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Good Morning Poetry Lovers (or Likers!) – it’s time for us to continue our journey up and down the alphabet by tackling the letter “Q” !     I had to really think about this one……….a lot of possibilities came to mind for this letter of the alphabet, but I settled on this one……I hope you like it!



By Sammy Kimmell 10/6/2016

I used to be so quiet

I never caused a riot

I’d hardly make a sound

You’d forget I was around!

But when I lost my hearing

I was constantly fearing

That I was home alone

I couldn’t hear a tone!

I call out day and night

I call with all my might!

Mom comes to reassure

For me, she is the CURE

I get quiet and I purr………….

Mom always understands

She holds my heart in her soft hands……..


Yep – things are QUIET in my world these days since I can’t hear………but if I wake up from a nap and don’t SEE someone I call out until somebody comes to let me know they are there – – – usually my Mom and she gets up three or four times a night to help me too!   My Dad sleeps right through my yowling but Mom hears me………!   Sometimes I just see her and I’m fine – I’ll go right to my favorite sleep spot under Dad’s chair in the dining room and go back to sleep….sometimes I want her to come to the litterbox with me so she can clean it up RIGHT AWAY (I am a fastidious guys!), or sometimes I ask her for some fresh wet food or a treat.    I’ve never been a cat to sleep with my humans or of course I’d KNOW I wasn’t alone at night…….Some people might say these are signs I’m truly spoiled – Mom says they are signs that I’m elderly and unsure and that I need my human more than ever!   All I know is I am lucky to have understanding humans………….some people have told Mom to just put me in the basement and shut the door at night………she won’t do that…….she actually DID try that once and only once……..when she opened the door I had been sick everywhere and was very upset all that day.   Who says cats aren’t emotional?!?!?!?!?!    I’m one highly strung dood!!!!

Highly strung?  Who?  Me?

Highly strung? Who? Me?

SO – that’s the explanation behind the poem…………hope I didn’t bore you………..!     Now did you write a poem today for “Q” ???????   If you did, you can put a link to it in my comments here and we’ll zap over to your blog to read your work…..OR…….why not post the poem here and we’ll read it in comments?!?!     Thanks for playing along with the alphabetic poems – – – next week we’ll tackle “R” which will definitely be easier than “Q”!

I squeezed out a poem for letter "Q" - did YOU????

I squeezed out a poem for letter “Q” – did YOU????

Hugs, Sammy the Poet!

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    • You and I are lucky boys to have Mommas who love us and accept us for who we are………AND spoil us rotten (which we deserve!)……… is good………..and we must enjoy every second of it!

      Hugs, Sammy


  1. That is a lovely poem, Sammy. I holler a lot too, but I have always been very vocal. I sleep on the bed with my mum and dad, but I get on and off through the night. Every time I come back I go nose to nose with my mum and yell at her to let her know I’m back. She doesn’t get much sleep, but like your mum, they accept it because they love us.

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    • We are lucky boys aren’t we Flynn? Last night I got Mom up six times which is a record! Mom and Dad wish I would sleep with them but I just prefer to be on my own – they are bed hogs….HAHAHAHAHA

      Love, Sammy


  2. Sammy, the poem is lovely with the story behind it. It made me think of our Kosmo. When he wakes at daytime, he sometimes is very scared, shouting and running to us. It is something from his life before living with us.
    You have a good mom, she understands your problems, and that is the most important thing, Could you try to sleep with your parents, so you could feel and see them near.
    Kosmo’s mom.


  3. We know how much your parents love you, Sammy, and your Mom would do ANYTHING for you; she loves you so much! We are so fortunate to have such loving families.
    Love, Sundae


  4. Sammy ……mom and I have kinda damp eyes after reading this beautiful loving poem.
    You my handsome man are love ‘two hours and a bunch’ (human sis used to tell my peeps she loved them 2 hours. Mom used to tell sis she needed to nap at least 2 hours….to Sis that was F O R E V E R!)
    Hugs madi your bffff


  5. Awww Sammy, it is so good that you and your Mom have this special relationship and that your Mom understands you so well and loves you so much! All kitties should be so lucky and loved this much!


