Pre-Tease Monday


Teaser Alert!!!!!!


This is your early warning device sounding to remind all of you who follow the Tuesday Teaser that tomorrow is ALMOST HERE!   We’ve got another doozy for you tomorrow – and yes it’s another Guest Teaser.   We’re getting some fabulous photos in from YOU so keep ’em coming!

Last week’s Teaser was a whopper – Babyland Hospital in Georgia where Cabbage Patch Kids are born and adopted.   Who knew there WAS such a place?  We sure didn’t!   What a hoot.


Tomorrow – well, it’s not in Georgia and that’s all the hints I’ll give you – SO THERE – you’re on your own.    I can remind you though what’s up for grabs – – – remember the Teaser pops up in your inbox at a different time every Tuesday and you never know when but if you happen to be the very FIRST to comment on tomorrow’s blog you will win this!

I was First Commenter on Sammy's Teaser of 6/7/16

I was First Commenter on Sammy’s Teaser of 6/7/16

Then we have awards for you if you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, or if you are RIGHT but not first, and of course last but NEVER least, the world-famous “GREENIE” for those who haven’t got a clue where the photo was taken.   So start studying NOW – you’ve got plenty of time – you just might win something tomorrow!


Professor Sam will see you in the AM!

I'll be looking for you in geography class tomorrow!

I’ll be looking for you in geography class tomorrow!

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  1. Morning Sammy! Tuesday is not a blogging day for us now, but I will make sure mum is waiting for your Teaser. We can’t miss that!


  2. Good Morning Sammy! I will be READY!
    Weather: Possible storms today, otherwise sun and clouds, 90 degrees. Beautiful with sun and low humidity yesterday. We are heading for a heat wave… is it fall yet?


    • Oh boy – this is the kind of weather forecast the “predictors” toss at us this time of year too. They cover all their bases except they don’t mention the “S” word – snow is RARELY on the menu but everything else is a “possibility” !!!! We had a beautiful day yesterday – today is IFFY. See you in class – it’s always sunny there! HAHAHA

      Love, Sammy


  3. I probably won’t know the answer, but I do enjoy seeing what Suzy has come up with for her cheer 🙂 Have a great day! XO


  4. Deer Purrfessor Sammy: Thee doggie eated mee homework. Pleeze
    xempt mee frum class tomorrow!!! Mew mew mew….
    Just kiddin Unccle 😉
    ~~head rubsss~~ neffkitty Siddhartha Henry~~


  5. Mes Ready for tomorrow! Mes hopes….
    Mes should send yous some of our photos, wes bet wes has places that NOBODY has been too!
    But then, if yous used them, wes would not bes able to guess….


    • Nellie my dear, you can send me photos any time you wanna – and I’ll keep them for a Teaser……..then you can tune in and giggle as everyone guesses and see if anyone figures it out! It’s even more fun than guessing – when it’s your photo it’s XTRA FUN!

      Love and Hugs, Sammy


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