Pre-Tease Monday!


Here It Comes!


Your “Early Warning” post to remind you that tomorrow is Geography Class, taught by the lovely kindly old Professor of Geography, Sammy!     He will be here – will you?   We hope so – because we have a doozy.   At least I think it’s a doozy.   AND it’s a Guest Teaser kind of doozy.   That means you’d best get those glasses cleaned up:


Clean off that computer screen:


Well that’s one way to do it!  Just move him closer to the computer!

Study your globe:


And have a good breakfast (brain food) so you will be SHARP AS A TACK and ready to tackle the Teaser!


Remember, we are using brand new badges that Mom and I slaved over to make sure you’d LOVE them and want to WIN them so don’t disappoint – be here…………yeah I know I never tell you WHEN to be here – that’s part of the fun – never knowing precisely WHEN the Teaser will go live……………… do like to be SURPRISED right?

I love this guy's face!   HAHA

I love this guy’s face! HAHA

Suzie will be here to CHEER YOU ON in a way that only she could possibly do (cough cough)………………so can I count on seeing you here tomorrow??????????????????    GOOD – otherwise I’ll have to send home a note to your Mom saying you snore in class or I caught you smoking in the bathroom or some such thing………….

Rest up – Tomorrow is coming….

I'll be here tomorrow......will you?

I’ll be here tomorrow……will you?

Hugs, The Prof !

P.S.   Remember if you’re FIRST to comment tomorrow (not necessarily guess – just comment) you win this!


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  1. Now that’s a fantastic breakfast Sammy! The only disadvantage of having it before your teaser appears: it’ll make me fall asleep at the computer and I’ll miss the teaser! 😉
    Have a wonderful day,


  2. Sammy I sure do hope the Tuesday teaser is of some where really really cool as in temperature so we can all imagine we are there
    Hugs madi your bfff


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