Thoroughly Poetic Thursday



Time for a little poetic appreciation!

Today is letter “E”……, “E” is for EXTRA


Extra digits on front paw toes

Extra freckles on my nose

Extra special golden eyes

Extra talking and extra cries

Extra noisy mostly at night

Extra peaceful, I never fight

Extra love I show to Mom

Extra praise when she calls – I come

Extra time I hope to get

Extra important, I’m not ready yet!

by Sammy Kimmell

There you have it – I squeezed off an “E” for this week………….Extras are something I’m familiar with……of course the very FIRST thing Mom noticed about me at the shelter was EXTRA toes!   And I was proud of them – I pushed my paw right out those bars so she could see!   It worked like a charm.   16-1/2 years later here I am EXTRA HAPPY to be where I am!

So, how about you?  Writing a poem about something starting with an “E”????? You can put it in your comments or on your blog but it’s fun to have a challenge of a letter every week to write a poem for – next week we do “F”………….hmmmmm…………..”frisky”?   “French fries?”  “fabulous feline?”…………..wonder what I’ll choose!

Your Poetic Ginger Man,


See you NEXT Poem Day?

See you NEXT Poem Day?

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    • Thanks!!! It’s sheet changing day and that’s always a good day around here………….I’m already thinking about what to write about next week for “F”………!!

      Love, Sammy


  1. Sweet poem about all the extras, S. You can never have too many toes – especially when they’re as soft and fluffy as yours are. xoxo

    Love and toe licks,


    • Tee Hee……….Glad you liked my “E” poem Cupcake! Next week is F and I have a lot of possibilities with that letter……….Family, Furball, Fun – lots to choose from! I’m glad because squeezing out the “E” was not EASY!

      Hugs, Sammy


  2. Extras are good Sammy! I was wondering how you were going to handle “E”… I didn’t think it would be EASY! We have crippled internet AGAIN from two rounds of storms yesterday and the ELECTRIC being out a couple of hours. I am going to try to do comments before the next round comes in today. Is it fall yet? 😀


    • You guys are getting hammered with storms AND problems FROM the storms this year aren’t you! BOOOOO HIISSSSSSSSSS! Sorry about that………so far this summer while we’ve had some storms – no super duper bad ones (even the ones when we had severe storm warnings) and we have NOT lost power at all. ***KNOCK ON WOOD*** I hope you get some rest from all the problems – thank heavens you didn’t have another lightning strike!!

      Hugs, Sam


  3. Sammy, we think that poem is EXTRA special, just like you. Really good job. Fiona wrote our poem and selected EASY for her “E” word.
    Living with CKD Isn’t Easy

    Nothing about visiting the vet is easy.
    In fact it makes me downright quesy.
    I quiver and I sometimes shake.
    You’d think we were in an earthquake.
    But I never holler, scratch or bite
    Even when needles come into sight.
    Dr. Neel always treats me with respect,
    Gently removing my paws from Mom’s neck.
    Yesterday’s visit was not a great one.
    If you want some good news…there was none.
    My numbers are up and my weight is down.
    I was sorry to make my humans frown.
    We’ve got plans to try some new meds
    And some new foods to keep me fed.
    Life with CKD just isn’t ever easy.
    In fact in makes us all downright quesy.

    XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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    • Oh KB friends I saw this on your blog this morning as I was catching up on dear Fiona’s latest vet visit. First of all, it’s a FABULOUS poem…..and knowing it’s all true and based on sweet Fiona’s constant vet visits due to her CKD makes it that much more touching. We are so hopeful that things get BETTER for her – she’s so brave and I know you’re all proud of her! I’m sending a healthy dose of POTP your way…..AND a big thank you for pawticipating in my Poetic Thursday!

      Love, Sammy


  4. Sammy this is a lovely poem. OMCs my mom got a tad misty when she read it.
    Love abounds at your abode. Ummm good idea to pick a letter for your poetry.
    Maybe mom needs to do that. We sure do hope your mom is ‘copywriting the poems’ and will publish them one day. Seriously
    Hugs madi your bfff


    • Hi Madi! E was EASY….next week is F. I’ve got a lot of ideas about THAT one!!!! Yes, I am one lucky boy in one love-filled house – turned out perfectly I’d say. You’re in the same boat at your house – LOVE everywhere. Isn’t it wonderful?

      Love, Sammy


  5. Excellent poem Sammy. Don’t forget extra bacon too! I pray for you every day, I hope you have lots of extra years ahead of you. XO


  6. Pawsum poe-em Unccle Sammy!
    Ok here goess mee poe-em.
    It iss deddycated to Purrince Phoebe of as it iss her 14th Bday an 13th Gotcha Day!!

    There iss onlee one kitty gurl
    who leevess mee mind inn a swirl.
    Her name iss Purincess Phoebe
    an shee iss xcellent!
    Mee iss sure shee’ss Heaven sent!
    Mee luv fur her will nevurr end
    on that shee can allwayss depend.
    Mee luvss her 100 purr cent!
    Heaven sent!
    Phoebe Xcellent!!!!!

    by Siddhartha Henry ❤ ❤ ❤

    Pee S.: What do you fink of this poe-em Unccle Sammy??

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  7. dood….total lee rockin E post… a paws a paws a paws !!!!


    sew we waz doin sum fishin when we catched an eel
    and we wundered if we could make him a tastee meel
    yez him sure looked like a snake but how did he feel
    then him growled N we tossed, sew much for that deel



    • BRAVO! Well done! Eels creep my Mom out just like snakes do…..but they say that they taste good (eels…not so sure about snakes although my Dad had rattlesnake once to eat in Arizona…YUCK). Anyway, I love your poem – you guys are the BEST at PO-ET-REEEEE!

      Love, Sammy


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