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Tuesday Teaser


Class Is In Session!  Take a seat!


So here we are, back from our little break pretending to be pirates yesterday – today we’re seriously seeking Teaser photo guesses so straighten up in your seats and be prepared for the photo to be displayed on the blackboard!

BUT FIRST………….would you like to earn a “FIRST COMMENTER” badge?????????   Good!   Hurry up and comment on this blog (yes THIS one) and then come back to class and we’ll carry on – maybe you’ll be FIRST to comment????   Well you might………..I’ll let everyone know who the lucky student is tomorrow who will get this!


Now, before we show you the photo for today I have to tell you that it is a GUEST TEASER………………and the other thing I have to tell you is that in order to be guessing correctly and win a badge for doing so, you will have to tell me what town/city and what country/state the photo was taken……….got it?    Just saying “Upper Fredonia” (wherever/whatever that may be) will NOT win you a badge.

Let’s get our little cheerleader who loves to keep us on the edge of our seats in here to whip you into a frenzy this morning – OK?????

Suzie, Suzie, she's our girl A diamond in the rough, not a sissy old pearl She cheers you guys on from the grassy sidelines But you aren't gonna win unless you follow the guidelines! So engage your brains and say a prayer C'mon gang, be a dragon slayer! Guess it right and claim your fame Let's all play the TEASER game! Whippy Whoppy Woo I'm cheering for YOU !

Suzie, Suzie, she’s our girl
A diamond in the rough, not a sissy old pearl
She cheers you guys on from the grassy sidelines
But you aren’t gonna win unless you follow the guidelines!
So engage your brains and say a prayer
C’mon gang, be a dragon slayer!
Guess it right and claim your fame
Let’s all play the TEASER game!
Whippy Whoppy Woo
I’m cheering for YOU

Thanks Suzie………………..I think…………………………now let’s bring in our buddy and pal Mr. Silver Briefcase who I’m sure will be glad to get rid of that briefcase that’s locked around his wrist as it’s gotta be tough using the bathroom with that thing on his arm right?   Am I right?  Yeah!

Hurry and unlock me...I'm desperate......which way to the litterbox?

Hurry and unlock me…I’m desperate……which way to the litterbox?


Where Was This Taken??

Alright – get going gang………………….we have prizes for you if you get it right (or not) and you will find out tomorrow who gets what!    Our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER will receive this:


All the others who guess right BUT aren’t first receive this:


If you’re WRONG you STILL get something for your time and trouble – this:


SO……put on those thinking caps!

Make old Professor Sammy proud of you students of geography……….

I look so much more dignified today than I did yesterday with the pirate hat and patch!

I look so much more dignified today than I did yesterday with the pirate hat and patch!

Good Luck and tune in tomorrow!

Professor Sam


Teach Like A Pirate Day!



It’s Meow or Bark Like A Pirate Day in the blogosphere…..but since it’s also Pre-Tease Monday and we’re having class this morning I changed the name of the occasion to SUIT the post!


Pirate Professor Sam bids you a hearty welcome to Pre-Tease Monday class!


I thought we’d hold class aboard the Good Ship Teaser this morning…….just to get you in the mood for tomorrow’s Teaser of course……you ARE ready for that aren’t you?


Remember tomorrow morning that the FIRST PERSON IN CLASS who comments on the Teaser post will be lucky enough to win something – YES – a badge!   This one in fact:


AND then it’s pandemonium as you try to figure out where the photo we will post was taken – what city/town/village AND what state/country so you’d best study up tonight class and be alert and ready to guess in the morning………..GOT IT?   GOOD!   There will be badges for the FIRST RIGHT COMMENTER, OTHER RIGHT COMMENTERS, AND GREENIES for those who guess incorrectly.


Be on the alert for your notice that the TEASER is up…..or I might have to ask the pirate ship Chef Scabby Slimy Scurvy Steve to serve you lunch and I don’t think your tummy is ready for that!   TRUST ME!

See you tomorrow class!

Professor Sam the Pirate


This year’s Meow Like A pirate Day is sponsored/hosted MommaKatandHerBearCat – you can click the badge above and visit!

Graphic by Ann of Zoolatry

Selfie Sunday


Sunday Selfie Blog Hop

hosted by The Cat On My Head!

Mom started with a very blurry photo of me up close, then kept adding layers of filters until she made it a bit funky but at least it’s ME and it’s a selfie so we’re popping it in the hop today……………if you’d like to join in, just click on the badge and head to the hop to use the linky to add your blog in OR just visit everyone else who’s pawticipating today …………




Have a peaceful, quiet Sunday!  

