **wipess teerss frum eyesss**
    Wee are both leeky eyed reedin yur poe-em Unncle Sammy! Wee fink it iss yur BEST yet!!!! Yur so talented Unccle!!!
    Mee iss goin to rite a poe-em about how mee been treeted by Vetss’. It iss titulled “REELLY?”

    So you say mee does not count
    because you fink mee iss feral?
    You fink mee iss just a barn kat
    an you called mee Darryl???
    Reelly do you finkss so littul of mee???
    What iss it that you REELLY see???
    Maybee you Hu’manss need to check yur eyess,
    Watch mee wave an say ByeByess!!!
    Mee not goin look back anymore…
    Mee just goin to head rite out thee door….
    An as you fink so littul of mee
    all mee can say iss “REELLY???”

    bye Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh poor boy, this really (!) sums up how poorly you and your Ladymum have been treated by so many vets in your town. EVERYBODY matters…every single living thing. I am hopeful that your Ladymum will find someone who knows that each of us is different and deserves respect and proper care. Even feral kitties like me (yes I was a feral) should have a GOOD and healthy life. I love your poem – you did so well with expressing the disappointment and frustration that you both feel! Hang in there little man.

      Love, Uncle Sammy

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      • Mee-you mee furgot you were a feral lost boy Unccle Sammy! How could fingss change so much inn thee years between you an mee beein born an tryin to find our places inn thee werld???
        At leest mee can still say here an have nee foodabullss an nomss an medss!!!
        Fank you fur thee compleemint! Thee poe-em came rite frum mee wounded littul heart!
        ***nose rubsss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxx


        • I know that the poem came from your heart……and I hope that your Mom printed it out and will keep it with other mementos of her little man in a special little box – some day – many years from now – that will be a wonderful thing to read again.

          Love and Hugs, Uncle Sammy

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          • It sure did Unccle!!! An guess what?? LadyMum rote mee a poe-em!!! Shee red it to mee yesterday an mee was so humbulled. Shee sayss shee will post it sumtime this weekend on thee bloggie….
            LadyMum does not have a printer… shee better all ways have a PeeCee so shee can read mee poe-emss again……
            ***nose rubsss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxx


  4. I really like your poem Sammy

    The radish is not faddish
    Some may even want to banish
    The cattish radish
    It has sharp taste
    And Hagfish like Grace
    So keep the Radish not banish
    Sammy it is late as I write this so please furgive me


    • I like your RADISH poem…..when I was an itty bitty kitty, Mom accidentally dropped a radish on the kitchen floor and I immediately stole it and would NOT give it back. Eventually it kind of dried up and I lost interest in it so Mom could throw it away. HAHAHAHAHA THanks for pawticiapting in the alphabet fun – you did GREAT!

      Love, Sammy


  5. Sammy, that was such a sweet poem. We’ll be sad when you get to the end of the alphabet. Hmmm, “S”, I wonder what the poem will be about next week.


    • I’m thinking of starting the alphabet ALLLLLLL over again when we get to the end. But I might change it up a little – still go through the alphabet but for instance say “A” has to be a poem about any animal that starts with letter A………..or something like that! Whatcha think? Good idea?

      Hugs, Sammy

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