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Before and After…..a SCARY Challenge!



Yep – two posts from me today…………………why?   Because Bacon and Easy are co-hosting a wacky challenge………….daring us to show ourselves when we FIRST get up in the morning, then again after we “put our face on”………….TRUST ME, if I was using my Mom or my Dad in this challenge, it would truly be a HALLOWEEN SCARE but with me – I’m adorable no matter what!

First Thing in the AM:

YAWN..............I need wake-up juice!

YAWN…………..I need wake-up juice!

After I shower, shave, and primp!

OOps....I cut myself shaving!

OOps….I cut myself shaving!


HAHAHAHA……Happy Halloween!

Love, Sammy


Spooky Pre-Tease Monday!



Welcome to Halloween at Teaser Central!


We are hoping that even though a lot of merriment and “SCARY-ment” will be happening tonight, you will in fact be ALERT enough tomorrow to be ready to guess the Teaser!    We will have a photo for you to see and if you’re LUCKY, you’ll win one of my brand new, fantabulous badges!   All you have to do is tell me WHERE the photo was taken!   EASY PEASY!

I’m not telling you a THING about tomorrow’s photo either – you’ll just have to wait…………………………….Suzie will be here in all her post-Halloween glory (she’s going to a HAUNTED Cheerleaders party of course).    She promised she’d be READY to provide her usual cheer (uhoh…….).

So, have fun but be very safe tonight as you go out TRICK OR TREATING…………………there are a lot of wackos out there……………..and if you’re an outside kitty or dog normally, ask your humans if you can come inside for the night – trust me – you need to be SAFE tonight!!    Do like I’ll be doing – spying on the trick or treaters who come a-knockin’ at my door for treats!


We’re ready for gremlins at MY house!

Sam Wearing His Halloween Scarf

Wearing my Sam-O-Ween scarf!!

See you in the morning (secret time of course!)

The HAUNTED Professor!

P.S.  Before you go, here’s a FUN little goodie my friend Raz from Friends Furever put together!!  




Have you seen Nellie’s PAWSOME Pumpkin Patch Video?   You should!



Spooky Sunday Selfie


Frightful Sunday Selfie!

Well, it’s almost Halloween….how could I resist?

I’m joining up with The Cat on My Head Sunday Selfie Blog Hop and because it’s close to the spookiest day of the year, I’m doing a SCARY Selfie.   Small children might want to be prevented from viewing this as it even scares me!   If you’d like to join up with the Blog Hop, just click the badge at the end of the post (if you haven’t fainted from fright) and put your info in the LINKY form and you’ll be part of the fun of the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop too!


I warned you!

Click below to visit The Cat on My Head and see all the other selfies AND to join up.


Have a Safe and Fun Halloween!

Sammy Scissorpaws

Magic Bacon Time


It’s good to be King…..


I keep my nose tuned in even when I’m sound asleep – you never know when Mom is gonna be inspired to whip up a batch of bacon but I can COUNT on it every Saturday………………..


Yes Master Yoda…so do I !!


Here I am Mom……waiting in front of the TV (don’t want to miss Saturday cartoons) for my breakfast. 

MY share.....hee hee

Say – that looks about right – you can hold the eggs……not necessary – they’ll just take up room on the plate.


ALWAYS remember to thank the cook………..ALWAYS!


At ease Bacon Soldiers….no need to stand at attention…..leftover bacon is on the way!

May the Bacon Fairy Land In your Kitchen Today!


Happy Saturday!!!

SamPortraitWith Mom

The King and the Cook!

P.S.    You know, we don’t talk about it much but with Christmas coming I’m gonna give my Mom’s mystery novel a PLUG!   Many of you have read it – it’s available in paperback AND Kindle (for cheap)!    Just thought I’d MENTION that!   Click here for Amazon

Thanks for letting me toot Mom’s horn because she wouldn’t do it otherwise!!!  


Friendly Fill-Ins!


Let’s All Fill-In !!!


Oh I do love Friendly Fill-Ins on Fridays…………..a fun hop co-hosted by our friends Annie of McGuffy’s Reader and Ellen of 15andMeowing!    Every Friday they give us four sentences to finish off any way we want to – and it’s fun to see how people do that!     I usually let my Mom fill in for me every other week – this week we are BOTH going to answer……my answers are in RED and Mom’s are in GREEN.

Ready?     Here are this week’s sentences:

1. The first thing I check when I go online is email same here Mom – my email from fans!.

2. My signature dish is biscotti my favorite dish is one that’s full of TREATS!.

3. My Halloween night is usually BUSY with trick or treaters scary with the doorbell ringing constantly!.

 4. Trick or treaters love coming to our house to see our “cat pumpkin” we do every year for Sammy are fun to peek at from a safe hiding place!.

There you have it – Mom and me have kind of boring sentence fill-ins this week but we can’t be EXCITING every week right?    I hope you pawticipate – if you want to, just visit one of the co-host sites (links above) and add your blog link to the LINKY TOOL and have some fun with us!     If you don’t pawticipate you should at least visit some of the others who are – the answers are always fun to read.

Happy Friday Everybody!


It’s almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs, Sammy