Tuesday Teaser


It’s That Time Again!


Yep – time for class to start and for you to put on your thinking caps to try and figure out the photo of the day!    BUT FIRST – remember, whoever is FIRST to comment on this blog post this morning gets a badge!   Something to show off to your friends, relatives, and strangers (!!) to prove that you were ALERT this morning and posted a comment before anyone else did!    So go comment and come back OK?    I’ll let you know tomorrow who gets this:


Today’s photo is a Guest Teaser photo – I know I told you it wouldn’t be BUTTTTT we had a rather busy day yesterday and Mom and I didn’t have a chance to properly search OUR photos for a Teaser and dipped into our “stash” of Guest photos instead.    We hope somebody will be guessing RIGHT this week – remember the past two weeks we fooled everyone and nobody guessed where the photos were taken.    EEEEK!     To win today, you need to let me know in what town/city/village AND what state/country this photo was snapped OK?

Before we get that briefcase guy to post the photo on our classroom bulletin board – let’s see what SuzieQ, our official Teaser Cheerleader, has whipped up for your entertainment this morning!    With her – we never quite know what to expect do we?!

Two Bits Four Bits Six Bits A Dollar Everyone who adores me Stand up and holler! I'm feelin' fresh and fruity And rather rooty tooty So I feel like it's my duty To cheer and be a cutie! Good luck to you from me I think I have a flea This might sound rather crass But I need to scratch my............

Two Bits
Four Bits
Six Bits
A Dollar
Everyone who adores me
Stand up and holler!
I’m feelin’ fresh and fruity
And rather rooty tooty
So I feel like it’s my duty
To cheer and be a cutie!
Good luck to you from me
I think I have a flea
This might sound rather crass
But I need to scratch my…………

WHOA there Suzie – that’s enough!!!!

Boy that was close………..the blog police would have been here to shut us down if she’d finished that cheer…………let’s move quickly onward………..Mr. Silver Briefcase would you please go ahead and post today’s TEASER photo for the folks???????

Here's today's photo, Professor......I'll escort Suzie off the premises for you!

Here’s today’s photo, Professor……I’ll escort Suzie off the premises for you!


WHERE was this taken??? Hmmm???

If you’re the first to guess RIGHT, you will win this:


If you’re RIGHT but not first you win this:


If you’re WRONG – just plain WRONG (!!!), you still get a fabulous GREENIE:


SO, what are you waiting for????????????   Give it your best shot……………..I have a feeling we will have a winner this week finally – YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck!

See you tomorrow for the TEASER TELL ALL !!!!

See you tomorrow for the TEASER TELL ALL !!!!

The Prof !


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    • We have no idea where it is, Sammy. Mum has been looking through her photos for something similar, but no luck. We think somewhere in New England, but have the feeling that is way too vague 🙂 Susie almost made it this week with a polite cheer! Yayyy for tying for first commenter too. I had mum tied to the chair today!


      • Flynn tying your Mum to a chair might be the answer on being THERE for the Teaser on Tuesdays! It sure worked today! Tomorrow we’ll see if you’re right about New England……….

        Love and Hugs, Sammy


  1. We posted but then the page disappeared, very spooky, maybe for Halloween or were your practicing magic tricks over the weekend?!


  2. My Motor Mommy also thought that looked like houses from Cape May. But, we just loved Suzie’s cheer….well, up to the last line, anyway. You just never know where that girl is going with a cheer, do you???
    Love, Sundae
    PS I heard you had a great night’s sleep, Sammy!


    • Cape May does look like that! We’ll find out tomorrow what the scoop is though…………….Suzie is unpredictable at best….but then that’s part of her – er – um – CHARM!

      Hugs, Sammy
      p.s. yes I slept well for a change!


  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh we are so late. Mom woke up less than chipper but Susie Q’s cheer made her smile
    We say the photo is somewhere on Key West, FL.

    Hugs madi your bfff and puny mom


  4. We see our guess seems to be the most popular of a few different ones. Mom knew we couldn’t be first so we just got here when we could. Personally, we like it when SuzieQ gets a bit cheeky as long as she doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Sammy, we are hoping you are feeling at least some better today. Sending lots of love and prayers. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


    • Mom thought I might be feeling better today but not the case I’m afraid……my “innards” are still ornery……….I think it takes a while for medication to kick in……….Suzie was definitely cheeky today but I had a little talk with her and I think we have come to a meeting of the minds!

      Love, Sammy


  5. Hmmmmmm…. what’s this about trying to censor Suzy Q? Maybe I could tempt her to jump ship and hang out at The Nest, where we not only allow such colorful language, but encourage it! Wait! What do you mean she’s all mine? Whoa, now hold on a minute…. I didn’t agree to anything yet! Don’t be hasty! Maybe she could use a bar of soap of three….

    Oh wait, am I supposed to guess the Teaser now? I forgot what the picture looked like. Do I have to scroll up and look at it again? How about Frostbite Falls, Minnesota? Oh, that trick never works….


  6. LadyMum sayss there iss a Palm tree with regular treess so shee iss stumped…so shee said to say “Roanake, Virginia” Unccle Sammy,,,,mew mew mew…..
    Poor LadyMum had a ruff day…wee iss just getting here beefur 9 Pee Em…do wee get thee latest purrson award???? 😉
    ***nose rubsss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxx


    • HAHAHA…..so far no award for the LAST to comment on a post but maybe I should do that!!!! As for Roanoke, Virginia, you know that’s where Kitties Blue live but it’s NOT where this photo was taken dear boy!

      Love, Sammy


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