Love, Sammy

Bacon…..and MORE!



It’s good to be KING……

Today we shall be eating our fill of bacon and soon we shall all be enjoying our very own FRESH, HOME-GROWN bacon thanks to the magic bacon seeds that are growing in the official Baconia Greenhouse.    Our master gardener reports all is well…………….

The plants are doing very well My King.........

The plants are doing very well My King………

AND, the gardeners are making sure there are no critters disturbing the little plant-lets as they stretch their leaves and snuggle their roots further into the ground so they can grow big and strong!

No critters here!

No critters here!

As for my OWN bacon breakfast – never fear – I am having bacon for breakfast – are you?


I received a totally fabulous and very exciting notification in the ROYAL MAIL this week from a truly lovely and talented blog friend, Miss Sharon who has the blog GENTLE STITCHES!    She is a wonderfully clever lady who crochets and knits and does the most AMAZING things with yarns of all kinds – – – she makes adorable little animals and so much more but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I – your King – would become an INSPIRATION for something she would craft!     She told me a while ago that she was working on a “Sammy Tote”………..a lovely little thing which would have my fabulous face on it – – – and that when she finished making a “prototype” she would let me and my Mom know!    Well, she’s finished it and just WAIT until you see it!

CLICK HERE to see the fabulous “Sammy Tote” !!     I do not know what her plans for it are yet – I believe she will be making the pattern for the tote available in a few months though for those of you who are CRAFTY (which my Mom definitely is NOT!)……………..but I do know one thing for sure – I LOVE THIS!!!!!    I am over the moon about it.   Proud that my fat little ginger face will be on a cute little tote forever and ever even long after I’ve gone.    THANK YOU MISS SHARON……….it means the world to me and Mom.


This is the photo from her blog…………….it’s ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!!   Golden eyes and ginger face……………….


I started today’s post saying

“It’s good to be King”



Royal Hugs, King Sam


Filling In Fun


Let’s Do Fill-Ins on Friday!


Oh boy!   It’s time to fill-in which is a fun blog hop hosted by Miss Annie of McGuffy’s Reader and Miss Ellen of 15andmeowing!     We enjoy filling in the sentences they give us because as we HOP AROUND and read everyone else’s fill-ins we learn a lot about each other…………it’s great!   You can join up too if you like – just click on one of their links, go and link up your own blog and fill in the sentences!

Here are this week’s sentences – My part is in BLUE!

1. Something healthy I do daily is give myself a complete bath, nose to toes.
2, Something unhealthy I do daily is make sure I ask for samples of everything Mom is eating all day long even though most of it is not good for kitties.
3. This Summer, was the first summer for me in almost 17 years that I did NOT enjoy being outside when it was super hot.

4. This Autumn, I’m pretty sure that when Dad builds a fire in the fireplace, I will be RIGHT IN FRONT keeping warm now that I have lost my layer of fat!


That was fun………… on with the show!     Today’s “show” consists of who we have here today to help clean the house……………..we have the fabulous team of “DOGGONE CLEAN” to get things whipped into shape today and Mom, Dad and I are staying OUTSIDE while the whirlwind is going on INSIDE.   This bunch looks serious!   Don’t you think????????????????????

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I think we’ll have the cleanest house on the block – no wait – in the entire NEIGHBORHOOD!

I hope they will be gone soon –

it’s time for another nap!





Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Ta Da!  Let’s Get Poetic!


Greetings Poetry fans and anyone else who just happens to pop by on a Thursday only to find that I’m WAXING POETIC!    (what kind of polish does one use for that do you suppose???)

Today is the letter “N” – we’re working our way through the alphabet and “N” was one of the letters I dreaded because I had a problem coming up with something to write about that starts with the letter “N”!    I agonized and worried and hoped “N” would just never get here but alas, it has………….so I shall do my bestest to come up with SOMETHING because I know you want me to right?



By Sammy Kimmell, 9/15/16

When I was just a wee guy

Of maybe one or two

I often was in trouble

What else was there to do?

I stole things off of tabletops

I pulled trash from the can

I turned my kibble dish over

Then when Mom came, off I ran!

It was a big old game to me

I played it every day

Now that I’m old my games have changed

In a not so funny way.

I call for Mom all night long

She doesn’t get to sleep

I ask for food then won’t eat it

The pantry is filled with my food three feet deep!

