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Friendly Fill-Ins AND Shopping!



It’s time to Fill In some sentences! 

Friendly Fill-ins are co-hosted by McGuffy’s Reader and 15and Meowing and are a WHOLE lot of fun – if you wanna join in, just click on one of their links and using the linky widget add your blog with your own fill-ins………it sure is fun finding stuff out about each other!

Mom and I are BOTH filling in this week – my responses are in GREEN and Mom’s are in BROWN….

1. I deserve a treat today for letting Mom sleep most of the night.

2. My favorite magazine is one that is comfortable to lie on for a snooze.
3. Recently, I threw up – in fact it was this morning which is VERY recent!.

4. Even though  it’s raining today, I  insisted on going out to eat some grass .

1.Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day!

2. My favorite magazine is Country Living.
3. Recently, I turned 69    .

4. Even though I need to lose weight , I can’t resist snacking all the time!  .

There you have it!   Fill-ins from me and my Mom!    Thank you Miss Annie and Miss Ellen for such a FUN hop!
See you in the grocery store aisles!!

Can I ride in the cart Mom?????

Now for my NEXT activity, I will pawticipate in Bacon and Fozziemum’s “SHOPPING AROUND THE WORLD” event – and this week we are to share information on any “one pot meal”.   
My Mom often uses her crockpot to start dinner early in the morning on those days when she will be running errands or just away from home all day with my Dad on a little day trip somewhere.    She has TWO crockpots – a smaller one and a jumbo one.  
This recipe is one of my Dad’s FAVORITE meals…………..Mom will make this for Dad when she knows she won’t be home for dinner because while HE loves it, Mom isn’t as nuts about it as he is.   It’s easy too………TOTALLY.

Short Ribs In Beer Over Rice (or Noodles)


One package short ribs (enough for however many people you’re feeding!) Price:  Angus Beef Short Ribs Bone-In $7.99 lb.


One onion sliced Price:  Yellow Onion $.16


One can stewed tomatoes (drained) Price:  14.5 oz. can $.79


One beer (any kind will do!!) Price:  $1.33 (for one bottled Bud Light!)


Enough rice for however many people you’re feeding (noodles work too!) Price:  Uncle Ben’s White Instant Rice, 32 oz. $4.59


Throw everything into the crockpot together (except for rice or noodles)……………and turn on low – let it cook until dinner time or until ribs are tender and falling off the bone.   Make enough rice for everyone to have some in a bowl to put their ribs with some of the “juice/gravy” on it.   YES you can eat with a fork or a spoon depending on whether you want to have any of the juice on top – my Dad likes that because he eats nice buttery rolls with his short ribs and that juice is “MMMMMMM-GOOOOOOD!” he says.

YES it’s housecleaning day – and the usual crowd was here to help my Old Mom and Dad and Old Me out to get this place ship-shape for another week.   We don’t make much mess at our age (well, maybe I do because I shed and need help with my litterbox and occasionally throw up)…….thank heavens my Mom and Dad don’t do those things either.   They can’t shed – neither of them has much hair…….they don’t use a litterbox (thankfully so I have it ALL to myself) and they never throw up (YAY!).

The cleaners were in and out in a flash!


BAM!  Done!

Now I can sleep…………without anyone bothering me………..saving up my energy to eat bacon tomorrow……………………..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ahhhh......NAP TIME!

Ahhhh……NAP TIME!

Ta Ta Til Tomorrow! 

Love Sammy

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Greetings Poetry Lovers!


We’re working our way to the end of the “GREAT POETRY PROJECT” as we slowly sneak up on the letter Z…..

But today we are going to do “P” !  (wait…..that doesn’t sound right…..well you know what I mean!)



By Sammy Kimmell, 9/29/16

I am a cat who loves to purr

No question of that as I am sure

A happy boy I am it’s true

My purr is LOUD so that’s a clue.

When I was tiny we played hide and seek

I would find a spot and ’round corners I’d peek

Mom would try to find me but I hid well

I was so tiny and wore no bell.

She used to locate me quite easily

My purr was so very LOUD you see…

I loved those days and playing that game

Now I can’t hear her calling my name….

I no longer play that game with her

But on her lap I’ll purr and purr.

So that’s my “P”…………how about you?   Did you think of a “P” Poem to share with all of us today?   If so, you can post it in my comments OR post it on your own blog and put your link in my comments so we can read your poem today.   I just love reading all of yours and I’m so happy many of you are enjoying exercising your poetic selves on Thursdays with ME!

I hope you have a PERFECT (say…that’s a P word!) Thursday……………………..I’m going to I just know it – complete with LOUD PURRRRRRRS!


Love, Sammy the Poet

Oui Oui!  Today is LETTER "P" !!

Oui Oui! Today is LETTER “P” !!

Teaser Tell All


Class Is In Session!


Howdy Class!   Thanks for being here for the BIG UNVEILING of the details on yesterday’s TOUGHIE TEASER!

We owe a big thank you to our Guest Teaser for the photo which really had people guessing spots all over the planet………………………before we talk about that, let’s tell you who the FIRST COMMENTER was yesterday morning bright and early!     AND – it was only one person this time around instead of a 23-way tie (hahahaha)………….who was it?   It was Raz from FRIENDS FUREVER and he gets this little gem:


Now for the scoop on the photo…………………….this photo was sent in by our excellent friends the Kitties Blue and their Mom Janet from THE CAT ON MY HEAD – and here’s one more look at it!


