Tuesday Teaser



(no it’s not Avon calling….it’s the school bell you sillies!)


Hello Class……………welcome to this week’s Geography Lesson AND test.   We’ll see how well you’ve listened in class and/or how well you know how to google your brains out trying to find clues and get the answer too (hahaha).

SO, let me run the rules by you – just for the heck-of-it…………remember when you guess, you must guess with the complete answer.   You need to tell me WHERE the photo was taken – country/state/city or town.   You can’t say “Canada” or “Pittsburgh” (you know what I mean!)……………………

ALSO, we start off this fabulous Tuesday with the fact that whoever COMMENTS FIRST on this blog (yes this blog here!) will officially be the FIRST COMMENTER today and will get this:


Whoever is the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER of the photo gets this:


Whoever guesses RIGHT but isn’t first gets this:


AND, whoever hasn’t got a clue or guesses wrong gets the NEW “Greenie” !


SO – shall we ask Mr. Silver Briefcase to COME ON DOWN and show us the photo????  Lets do it!

Here's today's CHALLENGE!

Here’s today’s CHALLENGE!


Good Luck!

Now – SuzieQ – why don’t you bring your cute little snarky self in here and give our Geography students a little cheer to get them fired up for guessing!!!!!

Weemo Beemo Where's the ice cream-o It's hotter than hell-o Don't give me some Jell-O I'm leaping around like crazy While you guys sit and be lazy Time to guess the Teaser Or you cats will get some fleas-er. Ra Ra Ra I'm tired..................

Weemo Beemo
Where’s the ice cream-o
It’s hotter than hell-o
Don’t give me some Jell-O
I’m leaping around like crazy
While you guys sit and be lazy
Time to guess the Teaser
Or you cats will get some fleas-er.
Ra Ra Ra
I’m tired………………

OK……………..that was an interesting cheer Suzie………..kind of pooped out at the end but that’s OK……you got the message across (at least I think you did……).


Time’s a wastin’ ! 




Professor Sam

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    • Hi Fozziemum! I decided to have my Teaser EXTRA EARLY this morning which means it was in time to catch you before you go beddy-bye! We have a 3-way tie for First Commenter today – – – Easy, Csilla and Oliver/Calvin!

      Sending you all a hug………extra big one for my Doc! 😉
      Love, Sam

      Liked by 1 person

  1. sammy we a re clueless today, it looks a little german-french-austria… maybe regensburg, germany? we have to leave the compawter, the beast makes noises and starts to boil somehow lol


    • UHOH – I hope your computer is alright Easy – life without a computer is no life at all! HAHAHA Regensburg was one of my Mom and Dad’s FAVORITE STOPS on their Rhine River Cruise……….!

      Love, Sammy


        • OH NO………..we will hope you get some rain ASAP……we had about an inch and a half of rain in an hours’ time last evening! Maybe it’s coming across the pond to your village???!!

          Hugs, Sammy


          • Easy’s buddy from weim-club said we will get a thunderstorm tonight… great… I just brought blankets and pillows to Easy’s tent, because they planned to sleep there tonight… now I can bring anything inside again… ugggh!


          • Oh dear…….well, I think you’d rather have a thunderstorm than have to sleep in that tent that you don’t like – right? I bet it would have been fun having a camp out though…….I hope you get your rain!!!!

            Love, Sammy


    • Hi Madi! It is pretty isn’t it? It does look rather Vatican-ish but you know looks can be deceiving especially on a Teaser right? We’ll see how you did tomorrow!!!!!!

      Hugs, Sammy
      p.s. Is that the Pope looking out the window????


  2. What thee Katt was that Suzie Q tryin to say Unccle Purrfessor Sammy???
    Mew mew mew…
    Now for LadyMum’ss guess: Vienna, Austria…some composer’ss house shee finkss….
    At leest wee made it here befur lunch rite Unccle???
    ~~head rubsss~~ neffkitty Siddhartha Henry~~


    • That’s a good guess little guy – we shall see if your Ladymum is right tomorrow……….and wouldn’t that be a FUN house to wander around in? I bet there’s some mousies in that place!

      Love, Uncle Sammy


  3. Yayyy! We just got our internet switched over!! You are the first place I have come to Sammy. My mum is sure it is somewhere she has been and it could be one of two cruises. We are off now to look at her photos. Back soon (I hope)


    • Oh Katie I don’t know but I like saying WURZBURG……I bet crazy Suzie could do a fun cheer for WURZBURG don’t you? Come see me tomorrow and we’ll see if you’re right Ok?

      Hugs, Sammy


  4. LOL, please don’t send Fleas-ers this way Suzie-Q…Omgosh, you’re too funny! I’m going to guess Dordrecht, Holland. Because that building looks Dutch and it’s the oldest town in Holland 😀 Fingers crossed. xo B


    • Good guessing BUT ARE YOU RIGHT???????????? Well, let’s find out tomorrow! In the meantime, we promise to protect you from FLEAS-ERS…..Suzie has promised not to release the pests she has in her command!

      Hugs, Sammy

      Liked by 1 person

  5. dood; we just timed traveled frum five yeerz bak at flynn’s mum’s blog….we still dunno wear thiz iz !!
    :)♥♥♥ we did see tho sum cowz, sheep, a heela munsturr, a vishshuz deer made outta grass, sum catz & that freekee dood in de coffinz 🙂 ♥♥♥


    • EEEEEEEK! Flynn’s Mum’s vacation photo blog has a bazillion pix but guess what – she didn’t send in this photo! Tee Hee…………nope she sure didn’t…………..but tomorrow, I promise to REVEAL ALL!

      Love, Sammy


  6. Maybe down the road you could have a contest for who has collected the most greenies? Hee hee….that’s code for we don’t have a clue!
    We enjoyed Suzie’s cheer, even though she did kind of fizzle out at the end there!


  7. We’re taking another guess based on kolytyis guess and agree it’s specifically “The Royal Castle in Warsaw, a castle residency that formerly served throughout the centuries as the official residence of the Polish monarchs. It is located in the Castle Square, at the entrance to the Warsaw Old Town.” 😎


  8. Afternoon Sammy,

    Ummm….by the style of building I say its European….look at the kids, maybe a school. Aha! The Royal Courtyard in Warsaw, Poland. I guess those kids are on a field trip. MOL



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