Pre-Tease and Miss Alaneous


HAHAHA – get it?  Miscellaneous?   Oh never mind………I was trying to be cute………….today’s blog post is about a BUNCH of things though so while we ARE going to remind you as always that Teaser is coming this week, I have OTHER things to tell you as well.   READY????



We will indeed be here on Tuesday morning in our wonderful (cough cough) Geography class to gather together and agonize over a photograph of SOMEWHERE……either a HomeGrown Teaser (one of Mom’s photos) OR it may be a Guest Teaser (sent in by one of YOU) so hang onto your hats (or hair) and be prepared to be dazzled tomorrow OK?    You won’t know WHEN the post will go live though – NOT at 3AM EST like my normal daily posts – that’s all I’m sayin’ !

Whoever is FIRST to comment on the blog tomorrow though will get a little “something” !!   This:


If there are more than one “FIRST COMMENTER” each of you will get one of these lovely badges!

So there!

Now, next item is to tell you that my good buddy Easy TAGGED me with the “HAPPINESS TAG” a couple of days ago and the deal is that I need to tell the world (that’s you) FIVE things that make me happy; FIVE songs that make me happy and then tag FIVE of my blog buddies to play along (if they want to of course)!     Here goes:


  1.  When my Mom and Dad come home from being AWAY from the house all day.   I get lonely!
  2. When it’s the day AFTER I’ve gone to the vet for my 4 months checkup because I know that it’s OVER with for another four months!
  3. When someone says that something I wrote on my blog has “touched” them……that makes me warm inside.
  4. When Mom picks me up and gives me a big hug
  5. When Mom brushes me – I haven’t always been a big “brush guy” but now that I am, Mom brushes me five or six times a day – – – heavenly!


  1. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Judy Garland)
  2. Listen To The Music (Doobie Brothers)
  3. Unforgettable (Nat or Natalie Cole)
  4. Four Seasons (Vivaldi……what can I say……I like me some classical music sometimes!)
  5. Dancin’ On The Ceiling (Lionel Ritchie)


  1.  These Days of Mine
  2. Two Devon Cats
  3. Katie Isabella
  4. Skyler Braveheart
  5. Evil Squirrels Nest

THANKS Easy for tagging me………..that was fun………..and any of you who I just tagged who don’t want to pawticipate – no pressure/no problem but it is kind of fun!!

Last but not least, I want to show you some of the photos my Mom and her friend Miss Dianna took when she and my Dad deserted me last week to go with their friends to the Outer Banks…………just for one night but you’d think it had been a WEEK because when they came home I was ALL OVER THEM……HAHAHA.    Anyway, they went to see the wild horses on the beach and were not disappointed – they saw a total of thirty of them!   They had a ton of fun with their friends and even though it was a short trip – it was FULL of fun memories!  Enjoy the slide show…………..!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And there you have it – a whole lot of MISS ALANEOUS!    See you tomorrow for the TEASER – don’t miss it – you might know where the photo was take and win a BADGE!!!!!!!!

Hugs, Sammy

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    • My Mom LOVES lighthouses and has painted 87 of them (at least) before when she was actively painting/drawing. The song “Unforgettable” was my Mom’s Dad’s favorite song and for two years after he died, whenever Mom would get into her Dad’s old Cadillac to drive somewhere and turned on the radio, that song would start right up……Mom said it was her Dad saying HI !!!!!

      Happy Monday!
      Love, Sammy


  1. Aw, Sammy, I love your post today!!! We will definitely play along with the “Happy” meme. Thanks for including us.
    Great slideshow of the trip our pawrents all took together! Motor Mommy can’t stop talking about how much fun you all had. (She loves you, you know….) Lots of memories there for sure…
    Love, Sundae


    • We just saw your Mom’s blog post……it was a GREAT trip – Dad still talks about how he can’t see how MM does so much driving!!!!! Dad hates to drive to the gas station much less NC! HAHAHAHAHAHA My Mom and Dad are still talking about their trip AND I’ve just about forgiven them for leaving me alone for a day and a half………just about………not totally though!

      Hugs, Sammy


  2. Okay… will be here for the Teaser!
    Your Happy 5 are a joy to read! Love #4… makes me think of one of my favorite photos of you on your Mom’s shoulder in the kitchen!
    The slideshow is FUN! Looks like you all had fun! Such a great memory. Some lovely pictures there and the capris got to make the trip to the OBX!


    • I’ll be expecting you in class tomorrow Miss Pix…….EARLY……(ahem)…….I had fun with that Happiness Tag…….somehow it was EASY to fill out!!! Glad you liked the slideshow…..Mom was miserable in the “pedal pushers” – kept getting hung up on her right leg where her big scar is….no more short pants for her!

      Hugs, Sammy


  3. OH my stars Sammy what wonderful lists you and mom have.
    My peeps went took a motor coach tour of the Outer Banks one year ago. They loved it especially the horses. Such a beautiful area.
    Hugs madi your bfff


  4. Good morning, Sammy,
    I liked your lists here – a lot. And your Mom’s and Dad’s trip reminded me that the Outer Banks would be something I want to see, too. Maybe sometime. Just now, we’re planning a road trip up to southern Nebraska, taking our bicycles with us for some trips on rail trails.
    Have a wonderful day,
    Pit [looking forward to tomorrow’s teaser, even if I don’t think I’ll have a chance to find out where the photo was taken]


  5. Those are lovely photos of your mum and dad’s break. My mum liked seeing the wild horses. I like the things that make you happy. Thanks for tagging me. I probably won’t do it for a few days. I will have to think about the songs that make me happy because it is no good asking my mum for help. She has a weird taste in music.
    See you tomorrow for your Teaser!


    • Hi Flynn! The HAPPY TAG was kinda fun to do…..take your time…..or change your mind and please don’t feel you HAVE to do it! Sometimes it’s tough coming up with things to use to “fill in” on those tags but this seemed to just be EASY…..

      See you in the morning for TEASER TIME!
      Love, Sammy


  6. Yur so well rounded Unccle Sammy about yur Musick choicess….. LadyMum sayss “Dancin on thee Ceilin” iss a grate song an shee luvss Classycal all so….
    Mee will get LadyMum ASAP tomorrow fur thee Teezer….purromise!
    ***nose bumpsss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxx


  7. Sammy, we think since you answered the questions for Easy’s happiness tag, Mom Pam should answer the ones from ours. Just kidding, of course. Absolutely loved the slide show. So happy everyone had a good time and saw the horses. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


    • Oh wow……did you tag us? I’ll have to take a peekie – we thought it was fun but once those things start they make the rounds like 87 times…..HAHAHAHAHAHA Glad you like the slideshow from Mom and Dad’s anniversary overnight trip……….they will be going out to eat this week to “cap it off” I think. Maybe to the place you, Mr. Tom and Mom and Dad had lunch……..dinner there is PAWSOME.

      Love, Sammy


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