  6. Sammy, that is a most excellent poem. Mom understands how you feel as both Dad’s and her little dogs lost their hearing. Here is the link o our poem: We are happy to have “Q” poem finished. Thanks for having this fun event for us. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  7. sammy….dood…eye purrson a lee like yur Quiet poem….eye loozed me heerin two bout two three yeerz ago sew eye noe wear yur comin frum ~~~~~~hope yur week oh end izza grate one…sisturr cuzin dai$y haz sum thin her wantz ta say ~~~

    good morning sammy….I would like to present my poem today for the letter Q
    dai$y Queen of cats

    my name is daisy…. and I reign supreme
    around trout towne….. I rule as Queen
    boomer always tells me …..that I am mean
    he’s so jealous of me….. that he is “green”

    when I gaze in my mirror….. my self is seen
    I sit there by it ….and I preen and preen
    I’m no longer a kitten….. I’m now a teen
    I am FABulous….. and boomer is a spleen

    ♥♥♥ =^..*=


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  8. Mee-you mee iss oinn AAWWWWW of oyu Unccle Sammy! That iss a GRATE poe-em! Mee iss sorry yur hearin iss not good. Fank Buudha Kat fur Lady Pam an Pappaw who LUV you so much!!
    Mee rote a poe-em usin “Q”….here goess…

    All tho mee callss Phoebe
    mee Purrincess,
    Shee reelly ISS a QUEEN!
    Reegal an kind,
    shee iss a true find….
    an shee iss ALL mine!
    Purrincess Phoebe mee QUEEN!!!

    bye (neffkitty) Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


  9. Oh Sammy, furst of all, we luv your poem. Then again, we’ve luvved them all. Secondly, we’re so sorry you don’t hear anythin’ and worse, dat you wanna sleep under a chair in da kitchen. Cuz yes, ifin you slept with your pawrents or even in da same room, it wouldn’t be so hard on you and maybe your mommy. We are very blest to have such pawsum mommies who would do anythin’ fur us tho’. You know, Raena can hear everythin’ and sleeps right up against mommy, but she will still cry out fur mommys reassurance in da middle of da night ifin she has a bad dream. We don’t know what she went thru durin’ her furst few weeks of life, but it left an impurression. We’re just glad to know you and know you’re luvved. Those basement lockin’ peeps oughtta be locked up themselves. Big hugs to all of ya’.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


    • Thanks girls! Glad you like the poem….I’m having fun working with Mom on them every week. Mom would have loved it if I had wanted to sleep with them – she sure did TRY to get me to do that when I first came to live with them as a baby. She would put me up on the bed at night and I’d stay about five minutes then hop off and not come back – I preferred exploring the house and finding little hiding spots of my very own………and I have a lot of them but my favorite one for sleeping is under the dining room table (actually under my Dad’s chair at the table)……we have wall to wall carpet so it’s nice and soft and Mom has a fleece blankie there for me if I want that. Mom has tried leaving lights on in the house at night, playing the radio at night, nothing soothes me except seeing her. I think people who think the answer is shutting me away at night just don’t really know me – I get upset so easily…..!!!

      Love, Sammy

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    • I really am lucky and I know it……amazing how many people have said “just put him in the basement until morning” but I really would get scared if I was down there all alone all night – so Mom helps me – she’s a “keeper” !!!!

      Love, Sammy

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    • I can really “belt out a song” too if I need someone to appear – as I said though fortunately my Dad sleeps like a rock and Mom can hear a pin drop so she’s up and visiting me quickly when I scream…..I don’t think she particularly LIKES coming downstairs at 1:30-1-2:30-3AM but she does it…..bless her pointed head! HAHA

      Love, Sammy


  10. Aw, I’m sorry you’re deaf and I’m sorry I haven’t been here in awhile. Blame TW. She’s got the dizzies so my computer time is cut. Nicky used to get upset and sick if for some reason TW locked him outta the bedroom. I just cry and cry to get let in. In fact, I’m not elderly but I cry if I wake up and don’t see the peeps.


    • HI CK……..gosh it’s awfully nice to hear from you. I’m sorry TW has the dizzies – that is NO FUN….is it “Meniere’s Disease”??? My Aunt has that but after quite a while has finally got it under control – partly by cutting all salt out of her diet! Maybe it’s not from that but being dizzy is NO FUN for sure…I send TW POTP!!! I think some of us are just extra sensitive souls and need to know that we aren’t all alone sometimes – that’s what I’m doing at night and even during the day sometimes. Mom is always “first on the scene” when I call though so that helps a lot and I’ll settle back down. I hope all is well in your world other than having limited computer time – I really do!!!

      Love, Sammy


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