I may be slightly exaggerating

I may be just an OLD tease

But Mom I hope you won’t get mad

Just always love me……….PLEASE?

OK, I squeeze one off!   Now it’s YOUR turn……..did you write an “N” poem today?   If you did, put the link to your bloggy in my comments so we can all go take a peek at your work……OR, you can put your poem in your comment and we’ll read it NOW right here!    You know next week we’re up to “O” and I have to tell you, that was another of the letters that gave me nightmares (and daymares too) when I was planning my poetry series.    But I have a WHOLE WEEK to figure it out and so do you!

Happy Poetic Thursday Peeps!

Ahhhh....I am zee poet boy with zee French beret !!!!!

Ahhhh….I am zee poet boy with zee French beret !!!!!

Au Revoir!  

Monsieur Sam


Teaser Tell All Time!


Woo Hoo!

It’s time to Tell All…….and we have a surprise too!


Class, yesterday I fooled you by posting the Teaser as an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!    I wondered who would be up at 6:30AM EST like me (actually Mom and I get up at 3AM every day – – – – not Mom’s choice of course, I just pester her to get up because I want her to!).

It was a few minutes before anyone woke up and responded….

EVENTUALLY someone did and it was:

Miss Annie from Animal Couriers!   You get this Miss Annie…….


She gets it all to herself this week – no 3/4/5-way split!  

Wanna know what else?   Miss Annie was my GUEST TEASER today and I just bet she tuned in to see who was there to guess – saw nobody was – and was able to sneak in a FIRST COMMENTER….hahahaha…….Thank you Miss Annie for the fabulous Guest Teaser photo………here it is for you all to see one last time:


It is The Abbey of Fontfroide near Narbonne, France!    Such a beautiful place isn’t it?   I bet it would be a quiet spot to reflect and rest and enjoy the beautiful French countryside………….here’s a website if you’d like to heck it out………….. CLICK HERE

This is for you Annie:

Thank you Miss Annie for the fabulous TEASER photo of 9/13/16!!

Thank you Miss Annie for the fabulous TEASER photo of 9/13/16!!


Who was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?    Easy the Weimaraner who of course LIVES in France……………Although he didn’t guess right away – he and his Mom had to do a bit of investigation first…………….but you get this my friend for being FIRST:


There were OTHER Right Guessers too – Flynn was “on the trail” of this one early on but didn’t have the location of the Abbey at first……but he got it and came back and there were a few others who got it and THIS is for all of you!


My dear buddies who were WRONG get a GREENIE for at least showing up and taking a guess today!


Before I forget, SuzieQ wanted me to thank you for commenting positively (mostly) on her Teaser cheer yesterday.   Seems her lack of “snark” or at least a “usual dose of snark”, was appreciated…………then again a couple of you missed her snark.   Who knows whether she will behave next week – – – I sure don’t – – – one thing I know for sure by now is not to predict a thing when it comes to our Teaser Cheerleader!

Have a Swell Wednesday and

I’ll see you NEXT Tuesday… it a date?




Tuesday Teaser


Ding Dong – School Is In Session!


Welcome to class students of geography!    We will be examining a doozy today and I hope that it might be challenging but on the other hand, most of the TESTS I give you seem to be easier than I thought they would be.   This may be an exception OR not……………so before we show you the photo may I remind you that whoever is the FIRST to comment on this post this morning will be our FIRST COMMENTER (or if there’s more than one FIRST in the FIRST minute, there will be more than one winner) of this awesome badge to display as you wish!


So hurry up and comment then get yourself back in your desk here in class because we’re about to show you the photo – AFTER (of course) our official Teaser Cheerleader whips all of us into a feeding frenzy about the photo so shall we commence?    Suzie?   Ready???

Rootie Patootie I know that I'm a cutie I'll rock you with my cheer Then let's go have a beer! Our Teaser today is tough Your brain will say it's rough But come on and be brave I know a badge you crave! Right Guesser not a Greenie Be a Kingie or a Queenie I'm cheering my best for YOU Now you must follow through Someone else is gonna win So come through the door and WIN!!!!! RA RA RAAAAAAAAAAA

Rootie Patootie
I know that I’m a cutie
I’ll rock you with my cheer
So make your guess quite clear!
Our Teaser today is tough
Your brain will say it’s rough
But come on and be brave
I know a badge you crave!
Right Guesser not a Greenie
Be a Kingie or a Queenie
I’m cheering my best for YOU
Now you must follow through
OR someone else is gonna win
Don’t be afraid – JUST JUMP IN!


