Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


So….we meet again huh?


Hello poetry lovers and various and sundry other peeps and anipals who tune into my humble blog offerings every single day of the week.    Today is the day I devote to poetry AND my project to write a poem every Thursday beginning with consecutive letters of the alphabet………and today our poetic efforts are devoted to something starting with the letter:


What did I decide to write about?   Here it is……………..


By Sammy Kimmell, August 25, 2016

Our kitchen is a magical place

It’s where I go to stuff my face

Mom opens cans of magical food

I stand there and beg which I know is rude

I’m picky now that I am old

But I’m allowed (or so I’m told)

Mom adds some water to make it soupy

I like my food to be nice and goupy!

I lick and slurp and slurp some more

Sometimes I get some on the floor!

I come back again in a little while

When I eat – I make mom smile.

My appetite is pretty poor

But some days I’m hungry and ask for more.

The kitchen is where Mom and I seem to meet

So she can convince me I need to eat!

There you have it – my little offering for the letter “K” which for me is Kitchen…………..Mom cooks the bestest stuff there – and I always get to sample whatever is happening on the stove or in the oven.   I might not eat a whole can of food but I do eat what I FEEL like eating which can include an amazing variety of people food like deli meat (ham….roast beef….. YUM).    My vet says “get him to eat what you can”……………Mom is happy to do that!    See, I’ve lost a whole lot of weight.   I’m down to 8 pounds from 12.   That’s not all bad though as I have less difficulty walking now that I’m a “lightweight”.    Mom is always fixing something for me to entice me to chow down……and probably opens 2-3 cans of food every day hoping it will be “THE ONE” that I will eat.

What would I do without her?  I don’t wanna know………………and she says the SAME THING about me!

Happy Thursday!

Sam the Poet (and I know it)

I feel my poetic side peeking out in this photo!

I feel my poetic side peeking out in this photo!

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  1. Sammy clapping wildly and smiling and sending you and your mom hugs.
    I have always heard the kitchen is the heart of the home and THIS IS PROOF POSITIVE.

    HAVE YOU TRIED Purina ProPlan Focus canned food for 11+ years old? I absolutely love it comes in 2 flavors tuna and salmon; chicken and beef.
    Hugs Madi your bfff


    • Oh Madi……haven’t seen that one (Purine ProPlan Focus) – Mom will have to look for that………….I love tuna/salmon stuff! Thanks for the info………The Kitchen is a pretty fabulous spot – especially the food pantry where my foodables are stored!

      Love, Sammy


  2. Oooooo, I would be interested if you took Madi’s suggestion and you liked those fishy flavors! That was a great poem. We certainly love the kitchen at our house and I love the stuff CH cooks up!!! I know your Mom will try just about anything to get you to eat, Sammy! Our Holly Cat, she was a gift to me from CH when we got engaged, as she got older around your age she wouldn’t eat anything but tuna for peeps and my homemade spaghetti. The vet said if she likes it and she eats it let her have it! She liked chicken and homemade noodles too… 🙂 Enjoy your Thursday, Sam!


    • I adore fishy flavored ANYTHING…..still I pick and choose and what I liked five minutes ago I hate now…..drives Mom nuts and we have 87 bazillion cans of Fancy Feast in the pantry because of it! HAHAHA The more older cats I know, the more I see that I’m not along in the PICKY department……and we are all lucky to have Moms who indulge us – just as your Holly did – and let us be picky!!!

      Hugs and Kisses, Sammy


  3. That is another great poem Sammy, you truly are a poet. And you look like one too in your beret. You are lucky to have such a caring Mom and your Mom is lucky to have such a sweet and handsome son. XO


  4. Kyla, Kenzie, Kaci, Kali
    The letter “K” is up our alley
    It’s like Roger Clemens
    who named all his kids
    with names that started with “K”
    I’d trade bank accounts
    with him any day
    We’re on the skids.

    I always wondered why he didn’t spell his name “Klemens”.


