Pushing the Broom and Filling In!



YAY!  Friday Fill-Ins Blog Hop hosted by 15andmeowing AND McGuffys Reader and I’m doing that FIRST today then will tell you about today’s cleaning activity with the Broomhildas!

Today’s Fill-ins are below, with answers in RED this week!!!   Ready?   Set?  Go!   Oh – and I’m letting Mom fill-in today……I won’t always be that generous, but I thought she might like having some fun too once in a while (but not too often….I don’t wanna spoil her!):

Week 10, July 18, 2016:
1. I prefer seafood to meat*.
2. Cancer treatment was much harder than I expected.
3. One way that I relax is sitting on the bench down in the woods OR on our shady front porch.
4. Sammy always makes me smile.
*unless it’s a bacon cheeseburger which I can’t resist PERIOD

Thanks Mom!   I will probably do Fill-ins next week myself…….I just thought as a little treat I’d let YOU do them ONCE in a while.   If you’d like to play along, you can link your Fill-Ins on either of the host blogs by clicking on their links above!!    If you don’t want to fill-in, you can always visit those who did fill-in………they’re all there just waiting for a visit from YOU!
Now – onward to the big Friday activity around here which is cleaning the house.  You may recall last week we were on our own around here – Mom, Dad, and me with a little help from a couple of my friends handled the housecleaning.   The Broomhildas had been “out” for a couple of weeks…………WELL, we heard from them yesterday and they have gone into business for themselves!   That’s right – they have their OWN cleaning business now………….!   How totally cool is that????
Their new business card!
So the Broomhilda crew was here bright and early and did the usual splendid job of hiding the mess cleaning and putting everything back where it belongs.   After a week of ME and Dad hanging out around the house, Mom needs help and the Broomhildas know just what to do!!
This guy does the tough stuff.......cleaning around my food dish and my litterbox!

This guy does the tough stuff…….cleaning around my food dish and my litterbox!

Well they were in and out in a flash – they sure know what they’re doing…………..and I asked Mrs. Broomhilda how Baby Broom was doing – she said he’s almost too big for his baby buggy now and is attending nursery school.    Boy I bet that teacher has her hands full!


Boomer Broomhilda is growing up!

So that’s about the size of my Friday…………we’re all spic and span for another week and also all filled-in for Friday Fill-Ins.    Now what?   Why napping of course!!!

Sam Sleeping Close Up


Before I go, I want to give a Birthday Shout-Out to my friend Gracie’s Mom Miss Stephanie!  



A kitty cake for you!!

A kitty cake for you!!


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  1. I like your mom’s fill ins… and yes, this treatment is the hardest thing ever… and only those who had to fight this battle can say how hard it really is. Hugs to you and a Happy Birthday to your Gracie’s mom. oh and please ask Broomhilda if she has time next week, the mama would need her :o)


  2. Great fill-ins this week – we’re sorry your mom had to go through cancer treatment. We’re hoping for the best with your mom! We need those cleaners, too! Have a happy day, Sammy!!!. Love, Toby


  3. Mom drove her friend for cancer treatment last week. It’s not fun. Your mom is a tough cookie. Speaking of cookies, if Miss Stephanie needs any help cleaning up crumbs from that cake, I’m available!

    Love and licks,


  4. Good Moooooooooooorning Sammy! I borrowed CH’s laptop to get here!
    I prefer a stick shift to automatic!
    My first driver’s test was much harder than I expected.
    One way that I relax is to sit under the Oaks and listen to the birds.
    Seeing kitties always makes me smile! *And I am with your Mom on the CHEESEBURGER!
    Your Mom is a brave lady. Happy Birthday to Miss Stephanie!


    • Hi Miss Pix! Hey – you did the fill-ins! BRAVO! Isn’t it fun? Next week is “F”……How nice of CH to lend you his laptop! I love your answers to the fill-ins………Mom and Dad are having cheeseburgers for dinner tomorrow night………….YAY………….I get to taste. Maybe I can talk her into BACON cheeseburgers???? You know – she could make some extra when she makes my breakfast tomorrow!

