Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Greetings Poetry Lovers!


We’re working our way to the end of the “GREAT POETRY PROJECT” as we slowly sneak up on the letter Z…..

But today we are going to do “P” !  (wait…..that doesn’t sound right…..well you know what I mean!)



By Sammy Kimmell, 9/29/16

I am a cat who loves to purr

No question of that as I am sure

A happy boy I am it’s true

My purr is LOUD so that’s a clue.

When I was tiny we played hide and seek

I would find a spot and ’round corners I’d peek

Mom would try to find me but I hid well

I was so tiny and wore no bell.

She used to locate me quite easily

My purr was so very LOUD you see…

I loved those days and playing that game

Now I can’t hear her calling my name….

I no longer play that game with her

But on her lap I’ll purr and purr.

So that’s my “P”…………how about you?   Did you think of a “P” Poem to share with all of us today?   If so, you can post it in my comments OR post it on your own blog and put your link in my comments so we can read your poem today.   I just love reading all of yours and I’m so happy many of you are enjoying exercising your poetic selves on Thursdays with ME!

I hope you have a PERFECT (say…that’s a P word!) Thursday……………………..I’m going to I just know it – complete with LOUD PURRRRRRRS!


Love, Sammy the Poet

Oui Oui!  Today is LETTER "P" !!

Oui Oui! Today is LETTER “P” !!

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    • HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Brilliant poem Mr. Leo – and Mom says she remembers going to rock concerts in the 70s and standing in line and missing two or three songs before she could finally get back to her seat! I’m glad I can just walk right up to my litterbox and let it rip!

      Hugs, Sammy


  1. MOL Sammy we are gonna do P. Purr was a purrfect choice for you….
    Mom entertained the idea of Poop for about a nanosecond. MOLMOL
    You know ‘scoop the poop we all do it, ‘
    Hugs madi your bfff


  2. I bet you have a lovely purr, your Mom should record you purring so we can hear you. Excellent poem, you are quite the poet just like your Mom. XO


    • Mom still chatters to me all day long but I can’t hear her…….she forgets sometimes and comes up behind me talking and leans over to give me a pet and I jump two feet into the air!! HAHAHAHA

      Love, Sammy


  3. Pawtastick Poe-em Unccle Sammy!!!
    LadyMum gotted teary eyed readin how you wood play hide an seek with Lady Pam… how yur hearin iss not so good now… sure touched her heart!!!!
    Mee has a poe-em ready so here goes:

    ❤ Purrincess Phoebe ❤

    "Purrincess Phoebe
    mee buttercup sweetie!!!
    You are mee werld,
    mee Purrincess gurl.
    There can bee no other…
    because yur sweet as butter!
    Mee heart does sing,
    yur mee efurry fing!!!
    Purrincess Phoebe
    mee fur ever sweetie….."

    Mee hopess you like this poe-em Unccle…mee must get Phoebe to come read it…
    ***nose rubsss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxx

    Liked by 2 people

    • Well done Sidhartha!!! I know Phoebe will be thrilled with it – trust me on that!!!!! You’re quite the little poet – next week is Q so you’d better put your thinking cap on for THAT one!

      Love, Uncle Sammy


      • Yep Sammy, mommy can’t even sleep at all without us purrin’ beside her. She says since da very furst time she had a kitty she’s gone to sleep to a purr and now she can’t sleep any other way.

        Luv ya’

        Dezi and Raena

        Liked by 1 person

          • Oh Sammy, sorry to say, but mommy thinks it’ s a boy thing. Her boys have always slept with her fur only a short while. They spent most of their nights on da floor by da bed or elsewhere. She’s never unnerstood it.

            Luv ya’

            Dezi and Raena


          • That might be…..!! I do know that from time to time Mom will carry me up and put me on her bed just to check and see if I still have “bed-a-phobia” (!!!!) and sure enough, I want down right away.

            Hugs, Sammy

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  4. Sammy, your purr poem is total purrfection. We find our mom’s haiku to be sorely lacking. If she couldn’t do a good job with “p,” we fear that “q” will be a total disaster. If anyone what’s to read the haiku, they can do it here:
    Sending you lots of love Sammy and Mom Pam. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think your poem today was FABULOUS – really – Mom loves haiku and used to write a lot of it……Q is going to be a challenge we agree…..better start thinking about it NOW!

      Love, Sammy
      p.s. thanks for being a poet with me today!


  5. sammy….dood… lee awesum purr post two day…..boomer canna heer noe mor either N him will due de same thing when sum one comes up frum bee hind……..him still can purr tho N boy can him YOWL !!!!!!!


    R pal sammy momz …. name iz pam
    her likez ta cook him…. baconz & ham
    sum times he getz…. sum toast N jam
    coz it helpz him studee… ewe noe cram
    mondayz done.. therz twooz day BAM
    N on twooz day teaser… we say gotta dam
    we can due better… findin pearls in clam
    but thanx for postin em… yez thanx ma am



    • Tabbies, you’ve done it again – made my Mom giggle and smile real big at your fabulous poem for P! If I had a badge for BEST POETRY on a Thursday – you’d have it my friends – now what in the heck are we all gonna write about NEXT week for Q?????? Thanks for pawticipating in my poetry day – – – I look forward to your poem every week BIG TIME.

      Love, Sam


  6. You right the best poems, Sammy. I like the Tabbies poem too. I have a very loud purr too. I am sorry you can’t hear your mum any more. I have very good hearing and can hear my mum open a pouch of food from out in the garden.
    Did the vet check your ears? Eric suddenly went deaf about 2 years before he died. Mum took him to the vet and he could see wax far down in his ear. She had to put drops in twice a day and soon great big lumps came out and he got his hearing back. Mum couldn’t understand why he would go deaf if it was only in one ear, but the vet said it often happens like that.


    • Mom is going to have the vet check my ears again when we go for my 4 month checkup…..he’s looked at them before but Mom would feel better having him check once more just to be sure. I’m glad you have good hearing though -you have those wonderful fields to hunt in and you need to hear those little critters in order to get them!!

      Love, Sammy


      • I can’t believe my mum spelled write as right! She is usually very particular to spell correctly. I told her she should use spell checker but she says she has never used it and doesn’t intend to start now, and anyway, it wouldn’t have corrected right to write.
        I am glad your mum is getting your ears checked again at your next check up. It would be wonderful if it was wax causing your deafness, wouldn’t it.


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  8. This is the absolute puuurfection of cuteness, Sammy! I’ve read this poem 1000 times, and the image of a tiny ginger kitty on polydactyl toes purring behind the sofa like crazy makes me smile again and again! Your mom is such a fortunate peep to have such sweet memories!


    • Hi Miss Csilla! Mom and I both have sweet memories of my “baby time”……and we’ll keep making memories for as long as I’m here for sure!!!!! Mom is happy you like our poem today too……..

      Love, Sammy


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