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Gosh!  That Was A Toughie!



Welcome to another session of Geography 101.   We will re-examine yesterday’s challenge and share who won what – if we’re really lucky, SuzieQ will be somewhere taking a nap or being fitted for a new uniform or something and we won’t have to have yet another of her attempted cheers!  

SO, here we go.   Yesterday we had not ONE, not TWO, but THREE First Commenters posting at 8:38AM (EST) which was when the Teaser was posted.   BRAVO FOR YOU THREE for being on the ball – it’s a TRIFECTA (thanks Miss Pix) win for these three – and all of them get a FIRST COMMENTER badge!    Concatulations to Miss Pix, Oliver and Calvin, and Easy!    This Bud award is for YOU three:

I was ONE of THREE First Commenters on Sammy's Teaser of 5/31/16

I was ONE of THREE First Commenters on Sammy’s Teaser of 5/31/16

Now I want to show you yesterday’s photo one more time……………..ready?


This was a Guest Teaser and was sent in by our super duper good friend Bacon and his Mom Miss June at PIGLOVE!   Isn’t it a beauty?   We had guesses from country clubs, to nursing homes, to golf resorts or club houses to a military base……and everywhere in between.    But just WAIT til you hear what is here and where it is.   It’s in Cleveland, Georgia, USA and it’s BABYLAND GENERAL HOSPITAL, home of the “Cabbage Patch Kids” which were wildly popular some years ago and are making another “come back” now!     Check this website out – it will show you some truly amazing photos of the inside of this “hospital” which is where the dolls are made and sold – the people working there even dress as nurses and doctors!     Here’s the sign for the “hospital” but to get the full idea of this place please check that website link I gave you……….  Also, June is going to give you some details on Bacon’s blog NEXT week as to WHY she visited this place and with whom so stay tuned for that.


WHO guessed it first?    It was someone who has been following the Tuesday Teaser for a while but this was her FIRST time guessing and she got it!   First, let me give Bacon and his Mom their badge to thank them, then we’ll award our FIRST GUESSER.

Thank you Bacon and Miss June for the Teaser Photo which fooled EVERYBODY on 5/31/16!

Thank you Bacon and Miss June for the Teaser Photo on 5/31/16!

Concatulations go to Miss Carol at CarolMaeWY who guessed first where this photo was taken.   She did some research to figure it out so BRAVO to you for sniffing out the details and guessing right!    Also thanks for being a fan of Tuesday Teasers!    This is for you:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on Sam's Teaser on 5/31/16

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on Sam’s Teaser on 5/31/16

So I think we’ll ask SuzieQ to give us a little cheer for all the rest of you who get a GREENIE this week – everybody remember this cheer may be painful since SuzieQ seems to enjoy being a bit “avant garde” with her cheers – ready?

OOpsie Daisy You're all crazy Did you forget your geography Or are you just lazy? Just one good guess What a big old mess Bacon and June Are singing a happy tune They fooled the WHOLE crowd So sing it LOUD! GREENIES FOR YOU ALL! I'M HAVING A BALL!

OOpsie Daisy
You’re all crazy
Did you forget your geography
Or are you just lazy?
Just one right guess
What about the rest?
This Teaser was rough
But we’re made of sterner stuff!
Next week get it together
You students should know better!
So sing it out loud!
Next week make me PROUD!

Gosh thanks a bunch SuzieQ – if people didn’t feel bad BEFORE the cheer, they sure do now!     Here’s your GREENIE everybody who missed today’s Teaser:

Me and 87 bazillion others didn't get the TEASER right on 5/31/16!

I did not guess Sammy’s TEASER correctly on 5/31/16!

That was a goodie………………..wonder what next Tuesday will bring?  You’ll just have to join us in Geography Class next Tuesday and find out…………….See you then???????





Professor Sam

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  1. That was a hard one! My mum never knew that the Cabbage Patch dolls were made (born?) in a hospital. She says when she was a child broken dolls were taken to the doll hospital, so why not! Only thing was that the hospitals were only an ordinary repair shop.


    • My Mom remembers doll hospitals too……..but I guess they can make “full cycle” – “born” in one and get fixed back up on one. Quite a place isn’t it? The website is INCREDIBLE to see!

      Love, Sammy


  2. OMCPD…I had no idea where they originated…..Mom has a very good friend who lives in Cleveland, GA. WOW What a great teaser submission!!
    Congrats to all
    Hugs madi your bfff


  3. I think Suzie’s cheer near the middle part and near the end is motivating… not sure about the beginning but Suzie will learn and continue to surprise 😀 Babyland!!! Too, too funny! June and Bacon did well with this Teaser picture… laughing. I really thought it was Southfork, I thought Oliver and Calvin had it! It was FUN…on to next weeks Teaser. Congratulations to CarolMaeWY!!!


    • Please do visit the Babyland website……….it’s……….well………kinda unforgettable in a very weird kind of way! 😉 It’s an amazing place – I bet working there is a real hoot though.

      Love, Sammy


  4. Just to add a note – mom says this hospital was amazing! And I do mean AMAZING! Hopefully mom and Fozziemom can share some pictures next Wednesday. It was way TOO MUCH FUN. XOXO – Bacon

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Congratulations to all those first guessers. Nice cheer Suzy 🙂 That is so cool, I had never heard of the Cabbage Patch hospital. I have an original Cabbage Patch Kid, the only doll I actually ever liked. XO

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Mee-you Unccle Sammy that was a grate Teezer>> of course wee gotted a Greenie! Butt LadyMum was on thee RITE continent! 😉 That iss sumfing rite?
    An LadyMum has a purrty black Cabbage Patch doll called Serenia Rose…..one of her treasuress…
    Fankss fur a grate Teezer!
    ***paw patsss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxx


  7. I don’t think I would have guessed that in a million years! In fact, I can’t believe anyone did….so congrats to Miss Carol. That looks like quite the place!


  8. Wow, that one totally stumped us, Sammy. So another Greenie to add to our collection. No biggy! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty may, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


    • Isn’t that place a HOOT? Who knew? Mom remembers those dolls but was too old to get one…..Wonder if someone will invent cabbage patch kitties – imagine the variety! HAHAHAHA

      Love, Sammy


  9. Well Sammy i am home..about to head to bed..again..that jetlag is a bummer…but we had a hoot here in the US and Miss June and Mr Jim were great hosts..and i found the perfect baby for my little niece..our Rhiannon had a Cabbage Patch baby called Pearl..we tried to track her origins down but got sidetracked hahaha 🙂 loves Fuzzyheaded Fozziemum xx


    • I know it’s nice to be back home……but I also know that you had a blast with Miss June and Mr. Jim! So happy my Mom got to talk to you too – she was thrilled. I’m glad you found a baby at Babyland Hospital -that place is a SCREAM……Mom giggled her way through the website so being there in purrrrson had to be a major hoot!

      Love and Happy Sleeping
      Sammy (and Mom Pam)

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  10. Oh My Cod! Mommy is smacking herself up the side of the head! It was awful familiar and now Mommy knows why! My human brother had a cabbage patch kid names Edmond! That went everywhere with him for years!!!!


    • OH WOW! Well, my Mom never had one but thought they were cute with their fat little faces and arms and legs……..I think a lot of humans still have their patch kids from back then!

      Love, Sammy


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