OK Suzie – that ought to get everyone’s heart beating faster – and hopefully thinking about WHERE the photo we’re about to show you was taken – I MUST have the location the photo was snapped – what town or city and what country or state………..OKEE DOKEE???    Good!   Mr. Silver Briefcase, won’t you puleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze come to the front of the class and unlock that briefcase and let the Teaser photo fly????

'Tis I......Silver Briefcase Guy with the photo for today!

‘Tis I……Silver Briefcase Guy with the photo for today!


Tomorrow in class I’ll not only tell you WHERE this was taken but I’ll tell you which of my fabulous friends sent the photo in and became our GUEST TEASER!!!     Now get the lead out class – start guessing……..the clock is ticking……….you know you wanna be FIRST to guess right because you will win this:


If you’re RIGHT but not the FIRST one to be right, you get this:


AND – if you’re WRONG – JUST PLAIN WRONG, you are getting THE GREENIE!



Tomorrow the post will go up at a surprise time – BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!

Professor Sam, Professor of Teasology



Pre-Tease and Miss Alaneous


HAHAHA – get it?  Miscellaneous?   Oh never mind………I was trying to be cute………….today’s blog post is about a BUNCH of things though so while we ARE going to remind you as always that Teaser is coming this week, I have OTHER things to tell you as well.   READY????



We will indeed be here on Tuesday morning in our wonderful (cough cough) Geography class to gather together and agonize over a photograph of SOMEWHERE……either a HomeGrown Teaser (one of Mom’s photos) OR it may be a Guest Teaser (sent in by one of YOU) so hang onto your hats (or hair) and be prepared to be dazzled tomorrow OK?    You won’t know WHEN the post will go live though – NOT at 3AM EST like my normal daily posts – that’s all I’m sayin’ !

Whoever is FIRST to comment on the blog tomorrow though will get a little “something” !!   This:


If there are more than one “FIRST COMMENTER” each of you will get one of these lovely badges!

So there!

Now, next item is to tell you that my good buddy Easy TAGGED me with the “HAPPINESS TAG” a couple of days ago and the deal is that I need to tell the world (that’s you) FIVE things that make me happy; FIVE songs that make me happy and then tag FIVE of my blog buddies to play along (if they want to of course)!     Here goes:


  1.  When my Mom and Dad come home from being AWAY from the house all day.   I get lonely!
  2. When it’s the day AFTER I’ve gone to the vet for my 4 months checkup because I know that it’s OVER with for another four months!
  3. When someone says that something I wrote on my blog has “touched” them……that makes me warm inside.
  4. When Mom picks me up and gives me a big hug
  5. When Mom brushes me – I haven’t always been a big “brush guy” but now that I am, Mom brushes me five or six times a day – – – heavenly!


  1. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Judy Garland)
  2. Listen To The Music (Doobie Brothers)
  3. Unforgettable (Nat or Natalie Cole)
  4. Four Seasons (Vivaldi……what can I say……I like me some classical music sometimes!)
  5. Dancin’ On The Ceiling (Lionel Ritchie)


  1.  These Days of Mine
  2. Two Devon Cats
  3. Katie Isabella
  4. Skyler Braveheart
  5. Evil Squirrels Nest

THANKS Easy for tagging me………..that was fun………..and any of you who I just tagged who don’t want to pawticipate – no pressure/no problem but it is kind of fun!!

Last but not least, I want to show you some of the photos my Mom and her friend Miss Dianna took when she and my Dad deserted me last week to go with their friends to the Outer Banks…………just for one night but you’d think it had been a WEEK because when they came home I was ALL OVER THEM……HAHAHA.    Anyway, they went to see the wild horses on the beach and were not disappointed – they saw a total of thirty of them!   They had a ton of fun with their friends and even though it was a short trip – it was FULL of fun memories!  Enjoy the slide show…………..!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And there you have it – a whole lot of MISS ALANEOUS!    See you tomorrow for the TEASER – don’t miss it – you might know where the photo was take and win a BADGE!!!!!!!!

Hugs, Sammy




We usually reblog my first blog post about September 11th……………….it tells the story of where my Mom and Dad were, where I was and how we all felt about the sad time in our history…………if you would like to read it, please click on the flag below……………….


There will be a lot of people “remembering” today where they were on this day…..this is the story of my Mom and Dad (and me) !

We will never forget…

Love, Sam and Mom