Pre-Tease Monday


The Day Before The Tease….


Friends, Romans, Countrymen……lend me your (what?  Huh?   What did you say Mom???)………..OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!    Sorry about that everyone – I guess I was stealing someone else’s material there.


OOPS……….wrong speech…..

I’ll start over……….WELCOME to Pre-Tease Monday – where we whip you into a frenzy of excitement prior to handing you an impossible photo to tell us WHERE WAS THIS TAKEN !    Tomorrow morning at an undisclosed, top secret time, my blog will go LIVE and you’ll see the Teaser Photo of the Week…………….your mission is to tell me WHERE the photo was taken (town/city and state if you think it’s in the USA, or otherwise country).     You want to be FIRST to guess correctly but you still win something if you’re right but not first…… it?     Also you want to be here the second you get notice that the blog is up – WHY?   Cuz you will win the FIRST COMMENTER – just leave a comment – any comment and be first and you get this:


You know you want it!

The Teaser is not a Guest Teaser – it’s a photo we had laying around the house (hahahaha) – just kidding…….it’s one of my Dad’s photos and was NOT submitted by one of you!

Now get a good night’s sleep tonight – you want to be on your toesies tomorrow……………last week we had only ONE “First Commenter” – which is unusual because usually we have a tie between several of you clocking in here at WordPress during the same FIRST MINUTE the blog is live.    That’s right – if more than one of you gets here in the FIRST MINUTE (according to WordPress) you ALL get one of those adorable and wacky badges above…………….WOO HOO……………….

SO, I will be waiting for you here in Professor Sammy’s Geography classroom tomorrow at the SECRET TIME………………………be there or BE SQUARE!


Don’t be late for class now!


Professor Sammy (at your service)


P.S.   A fellow Cat Scout named Foxy lot her home with her Dad a year ago when he was no longer able to keep his apartment…..Foxy has been living with a wonderful Foster Family but misses her Dad and wants to move back to live with him.  Her Dad has found an apartment where he and Foxy can live together after a whole year of living in his car and in shelters.   All he needs now is the $300 pet deposit to move in…..he’s started a GOFUNDME page and is halfway there with generous donations.  If you can help – at all – here is Foxy’s Blog link with info and link to GOFUNDME……I am hoping Foxy will FINALLY get her “forever” with her Dad.    Thank you.



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  1. I’ll try and be ready. Feedly usually is more or less prompt, but WP often sends the email 8 or 9 hours late. Once it was even the next day! I usually get my mum to keep refreshing, but you can guarantee she will be doing something else at the crucial time.


    • Oh I know WordPress is a pain in the tushie. We often don’t get notices until the next day or the next night even………..I guess it all has to do with internet traffic and how much stuff our servers can shove through at a time but it’s FRUSTRATING isn’t it?!?!?!

      Love, Sammy


  2. We’ll be waiting to see another Teaser that we don’t know!
    But, we wanted to let you know that we donated to Foxy’s GoFundMe page, so hopefully, she can soon be reunited with her dad. That’s great that you posted the information and link, Sammy.
    Love, Sundae


    • Thank you for helping Foxy – it was heartbreaking when her Dad lost his apartment last year and couldn’t keep her…..he’d adopted her and had given her a forever home then BOTH of them lost their homes. I’m happy he’s no longer homeless and happier that Foxy can be back with him again. This time I hope it truly is FOREVER. Again – thanks to your and your Mom and Dad for helping out!

      Love, Sammy


  3. I could study all day and still not know the teaser tomorrow,but I will be here. I wouldn’t want to miss Suzie’s cheer 🙂 I am glad Foxy is going to be reunited with her Dad. I will try to donate something.XO


  4. Mee-you mee finks mee iss ready fur thee Teezer; LadyMum not so much…..
    butt wee will come bye tomorrow an try to guess thee foto Unccle!
    An wee go rite over to Foxy’ss bloggie!
    ***paw patsss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxx


  5. We missed the teaser last week, but we hope we will not miss it again tomorrow! Even though we don’t know it very often – OK, almost never – we still like to join in the fun!


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