Tuesday Teaser

Good Morning Class!


Here we are again on a Tuesday about to examine a mystery photo and try to figure out WHERE it was taken!   Are you up for it?  Do you know your geography better THIS week than you did LAST week????   I say we give it a go – don’t you?

First, may I invite you to make a COMMENT on this blog post – and I mean NOW – why?  Because the person who comments on this post FIRST, will get an award/badge!

TEASERBADGESUMMER16-1Yes, bragging rights to the fact that you were ALERT enough to be here the minute we went live with the Teaser and you got yourself a badge to prove it!  So go ahead and comment then pop back for more fun.  

Today’s Teaser is a GUEST TEASER……………and I personally think it’s a toughie.  Yeah you’ve heard me say that before and someone has guessed it right away but this one is TOUGH.   Let’s see how things go today.   First, let’s see if our ever cheerful (we hope), ever bubbly (if she wasn’t out partying all night), ever wacky (if she hasn’t taken her medication today) Suzie Q has a cheer for you to get you on the right track for guessing………Suzie?

Today we've got a toughie A really, truly roughie Don't pull out your hair Or wet your underwear Just put on your thinking caps That ought to be a snap Examine the Teaser photo C'mon and give it a go-go! Sorry I can't give you a clue I really, truly do Just give it your best shot C'mon and get RED HOT! GO GO GO Don't be slow Beat the rest You're the best!

Today we’ve got a toughie
A really, truly roughie
Don’t pull out your hair
Or wet your underwear
Just put on your thinking caps
That ought to be a snap
Examine the Teaser photo
C’mon and give it a go-go!
Sorry I can’t give you a clue
I really, truly do
Just give it your best shot
C’mon and get RED HOT!
Don’t be slow
Beat the rest
You’re the best!

Thank you Suzie – that was a good one – well, maybe the wet underwear puts a damper (hahaha) on things but basically, you have a positive cheer here that will get everyone BUSY! 

Mr. Silver Briefcase – could you bring in the photo and display it on the board for the students please?????

Hurry and unlock me...I'm desperate......which way to the litterbox?

Hurry and unlock me…I’m desperate……which way to the litterbox?


Because you might be able to examine it closely I am giving you a “close up” of part of this shot just as an added clue!


SO, what do you think?   Where was this photo taken?   What city/town/village are you looking at and WHERE is it (state or country)?    Get busy – look for clues, and guess because you MIGHT win one of these badges!

FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on today’s photos gets this:


Anyone else who guesses correctly but is NOT first gets this:


And if you’re brave and make a guess BUT you are NOT right, you get to take home a GREENIE:


GOOD LUCK CLASS!   Meet back here tomorrow for the TELL ALL and we’ll see who wins what!

Don't be absent tomorrow - you know you wanna guess AND you want to win a badge right? Gotta guess to win!

Don’t be absent tomorrow – you know you wanna guess AND you want to win a badge right? Gotta guess to win!

The Prof

95 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser

    • Oh gosh……lots of peeps are saying that – they had their Moms READY but when the Teaser wasn’t there they went off to do something and OF COURSE the Teaser popped up!!! Sorry about that………….

      Hugs, Sam


  1. Mum says it looks vaguely familiar. The flat topped mountain could be an extinct volcano. She thinks it is one of the Italian islands, possibly Sardinia.


    • Well your Mum has been a LOT of places – so maybe she’s right about this Teaser???? HOWEVER you know we have to wait until tomorrow to see if can open a tin of sardines to celebrate Sardinia (hahaha) or if we’ll have a beer to drown our sorrows at getting a Greenie! Tee Hee

      Hugs, Sammy


      • My mum has been checking her photos and can’t see any like your teaser on Sardinia or mainland Italy, so she doesn’t think it is there now. She still thinks it looks familiar but is wondering if she has seen it but never took a photo of it. (That would be a first!) She still thinks it is an extinct volcano, but has been to a lot of places and seen them, Italy, Iceland, The Azores,, Hawaiian Islands. She is now goggle eyed from looking and gives up. We will be back tomorrow to see if it is someplace she has been, or if she just dreamed it.

        Liked by 1 person

    • HAHAHAHA….maybe…..we’ll find out tomorrow Big Guy!!!!!!!! Has your Mom bought a new thermos yet since you all kind of LOST your cup off the other one on your little day trip???????????????????????

      Inquiring minds want to know!
      Love, Sammy


      • the new thermos is on the list :o) before we waste time to look for the mug, we better buy a new one, although the old flask was a good one, it could hold the heat and the tea inside… the most thermos make a mess after a while…


  2. That is definitely a shot of the world’s largest landfill. Sherpas in gas masks will gladly escort tourists to the top while riding sure-footed giant possums. I wish I could remember where it was, but I think Suzie’s cheer has thrown off my concentration…


  3. Holy Carp! She did it again. Totally forgot it was Tuesday, and we so could have tied for first with Mau’s wife, Allie, and the Florida Furkids gang. She’s been totally worthless lately. E-mails unanswered, blogs not visited. We’d dump her if we could find a decent replacement, but eight cats is a daunting responsibility. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


    • HAHAHA….I think you kitties need to be mighty glad you’ve got the Mom you’ve got – – – – and if she forgets what day of the week it is once in a while? So what! If she forgets to feed you? Now THAT’S a BIG PROBLEM!

      Love, Sam

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  4. I figured out that the problem last week was that there wasn’t enough wind and my poop just dropped straight down.This week, I flapped my wings to create a good current of moving air. I can state that the definitive answer is in my peep’s left eye. I hope I didn’t overdo the air movement.


    • HA! Well, I suspect your peep may have an opinion on the moving air issue and I’m thinking you may have to ADJUST the wind speed a tad. Oh – and you might point out where the Visine is in the medicine cabinet too……


  5. Oh Darn!
    I promised Nellie I would check out your teaser before lunch, well its now 1:15 and officially, I’m late but I have not yet had lunch, so I guess I am in the clear (Oh boy is Nellie going to shred me!!!)
    And to top it off, I don’t have a CLUE!
    It does look a little like Utah though, and I’ll hazard a guess that its Ogden….
    Nellie’s Mommy!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Wow – so many people have different guesses so we’re going to say Mount Ararat – then I had to goggle it to know how to spell it – and then I saw a photo and realized it isn’t Mount Ararat! But that’s my guess and I’m sticking with it!!


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