Tuesday Teaser


Wake Up Class! 

I can see you drifting off…….!


Time to sit up straight in your desk chair and pay attention because we’re about to have a test…..that’s right…..a test to see who can figure out where today’s Teaser photo was taken!


Before we do that – remember to comment on this blog – the FIRST PERSON to comment on this blog after it goes live today will win this adorable (cough cough) badge!

TEASERBADGESUMMER16-1You know you want it so go comment then come back and continue with the post and today’s TEASER PHOTO!

While we’re waiting for you to come back, I’ll have SuzieQ provide some motivation for all you sleepy students and all you who need a poke from Suzie to be inspired on Tuesday mornings.   READY?

Today we've got a goodie! A Teaser from a guest! So take off your hoodie And do your very best! Whoever is right FIRST Will get a coolio badge, Whoever is the WORST Gets a kiss from Cousin Madge! Now get to work you peeps Don't make me yell too loud Don't give me the creeps By embarrassing this crowd!

Today we’ve got a goodie!
A Teaser from a guest!
So take off your hoodie
And do your very best!
Whoever is right FIRST
Will get a coolio badge,
Whoever is the WORST
Gets a kiss from Cousin Madge!
Now get to work you peeps
Don’t make me yell too loud
Don’t give me the creeps
By embarrassing this crowd!

Here’s Cousin Madge by the way………………………….




Everybody back?  Good – on with the show……………….Mr. Silver Briefcase, would you pretty please with sugar and sprinkles and candy canes and peppermint sticks and chocolate sauce and a cheery on top bring in the photo for us??????

Here's our TEASER photo Professor !

Here’s our TEASER photo Professor !


SO, where was this photo taken AND what is this structure we’re seeing in this photo???????????   Give it to me straight class – and whoever is FIRST with the correct answer will get this:


AND Whoever is RIGHT but is not FIRST – will get this:


AND whoever is WRONG gets a GREENIE!!


You can’t lose – you get a badge no matter what!

So, what are you waiting for…………get to studying/checking your databases, google, brochures, globes and whatever else you need to figure it out and post the scoop on this photo!   Tomorrow at our Tell All I’ll tell you WHO our Guest Teaser was and WHO wins what!

Ready, Set, Go!

I'll be in my office for the rest of the day class....hiding from Cousin Madge......

I’ll be in my office for the rest of the day class….hiding from Cousin Madge……

103 responses »

  1. I knew we would be late again! We knew it too. It is Helsinki station, Finland. We are so late I am sure it has been guessed already.


  2. Okay this is a hard one so I’m going with what I know which is somewhat right when you think about it – EARTH. Snorts with piggy laughter. Love these cousin! XOXO – Bacon


  3. Cousin Madge – yikes! – that’s some serious motivation there! However, we still don’t know, and I don’t even know what to google to try to figure that one out! LOL


  4. Cousin Madge would scare anybuddy first thing in the morning, Sammy…or any time for that matter! We’ll say that’s some place in Egypt. Of course, we don’t have a clue, but that’s our guess.


    • Good question….who knows why Suzie writes things the way she does – in this case I suspect she couldn’t think of anything else to rhyme with “FIRST” !!! She is an enigma (or maybe just plain strange!).

      Love, Sammy


  5. I have to think this out. The building is large. You have 2 peeps holding basketballs. I think that they’re William and Mary and it’s the basketball arena in Williamsburg, Virginia at the College of William and Mary. I was torn between that and Balmoral, Scotland. Just gimme my damn greenie.


  6. That looks like the legendary tomb of King Rooten Tooten, which is located in….. um…. wait, the tomb is a secret! Nobody knows where it is! At least, there is nobody who has lived to tell where it is. Eh, I’ll just take my kiss from Cousin Madge now. She looks like a hottie anyway…

    Liked by 1 person

    • She’s all yours………..(Madge that is!)……..we know where that tomb is but we can’t tell or some terrible plague will strike us down! I’ve been struck down twice before and you know what they say – three strikes and you’re OUT!

      Hugs, Sammy


  7. Here wee are Unccle ammy!!! 11:45 A Em!!!!
    Wee made it befur lunch!
    So LadyMum puzzled an looked hard an tried to Googull thee foto she iss NOT good at Googullin!)
    Shee said shee reelly has NO idea but wundered if these statuess are inn Sweden or else Italy, Rome…because they look Roman Latiny….. (her werdss….)
    Mew mew mew this iss GRATE fun Purrfessor Unccle Sammy 🙂
    ~~head rubsss~~ neffkitty Siddhartha Henry~~


    • Hi Siddhartha! You and your Mum are good investigators dear boy but tomorrow we’ll all find out who investigated in the right direction and who might not have………I’m not great with googling either but some folks sure are!

      Love, Uncle Sammy


  8. OMC, that totally reminds my human of the Citadel Outlets right off the 5 freeway, as you are leaving Los Angeles! When she was growing up, it was Uniroyal Tires (she remembers passing by it on family trips to Disneyland – before her time it was Samson Tire Company), and later on was bought, restored and turned into an outlet complex. You can read more here: http://www.seecalifornia.com/visit/citadel-outlet-mall-has-interesting-history-as-tire-factory.html


    • Maybe Easy would like to fly up there and do the repairs? I’m thinking he can do ANYTHING he sets his mind to so why not be helpful and fix that roof????

      Tee Hee
      Hugs, Sammy
      p.s. points for being observant……187 (but no badge….haha)


  9. What a striking couple of men. This is the Helsinki Railway Station in Finland. The men, which are on each side of the station are responsible for lighting the way for peeps. That’s the best I can do…my head hurts…MOL



  10. K-passa ombre’s (obviously, I don’t know spanish, LOL) I think that’s Hoover Dam. I was there once and I think I remember these…..I’ll be very surprised if I’m wrong, LOL…..I’m really BS’ing here. xo ❤ kisses B


          • Snicker, ‘astral traveled’ LOL. Who know’s what goes on after le Boomdee drifts off to sleep. I do shop at this one fabulous antique shop over and over again. It’s in a city I’ve never been too, and I always get lost but kind of know the way. I always arrive close to their closing time and shop frantically thinking I’m missing the most awesome find ever because I have to rush…….it’s a good news/bad news dream…..Oh my, have I said too much LOLOL…xo Boom


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