Bakin’ !



I wonder if you thought maybe my Saturday post would NOT be about bacon and instead would be about BAKING  since I did a little tricky trick with my post title today……….naaaah….you all know me too well, you know it’s BACON SATURDAY at my house today!!!

BACONBEGGINGWell of course you “can haz” – we all can if our Moms cooperate that is and buy the stuff for us at the grocery when they go.   My Mom stocked up so we’re having our bacon fix this morning.   Mom is going to try to make these – egg nests (hash browns with an egg cooked in the middle) with a LARGE side order of bacon!

BREAKFASTBACON BREAKFASTNESTShe can hold the hash browns and eggs and just load me up with the GOOD STUFF……………..and that will mean we’ve officially started our Saturday!     Our RAINY Saturday I might say – for the third day in a row.

Raining cats and dogs!

Raining cats and dogs!

Bacon improves all situations………..bacon even makes me forget about the rain and how I can’t go outside to munch on the lawn because of the rain…………bacon is the “fixer” of all my problems.


Fortunately for ME, my good dish is in better shape than this guy’s AND it’s about to have my portion of bacon dumped in it on TOP of my ham baby food so I’d say it’s a pork kind of day for this spoiled old cat wouldn’t you??

BACONHAPPYI am getting spoiled extra rotten today because it’s the very first National Tabby Cat Day!    That’s right…………..we’re celebrating it in the Tabby Cat Club (of course!) and I celebrated it there by designing a tee shirt which I modeled at the TCC……………..what do you think????



This first National Tabby Cat Day was put together by a wonderful organization – the BIDAWEE folks here who seem to do a whole lot of great things to benefit animals.   This is their poster for the event – I love the poster cat on this one!


So two reasons to celebrate today – it’s the first National Tabby Cat Day……….AND there’s bacon in abundance at my house………………..I’m liking this a whole lot!

Tabby Hugs, Sammy



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  1. I admit I was kind of excited about the possibility of baking. Lord knows there isn’t any baking happening around here! Oh well, enjoy your bacon and have a happy Tabby Day, buddy!

    Love and licks,


  2. Wow! You look awesome sporting that t-shirt, Sammy! But you ALWAYS look awesome! Never has there been an occasion where you have NOT looked awesome! 😀

    Happy Tabby Bacon Day! Samantha says “Rest well Sammy, and get your energy up for Sunday…so you can sleep some more! Hehe.”

    Hugs and licks! 🙂

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    • I use up a lot of energy when I’m asleep… legs are flying around like I’m running with the greyhounds! Mom says in my dreams my arthritis doesn’t bother me! She might be right!

      Love to you pretty ladies…………..Sammy

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  3. That tshirt is GREAT! I have a problem Sammy. I want to send a little something via snail mail and also email your Mom about something and I can’t find anything! Could you get her to email me at ? Thank you.
    Sharon. X

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  4. Happy Tabby Cat Day! You look adorable in your t-shirt. I am glad you got your bacon, I will take the hashbrowns and eggs- yummy. Sorry you have rain again. We are going to get it tomorrow, it is sunny today. XO


  5. Happy National Tabby Cat Day my Ginger friend! Enjoy that bacon!!!! Thanks so much for making it so fun at the TCC! We are having our 5th day of rain here (sigh) at least there was a half day break yesterday so Mom could mom a patch in the yard so the Puffs could have a place to do their business! I think Mom needs to get us some bacon today…MOM….!!!!!!


    • My Mom just mowed the lawn in between raindrops too! It was getting THICK out there so at least now when we get more rain TOMORROW we’re ahead of the mow-game!!! Our Moms are FIERCE aren’t they Marty? Neither rain nor cold will keep our Moms from their appointed mowing duties!! Thanks for pawticipating today in the TCC pawty!

      Love, Sammy

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    “Let’ss bake sum bacon,
    let’ss watch it cook!
    Here comess mee bacon
    goin eat sum bye hook or crook!!!”
    Woo hoo Unccle Sammy there iss a beeuteefull smell of bacon here today an mee had sum an mee iss one appy kittyboy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You has stew-pid rain? it iss sunny an 60 F deegreess here! Furinally!!!
    Wishin you a pawsum weekend Unccle.
    ****nose bumpsss**** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxxx


    • Oh yes when she’s making a big batch of it……but she uses this thing on top of her frying pan – a big round screen thing that sits on top of the frying pan and keeps grease from splattering everywhere – it works GREAT!

      Love, Sammy


  7. We thought maybe Mom was going to be bakin’ bacon today instead of sizzling it in the pan:) We can smell the bacon and hash browns all the way here.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  8. Great new t-shirt, Sammy. The meme with the white cat really cracked us up! It’s just how we think! Mom wants to make those eggies in a basket of hash browns. Mom wishes it would rain hard here. It just drizzles and stops and drizzles again. Hope it ends soon for you, Sammy, so you can munch some grass. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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