    • Kismet that’s one fab poem. I like it……K certainly is popular with you but know what? I agree with you about Clemens – he obviously liked K and it would have been KOOL if he’d changed his last name to begin with K….guess he was too busy being famous and raking in the KASH?


    • Astrid did a magnificent job of expressing her love for Sampy……As it turned out, “L” was a good letter to do a poem for wasn’t it? I saw Allie’s poem for Mau as well…..SWEET! Next week is “L” and we all know there are some GREAT words with L !!!!

      LOVE, Sammy


  5. What a fun an sweet poe-em you rite Unccle Sammy!!! LadyMum sayss shee knows about openin 3-4 canss of food to get NYLABLUE to eat…mew mew mew….
    Mee thott about hee letter “K” an this iss mee poe-em about mee Pappaw

    “KING George”

    King George was mee Pappaw
    An Brofur Tyerrone’ss two.
    He has gone to Pure Land now…
    What are wee two do??
    King George was a gentull mankat,
    He was one of a kind!!
    Wee all feel lost with out him
    A better King you will nevurr find!

    Run free inn Pure Land King George
    an have lotss of fun….
    You were a grate Pappaw an King
    An as sunny as thee Sun…..

    bye Purrince Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh Siddhartha – what a magnificent poem – I know you wish you could have had a chance to spend more time with your Pappaw but I guess he knew his time was up and he needed to go to Pureland…….he will wait for you to join him – one day when you’ve had MANY MANY more years here with Ladymum and are old and tired……but not before then – you have a lot of life to see first! EXCELLENT POEM dear boy!

      Love, Uncle Sammy


  6. Great poem Sammy! Mommy says she feels the same about me as your Mommy feels about yous! Mes gets loads of delectable delights and mes LOVES the expensive stuff! Mes likes the shake it up and keeps Mommy on her toes. One day mes will eats everything that is put down and the next…mes won’t even drinks the extra water that Mommy puts on my food.
    And Mommy bought my favorite crunchies, even though she prefers mes to eats wet, (wes had a stand off about that).
    Loves you Sammy and mes sends lots of cuddles and kisses
    your Nellie Bellie


    • Well Nellie I kinda figure we’re old and we oughta get what we want – WHEN we want it right? We’re lucky we have Mommies who put up with us and our picki-ness but I think it’s because they understand that we only go around once and we ought to be spoiled while we’re doing it! HAHA

      Love and Hugs and Kisses, Sammy


  7. That’s another great poem, Sammy. Of course the kitchen is also the place where the bacon gets cooked! I am like you and ask for more some days, and other days like today I turn my nose up at everything.


  8. Now you have made us all hungry, Sammy – the kitchen is our favorite spot in the house too. Mom says we have to wait another hour for dinnner – boooooo!

    Great poem. We are going to see if we can get Mom to help us try it next week.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  9. sammy…total lee awesum poem two day bout one oh R fav o rite placez on earth !!!

    R poem two day iz late but iz deda cated two de kaluga

    a fresh water fish
    whooz name iz kaluga
    iz all sew known
    as de river beluga

    himz a pred a tor
    anda big fat sturgeon
    sew we called thiz dood
    whooz name iz surgeon

    surgeon sliced & diced
    N now kaluga iz a fried
    now eggz cuze us pleez
    while we seer em on his side

    { de fish that iz !! }


    Liked by 1 person

    • Shoko when your mouth gets healed up from the toofie removals maybe you can find something REALLY delish that you can eat regularly- we need to keep our strength (and our weight) up and not get TOO THIN!

      Hugs, Sammy


  10. K as Kimmell!

    To be a Kimmell is a special thing.
    Sam Kimmell I. is a majestic King.
    Pam Kimmell is a Queen of the kitch’,
    cheffing for Sammy delicious eats.
    Dave Kimmell, the King of the clouds,
    crawls in PJs to play with the Crown.


    • Miss Csilla! This is totally fabulous! You really did the Kimmell family proud with this poem……we’ll keep it forever and ever. You are such a special friend……….we love you!!!!

      Hugs, Sammy


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