Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Ta Da!  Let’s Get Poetic!


Greetings Poetry fans and anyone else who just happens to pop by on a Thursday only to find that I’m WAXING POETIC!    (what kind of polish does one use for that do you suppose???)

Today is the letter “N” – we’re working our way through the alphabet and “N” was one of the letters I dreaded because I had a problem coming up with something to write about that starts with the letter “N”!    I agonized and worried and hoped “N” would just never get here but alas, it has………….so I shall do my bestest to come up with SOMETHING because I know you want me to right?



By Sammy Kimmell, 9/15/16

When I was just a wee guy

Of maybe one or two

I often was in trouble

What else was there to do?

I stole things off of tabletops

I pulled trash from the can

I turned my kibble dish over

Then when Mom came, off I ran!

It was a big old game to me

I played it every day

Now that I’m old my games have changed

In a not so funny way.

I call for Mom all night long

She doesn’t get to sleep

I ask for food then won’t eat it

The pantry is filled with my food three feet deep!

I may be slightly exaggerating

I may be just an OLD tease

But Mom I hope you won’t get mad

Just always love me……….PLEASE?

OK, I squeeze one off!   Now it’s YOUR turn……..did you write an “N” poem today?   If you did, put the link to your bloggy in my comments so we can all go take a peek at your work……OR, you can put your poem in your comment and we’ll read it NOW right here!    You know next week we’re up to “O” and I have to tell you, that was another of the letters that gave me nightmares (and daymares too) when I was planning my poetry series.    But I have a WHOLE WEEK to figure it out and so do you!

Happy Poetic Thursday Peeps!

Ahhhh....I am zee poet boy with zee French beret !!!!!

Ahhhh….I am zee poet boy with zee French beret !!!!!

Au Revoir!  

Monsieur Sam


60 thoughts on “Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

  1. I love your naughty poem, S. We do all have our naughty times, and the naughtiness doesn’t go away – it just changes to suit us as we age. Glad you’re keeping your mom on her toes.

    Love and licks,


    • Hi Cupcake! It’s impawtant that we keep our Moms on their toesies right? Someone has to do it!!! Naughty is different things to different peeps too…..what’s naughty for one, is just FUN for another! Tee Hee

      Love, Sammy


  2. You look so handsome in your beret Sammy. Great poem, but I can’t believe you were ever naughty. I do wish you would eat more and let your Mom get a little sleep. No matter what you do, your Mom and Dad will love you. And I love you and all your fans do too. XO


    • I LOVE LOVE LOVE my beret!!!!! YEah I was naughty…..but not for long……Mom and Dad let me get away with a lot of stuff but I “grew” out of it and have been a perfect angel since (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA).

      Love, Sammy


    • Absolutely! Fast food is food that we are able to wrap our mouths around before we get caught……gotta be FAST to enjoy those sinful temptations in the trash!!!!!! I knew you’d understand Easy my friend…

      Hugs, Sammy


  3. Your Mom Loves, LoVes, LOVES you… no worries there, Sammy! I can picture you being a busy naughty two year old. Your Mom and Dad probably LOVED that too! Our Spanky cat cried all night long when she got older. I slept with my fingers in my ears… it was before noise cancelling headphones and buds.


    • I really do drive poor Mom nuts with my “caterwalling” all night long…….Dad has a little radio by the bed with earphones an just plugs in…….Mom just gets up and comes to soothe me until I go back to sleep. Wonder why we do that??? I didn’t do it before I got old (and deaf)…….maybe it’s like “echo-location” with whales – – – we make a noise and wait for confirmation that something heard it out there…..LOL

      Love, Sammy


    • I love Fiona’s poem today – she did a GREAT job……..and I think your wonderful “Doctor N” is a true blessing for your family in every single way! Thanks for pawticipating in poetry day – next week might be interesting – “O” !!

      Love, Sammy


  4. Mew mew mew Unccle Sammy that iss a PAWSUM poe-em!!!!!
    Now let mee fink of a poe-em subject…….hhhmmmm…..thiss will bee easy!!!! Here goess:

    “There was a Birman-Siamese
    named NYLABLUE Sweet Feet.
    Shee all wayss aimed to pleeze
    an nevurr was a teeze….

    Shee luvved LadyMum so true,
    an keeped her frum beein ‘blue’!!
    NYLABLUE was sweet an nice
    an did not chase any mice…..

    Aunty NYLABLUE you live here
    now, inn spirit with LadyMum an mee…..
    Yur all wayss inn our heartss;
    now that yur soul iss free!

    We luv you fur-efurr Aunty Nylablue
    our ‘blue’ gurl so-o gentull thru’ an thru’.”

    bye Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh Siddhartha I just KNEW if you did a poem for “N” today it would be about your sweet Nylablue Angel. Everyone misses her of course but nobody more than your Mom I’m sure. She is always there watching over you though and I know that’s a big comfort. The poem is wonderful – you and your Mom get an A+ for your hard work on it!

      Love, Uncle Sammy


  5. Oh Sammy we luv your poem. And me’s here to tell you dat your mommy will never not luv you. Many nights mommy cried while holdin’ sis Lexi and tryin’ to soothe her. And many days she cried while tryin’ to get sissy to eat. Still mommy;s luv never waivered, it actually grew. And now she cries cuz sissy’s gone and betgs God to give her sleepless nights with sissy back. So don’t you worry, your mommy adores you and always will.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

    Liked by 1 person

  6. That is a good poem, Sammy. I told my mum about it and said wasn’t she glad I was never naughty. She said my memory must be playing tricks on me and you could have written that poem just for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. sammy….dood…..we Noe ewe waz kNot trool lee Naughtee….ya waz just havin a grate time ~~~~~~~ another awesum poem buddy ….YAY !!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

    two we pree sent

    N ~~~~~~~

    de food servizz gurl runz round
    butt Naked Nood
    eye toll her… put sum clothz on
    coz ya look Nasteee rood
    eye haz this Nastee image Now
    seered in me brain
    N it leeved a mark upon me
    cauzin all kindz oh pain

    sew she tellz me… eye am grozz
    when eye lickz me butt
    eye ree plied… Noe whatz grozz
    iz yur cell ewe lit tick gut
    then her said… bak two me
    yur gut swayz swayz swayz
    eye ree plied itz me age
    bout 3200 hundred dayz

    then we both called a trooce
    yea oh kay reel lee Neet
    til eye get on de subjectz oh
    her Nastee smellin feet

    tuNa of mooN


    • Oh my cat…………my Mom and I laughed until she had to run to the bathroom so she wouldn’t ruin her chair cushion….HAR HAR….you guys are too hilarious for this early in the morning. You are such FABULOUS poets and I hope you KNOW IT. Fortunately, my Mom is never nekkid – well maybe in the shower but I am never around (fortunately) for that. I know it has to be SKEERY seeing a creature that has just icky, ugly skin instead of beautiful and glorious fur everywhere (yes everywhere) like WE do. Kinda like a newborn mousie…..(mmmmm)…..Anyway, here’s to the FUN of poetry writing – next week is “O” and I’m already wondering how you could possibly top your entry for “N” !!!!!!!! It’s mind boggling!

      Hugs and Love, Sammy


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