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This month’s challenge was to make our FAVE sandwich (or as we call it here at my house SAMMICH!) and give the ingredients, recipe and costs of stuff!

We are a big sammmich family.   My Mom and Dad have a regular-sized dinner every other day and on the between days they have sammmich night!    They make lots of different sammiches but their big favorite is a BLT.   I’m a fan of that too because when Mom makes, them I get some of the “B”!    Since that’s a pretty easy and common sammich, I decided to combine TWO of their favorite easy to make sammiches in one post today so I’ll tell you about BLTs and “Loaded Tuna”………they are the biggies here.

The Pawsome BLT

Bacon, lettuce and tomato BLT sandwiches

Ingredients:Bacon (uh huh) – currently $2.97 for 12 oz. (Harris Teeter Brand) on sale!

Bread (yep gotta have that for a sammich) – currently $3.79 (Pepperidge Farm White Bread)

Mayo – always on hand in our refrig!  Hellman’s 8 oz. $2.99

Tomatoes – $.37 each (Romas)

Lettuce – Romaine – package of 3 $1.99

Do I have to tell you how to make a BLT?  Heck no – so I’ll just say this is a BIGGIE around my house………….

The Loaded Chicken Salad



Bread (of course!) – same as above

Swanson Canned White Meat Chicken – $3.49 12.5 oz.

Onion – chopped – Mom uses sweet onions and when she can get them, Vidalia onions!

Sweet pickle – chopped – Vlasic Sweet, 16 oz. $3.59

Mayo – as I said above – always on hand in our refrig!

Celery – chopped – for that extra crunch!  $1.99 a bunch

AND the TOP SECRET (no longer) INGREDIENT????????   Curry powder!  (1 oz. McCormick Curry $4.99)  That’s right – curry – adds some zip to the chicken salad and my parents love curry – obviously this is an optional item and only weirdos like my parents would put curry powder (preferably madras which is the hot stuff) in their chicken salad but I’m told (cuz I haven’t had it) it’s delish.   

So there you have it – another monthly adventure in food brought to you by Bacon and Fozziemum………… should share your recipes and prices every month when Bacon does his SHOP TIL YOU DROP post – it’s a monthly favorite for us – amazing what things cost around the world AND you can collect some swell recipes too!

Happy Shopping (and eating!)


Mom - are you makin' bacon?

Mom – are you makin’ bacon?

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  1. Sammy that sounds tasty!!! and it’s perfect for all Baconators :o) I saw your tomatoes are eggs-pensive too… wonder why…. probably they became rare in my country because the people throw too much at the politicians?


    • HA on the tomatoes Easy but I suspect it’s the same reason for expensive tomatoes here too – they’re disappearing off the shelf as people express their feelings about the upcoming election!!!!!

      Hugs, Sammy


  2. Great recipes…tomatoes in our part of the States start coming late summer and Mama haunts the Farmer’s Markets. And we love curry !in Chicken Salad…even golden raisins. And, Mama bought a curry plant last week. Looks like we are singing out of the same hymnal! I did discover that I personally don’t like spinach.that makes Mama sad. But oh well. I’ll stick with asparagus and pears, thank you. Xxxxxx Your pal Skyler


    • You do still have nice refined taste in snackables Skyler – asparagus and pears are very tasty I’m sure! Mom gave me a chunk of fresh asparagus that she and Dad had steamed for dinner once but I just licked the butter off and left the asparagus! Chicken salad with raisins is delish……and also with cranberries and pecans……and all kinds of things are just so yum in chicken salad the list goes on and on but we ARE happy to know that someone ELSE likes curry in as well!

      Hugs, Sammy


  3. Great minds think alike, as you know we did chicken salad too. 🙂 I like your Mom’s version, I am going to try that. I love this photo of you too Sammy. XO


  4. Oh cousin – JACKPOT – two sandwiches. You are good. My mom/dad’s mouth are watering at the chicken salad – and well so is mine – snorts. Mom says she loves your first sandwich but without the L – she orders it Extra B and T… she’s so weird. Love your posting and thanks for participating!! XOXO – Bacon


    • My pleasure to share my FAVE sammmmiches Bacon my cousin……….Mom isn’t crazy about the L either – isn’t that funny? Sometimes her tum tum doesn’t care for L so she leaves it off and just slops extra mayo on there and all is good. And the chicken salad – that curry adds just the right TOUCH!

      Love, Sammy


  5. Two pawesome sammiches!!! Our Dad loves a BLT but he says he will have double bacon and skip the tuna.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  6. Hey I just made chicken salad tonight! I am going to right into the kitchen and put some curry powder in it thanks Sammy!
    Marty’s Mom


  7. Love your Pawsome BLT and the recipe for the loaded chicken salad. I never thought of using Roma’s and CH would be so happy with some white bread, especially if it was Pepperidge Farm, or as he calls it Petridge Farm which drives me wild!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Petridge Farm…tee hee…Mom has been stubborn about switching to whole wheat or any of those other “better for you” breads….she loves her white bread! The curry in the chicken salad is – well – dynamite.

      Happy Thursday Hugs!


  8. Them sammichess sound deelishuss Unccle Sammy! An you know what?? LadyMum luvss a touch of sweet curry with her chick-hen all so. Shee can not die-gest spicey curry…butt sweet iss ok! An shee says Vlasick pickleess are thee nummiest picellss efurr!!!
    An obveeusslee HURRAH fur thee BLT with thee “B”!!! 😉
    ~~head rubsss~~ neffkitty Siddhartha Henry~~
    Pee S.: LadyMum says yur foto iss luvley an you look sorta ‘wist full’ (what efurr that iss??)


    • I guess I am kind of wistful these days……..I know I have a lot more days ahead but I look back and think I wish I could do it ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL over again! My Mom and Dad have been super duper and I do enjoy keeping them company…… get wistful when you get older……you don’t have to worry about that for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time!

      Love, Uncle Sammy

      Liked by 1 person

      • Mee-you Unccle mee had to ask LadyMum what this wist full iss an shee described it an showed a few fotoss of Aunty Nylablue an mee ‘getss’ it now….
        LadyMum sayss shee lookss back on her life an getss wist full all so. Finkin about her hubbiess an her busyness an thee kwl vacations shee tooked.
        Mee purrayss fur you efurry nite fur lotss more time. Wee LUV you so-o much…..
        **nose bumpss** yur neffkitty xxxxx


        • Ladymum showed you the right thing to help you understand “wistful”……but for you as a young man, you just look FORWARD and not backward – life is just starting for you and you have lots of adventures ahead!

          Love and Hugs, Uncle Sammy

          Liked by 1 person

  9. BLT sounds awesome. The chicky sandwich is good but we’ve never heard of Swanson’s canned white chicken meat. We use normal chicken off the burd. You put curry in it…wow….talk about secret. We would never have guessed that.

    Striking Shoko


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