A totally COOL panoramic shot of………………ROANOKE, VIRGINIA (which is where the Kitties Blue live!)

What a pip of a photo this was……….the mountains fooled a lot of folks and even the close-up detail photo I also posted didn’t help – someone said they enlarged it and saw a lot of McDonalds signs around but since those are EVERYWHERE they couldn’t tell what town this was.    HAHAHA     Anyway, thank you so much Kitties Blue because:

Nobody Guessed It !!!!!

That’s right…………..we have NO “FIRST RIGHT GUESSER” nor do we have any “RIGHT GUESSERS” for this Teaser and congratulate the Kitties Blue for stumping EVERYONE this week.



Now, I know that you realize that EVERYONE will be “wearing the green” this time around since nobody got it………….so at least if you’re ALL getting a Greenie today, there’s a lot of you who will say “Another Greenie?  Oh Darn!!”…………but remember – Green isn’t so bad… it’s a cute badge right?    Here’s yours!


SO – please tune in next Tuesday for another exciting Teaser – – – – if you think you have one that might fool everybody, send it to me – I’ll use it sometime and we’ll see if you can be as good as Kitties Blue and fool EVERYBODY!!!     Email me with your photo at junekimm(at)aol(dot)com.


See You Next Week!


The Prof Has Left The Building!



Tuesday Teaser


Good Morning Class!


Here we are again on a Tuesday about to examine a mystery photo and try to figure out WHERE it was taken!   Are you up for it?  Do you know your geography better THIS week than you did LAST week????   I say we give it a go – don’t you?

First, may I invite you to make a COMMENT on this blog post – and I mean NOW – why?  Because the person who comments on this post FIRST, will get an award/badge!

TEASERBADGESUMMER16-1Yes, bragging rights to the fact that you were ALERT enough to be here the minute we went live with the Teaser and you got yourself a badge to prove it!  So go ahead and comment then pop back for more fun.  

Today’s Teaser is a GUEST TEASER……………and I personally think it’s a toughie.  Yeah you’ve heard me say that before and someone has guessed it right away but this one is TOUGH.   Let’s see how things go today.   First, let’s see if our ever cheerful (we hope), ever bubbly (if she wasn’t out partying all night), ever wacky (if she hasn’t taken her medication today) Suzie Q has a cheer for you to get you on the right track for guessing………Suzie?

Today we've got a toughie A really, truly roughie Don't pull out your hair Or wet your underwear Just put on your thinking caps That ought to be a snap Examine the Teaser photo C'mon and give it a go-go! Sorry I can't give you a clue I really, truly do Just give it your best shot C'mon and get RED HOT! GO GO GO Don't be slow Beat the rest You're the best!

Today we’ve got a toughie
A really, truly roughie
Don’t pull out your hair
Or wet your underwear
Just put on your thinking caps
That ought to be a snap
Examine the Teaser photo
C’mon and give it a go-go!
Sorry I can’t give you a clue
I really, truly do
Just give it your best shot
C’mon and get RED HOT!
Don’t be slow
Beat the rest
You’re the best!

Thank you Suzie – that was a good one – well, maybe the wet underwear puts a damper (hahaha) on things but basically, you have a positive cheer here that will get everyone BUSY! 

Mr. Silver Briefcase – could you bring in the photo and display it on the board for the students please?????

Hurry and unlock me...I'm desperate......which way to the litterbox?

Hurry and unlock me…I’m desperate……which way to the litterbox?


Because you might be able to examine it closely I am giving you a “close up” of part of this shot just as an added clue!


SO, what do you think?   Where was this photo taken?   What city/town/village are you looking at and WHERE is it (state or country)?    Get busy – look for clues, and guess because you MIGHT win one of these badges!

FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on today’s photos gets this:


Anyone else who guesses correctly but is NOT first gets this:


And if you’re brave and make a guess BUT you are NOT right, you get to take home a GREENIE:


GOOD LUCK CLASS!   Meet back here tomorrow for the TELL ALL and we’ll see who wins what!

Don't be absent tomorrow - you know you wanna guess AND you want to win a badge right? Gotta guess to win!

Don’t be absent tomorrow – you know you wanna guess AND you want to win a badge right? Gotta guess to win!

The Prof

Pre-Tease Monday!


It’s That Time Again….


Yep – this is your Monday Early Warning system notifying you that tomorrow we will have Geography Class and present to you for your viewing pleasure and frustration (haha) another exciting TEASER photo that you will have to figure out WHERE it was taken.

You best be prepared for whatever is posted – you never know when it will pop up in your inbox either so keep ALERT!    Once it goes live, you might have a chance to be the first person to COMMENT on the blog posting in which case you win this!


AND, from then on it’s just a matter of who is FIRST to guess where the photo was taken, because they win something, THEN the others who guess correctly win something and last but never lease is the GREENIE BRIGADE which is the award given to those who are CLUELESS on Tuesdays!!!!   Everybody wins something.




Will it be a GUEST TEASER photo?  Maybe.   Will it be tough to guess?  Maybe.   You will simply have to wait and see…………..but in either case, make sure you play along with us because we have fun on Tuesdays around here.



I think I must be SQUARE!

I think I must be SQUARE!


Professor Sammy will be waiting to see you in the classroom!

Don't be absent !

Don’t be absent !

The Prof !