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Tuesday Teaser


Please Report to Geography Class!


It’s Tuesday and it’s time for a test of your geography knowledge as I show you a photograph taken SOMEWHERE ON THIS PLANET, and you tell me WHERE you think it was taken.   Got it?   Easy right?   Well, maybe not………it may take you a while to figure out but when you get that “lightbulb moment” you go ahead and guess – remember I must know WHERE this photo was snapped.  


Before we get to all of that, remember that the FIRST PERSON who comments on this blog today – even if you aren’t guessing…………will win something from me!   This:

First Commenter on Sammy's Teaser of 5/31/16

First Commenter on Sammy’s Teaser of 5/31/16

So, go comment and come back………………..then you’ll get to see SuzieQ, our Classroom Cheerleader, and of course Mr. Silver Suitcase who will show you today’s TEASER photo!   Go on – – – I’ll wait for you………………(la de da da da….pacing….doo doo da da……pacing some more…..) – OH- you’re back!  Alright let’s get started!

Suzie?  I know you had a good time at Cheerleading School…….let’s see if you came back INSPIRED!    Give our Teaser Fans a little CHEER!

I'm SuzieQ and I'm here to say I hope YOU win our Teaser today! I hope you studied and know your stuff Professor's Teasers are truly tough! So cheat, cheat, cheat Use Google to search Let's leave Sammy in the lurch!

I’m SuzieQ and I’m here to say
I hope YOU win our Teaser today!
I hope you studied and know your stuff
Professor’s Teasers are truly tough!
So cheat, cheat, cheat
Use Google to search
Let’s leave Sammy in the lurch!

WAIT A MINUTE!   I thought you were going to come back with some NICE cheers…….you know – SUPPORTIVE cheers for your Professor (who pays your salary I might add) and for the Teaser-holics who visit us every Tuesday……….this cheer seems a little………well……….OFF??????????   At least you didn’t call me a GEEZER!

Let’s just move on shall we?    Mr. Silver Briefcase – will you bring in the photo?    This is by the way a GUEST TEASER photograph so your mission is to figure out WHERE our Guest Teaser captured this photo – oh where oh where did this Teaser photo come from??????  Name of town or city, and State, or Country !!

Here's today's CHALLENGE!

Here’s today’s CHALLENGE!




Interesting spot isn’t it?    WHERE is it?   HMM???   Hurry up – the first to guess correctly will win this:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on Sam's Teaser on 5/31/16

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on Sam’s Teaser on 5/31/16

If you guess CORRECTLY but are not first to do so, you win this:

I wasn't FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of 5/31/16

I wasn’t FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of 5/31/16

If you haven’t got a clue, don’t know how to cheat, or just plain guess incorrectly you STILL WIN:

I didn't have a CLUE on Sam's Teaser of 5/31/16!

I didn’t have a CLUE on Sam’s Teaser of 5/31/16!

Well?   What are you waiting for?   Our Operators are standing by for your guesses…………better post one soon……….you KNOW you wanna win something today other than the DREADED GREENIE right?


Professor Sam

Thank you for paying attention in class today!!! Good Luck!

Thank you for paying attention in class today!!!
Good Luck!

Memorial Day Remembrances



We Remember……………

Welcome to our Memorial Day Cookout…………….my friends Gracie and Raz and I hope you enjoy yourself while you’re here!   While we remember the reason for this holiday and what it really means, we also find that we just naturally want to be with our family and friends to enjoy each other’s company for time moves so quickly, and we should enjoy the moments we are lucky enough to spend together!    That’s why we’re having this cookout – so we can have food, fun and share memories as well as MAKE new memories!

Me, Allie, Gracie and Raz welcome you to our Memorial Day Cookout!

Me, Allie, Gracie and Raz welcome you to our Memorial Day Cookout!

First of all I do hope you like the location we picked for us to have our cookout…………….we have a beautiful spot along the water in a nice park where they have all kinds of things to do and see……….but mostly it’s just peaceful by the river.  Let’s start off our day together with some yummy breakfast – what do you say??

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now we can do whatever we wish – play volleyball anyone?   How about a dip in the pool?   Work up a bit of an appetite because before you know it the BBQ grills will be hot and we’ll be putting goodies on to cook – BBQ, burgers, hot dogs, sausage and there’s baked beans and all kinds of desserts!    The BIGGEST surprise I have for you though in the food department is that my buddy Raz and our mutual friend Pete have brought their famous (to Cat Scouts!) FISH FRY TRUCK to the park and anyone who wants the very BEST of fresh seafood, make sure and visit them because they’ve got it all!!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

THE FABULOUS FISH FRY TRUCK !!!!!!  Step right up and place your order now!!


If you get tired and just want to relax in the shade………………

All work and no naps makes for a LONG day!

All work and no naps makes for a LONG day!

AND – don’t forget to stop over at Gracie’s place HERE and Raz’s place HERE for more Memorial Day memory-making!