      Love and Hugs, Sammy

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you for letting your Mom participate today Sammy- you are a sweet guy 🙂 I enjoyed her answers, well except for the fact that she had to go through awful cancer treatment- I can’t even imagine how horrible that is. And I know you make her very happy. I wonder how far the Broomhilda’s travel- I need them desperately. Have a great weekend! XO


    • The Broomhildas are a popular bunch…..of course now that they’re advertising they will be tough to line up for cleaning jobs – I bet even WE have a hard time scheduling them!!!!!

      Love, Sammy


  6. Hi Sammy….oh my word good buddy mom says she has vacuumed more over the last 4 weeks than she has vacuumed in the last 46 years. As a rule we 3 seniors don’t get things too dirty but
    throw a bunch of workers in the mix and oh boy does mom get crazy
    Hugs madi your bfff


    • Oh Madi I bet your Mom cant’ wait for them to leave at night so she can get the place in order………..it would drive my Mom nuts too and I’m sure if we ever do get our windows replaced Mom will be a raving lunatic within the first 24 hours! HAHAHAHAHA

      Love, Sammy


  7. I’m sorry about the cancer treatment being difficult. Cancer is bad enough without the treatments wrecking a person, too. 😦

    Happy birthday to Miss Stephanie. 🙂

    That cake and the cupcakes are adorable. I love it!

    Have a blessed day.


  8. Well, Mumsy says as soon as she can get the little brushes to stay on our feet, she’s got plenty of cleaners. But mostly we do like Mr. Sammy and nap. We wanna try that fill-ins too. It looks like fun.


    • Your Mom would have a nice big cleaning crew if all of you pawticipated and wore those dusting shoes! I think napping is a better way to spend cleaning day!! Hope you try fill-ins………you can find them on 15andMeowing AND McGuffy’s Reader every Thursday (they post the sentences the night before!).

      Love and Happy Friday!


    • The Broomhildas obviously have a GOOD THING going! Now they’re in business and we suspect they will be so popular even WE won’t be able to have them here every week! Yes your Dad knows how UN-FUN cancer treatment can be and like my Mom he also knows that it WORKS! 😉

      Love, Sammy


  9. Hurrah fur thee Broom-Hildas’ goin inn to their own busyness!
    LadyMum got inn spired bye them an shee dusted an vacuumed an did dishess an tooked out garbage an reecylcin an sorted her clothess fur laundry or to bee worn again!!!!
    Mee snoopervized it ALL an now mee can have a ‘happy nappy’! Move over Unccle here mee comess, mew mew mew…
    ***nose bumpsss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxx


  10. Mom so agrees with your Mom about seafood. Now if only we could get some good fresh seafood here in the KC area, where it’s all about BEEF!!!

    We would really enjoy relaxing on that porch with your Mom too.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


    • Seafood is tough around here too – it didn’t USED to be – we had the beautiful Eastern Shore and Maryland crabs and seafood but as you know, pollution and over-fishing have taken a toll. Sadly we “import” most of our seafood from either up NORTH or down South. We’re hoping one day things get turned around……BEEF is yummy too – as I said Mom and her cheeseburgers and Dad and his steak but by and large, my Mom is a seafood girl!!!!!

      Love, Sammy


    • Their last name is Broomhilda…..but the head bulldog IS named Hilda………so she’s Hilda Broomhilda, and her husband who works there is Barney Broomhilda and the little one – he’s BOOMER!

      Hugs, Sammy


  11. Happy Birthday Miss Stephanie and let’s have CAKE! That kitty cake looks (almost) too good to eat.
    I wanna hug your Mom because she had to go through those treatments. Give her a special Sammy head bump. ❤


    • Oh thanks Miss Sharon – my Mom was a trooper through her year of treatment but Dad and I kept her happy as we could! That kitty cake does look delicious doesn’t it? MMMMMM……

      Love, Sammy


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