We hope all of you had a fabulous time with us today and tonight when you get home, light a candle of remembrance for all those who gave their lives for their country.

Make New Memories…..With Love……Sammy


P.S.  Tomorrow is Teaser!!!  Don’t forget!!

Sam’s Sunday Selfie



As usual, I’m making a snoozy selfie!

It’s easy – just set the timer for 20 minutes which gives me time to fall asleep, and wham, bam, call me Sam, I’m asleep and the flashy beast catches me in mid snore!

We’re joining The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie blog hop – are you?   Just click their badge below my selfie and join up AND see the other selfies…(which of course aren’t QUITE as adorable as mine but hey………….)


Love, The Snoozer

Click Below to visit The Hop!!


Here Comes The King



All Hail Kind of Baconia…..

Oh baby!  It’s that yummable day of the week for me – bacon is on the menu!   As the King of Bacon, I am happy to eat my share of it too believe me.   Don’t you just LOVE LOVE LOVE my “bacon icon” above?   My dear, sweet, most special ladycat friend Nellie Wilde (remember she just married the magnificent Merlin), from Nellie on the Edge and her Mommy made it for me.   I am so grateful.  Makes me feel extra special!

Yes I know I’m not the only critter on the earth who adores bacon but I probably am one of the few who devotes an entire blog post once a week to it (well, I shouldn’t say that because I don’t know that for a fact!).

No Mom – don’t try to get away with putting a dish of eggs in front of me………….no sireee!


You know, a good vet in my opinion is one who will tell you for anything that ails you:



MY KINDA GUY!    Garfield told me that his Dentist told him:


Now that’s good enough for me!!!!  Yesirrreeeee!

You know that I often recommend certain foodables that have to do with bacon when I do my Saturday Bacon Blog?    Well this week is no exception……….Here are TWO for you!

BACONCHEESEWAFFLESYep – makes me breathe heavily too………………I’m sure I could find a recipe for grilled cheese bacon waffles but I can’t imagine they’d be too tough to figure out AND what a way to go – even my cat friend thinks so – heavy breathing?  Oh yeah!  You better believe it.

Then if you’re one of these people who just eats salads………………well, you could have this kind of salad – I purrrsonally think this is the only salad I’d ever eat!


So – I highly recommend you try bacon today or in the near future if you can……….I realize that some of you can’t eat meat or pork but you can improvise – there’s turkey bacon and veggie bacon………….I’ve never had them but I’m told they’re both good.   Point is, they’re all CRISPY and DELIGHTFUL in the tummy!

As King of Baconia, I highly recommend ALL my subjects give it a whirl.


Right Nellie! 

Happy Bacon Day Everybody! 



Monster Day and A HOP!




The Broomhildas won’t be in charge of this activity today – they are on vacation so we had to get a substitute to help us get the house whipped into shape today.   When we told the maid service what we were looking for, they said they only had a couple of candidates……..I said “send ’em on over”…………five minutes later I answered the door:


Hello!  We’re from ACME Cleaners………Here’s our card:


We’re Sissy and Prissy and today we’re having a two for one sale…………we’ll both be filling in for you!   We even have a couple of others helping us out for FREE!   One is a whiz at cleaning dishes:

CLEANINGBULLDOGPUTTINGDISHESAWAYThen we have a couple who help us move buckets and cleaning equipment around for us:


CLEANINGSUPERVISORWe even have a supervisor!!!!!

So you all just sit back and relax and we’ll have your house cleaned in NO TIME……………………….we have “special equipment” that makes short work of the job!


Before you knew it – they truly HAD cleaned the whole house – even with all their noisy machinery none of us minded because they finished in like FIFTEEN MINUTES!    That’s right – three floors of house!




WHAT? You're done? I was gonna help out!

WHAT? You’re done? I was gonna help out!

So that’s that!   This crew won’t be back next week but who the heck knows if the Broomhildas will return or if we’ll get a whole pile of NEW cleaner-uppers?   I swear – NEVER a dull moment in “THE HOUSE OF KIMMELL”……………

Before I go……….

I wanted to pawticipate in my friends from 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader who are co-hosting a fun blog hop on Fridays called FRIDAY FILL-INS!

FILLINSThey have four sentences and you just fill in the blanks then everybody sees what kinds of sentences we’ve constructed because it tells a LOT about us and it’s fun!   This Friday’s sentences are below and my  Mom’s “fill-ins” are in red!   You should join in and have some fun “filling in” !

  1.  Whatever happened to Friday night date night?  
  2. I always have a cookout with all the trimmings for just me and my husband (and Sam) on Memorial Day ( or your country’s equivalent).
  3. I used to wish I’ve never grow old, but now that I have, it’s not so bad!
  4.  I just cannot stay up late at night , no matter what’s on TV or how hard I try to stay awake!

Enjoy your Friday ! 

Hugs, Sammy