Pre-Tease Monday


It’s Coming….will you be ready?



I hope so because you know and I know (and SuzieQ knows) what tomorrow is………..that’s right – Teaser Time.   This week’s Teaser is a GUEST TEASER…….and maybe you’ll think it’s easier than last week’s “allegedly/supposedly” easy Teaser.    Guess we’ll find out tomorrow won’t we??  

SuzieQ would you like to provide some inspiration to our fans for tomorrow’s challenge?

Ra Ra Ham We love Sam Who needs money Sam's such a honey He loves to tease His paw you wanna squeeze Let's give a big cheer TUESDAY'S ALMOST HERE!

Ra Ra Ham
We love Sam
Who needs money
Sam’s such a honey
He loves to tease
His paw you wanna squeeze
Let’s give a big cheer

WOW……..for once I can actually at least UNDERSTAND your cheer today SuzieQ……..thanks!    You will be here tomorrow to give everyone another dose of your cheer right?  

I think you all know by now what the deal is for our Teaser on Tuesdays…..but just in case you’ve been on another planet or are brand new to my blog, here’s the deal.   Tomorrow I’ll have a photo (sometimes two) posted of a place someone took some photos – could be anywhere in the world when they were on a trip or vacation or even went to a park in their own town!   Doesn’t matter WHERE – what matters is that it’s tricky and might make people scratch their craniums and wonder “WHERE WAS THAT PHOTO TAKEN???”……………..The photo gets posted with my blog at a random time every week – you never know when to expect it.  Why do I do that?   Because one of the prizes every week is a “FIRST COMMENTER” badge…..whoever comments FIRST when the post goes live gets it and it looks like THIS:

First Commenter on Sammy's Teaser of 4/19/16

First Commenter on Sammy’s Teaser of 4/19/16

Then the other awards that are available will be for the first person who GUESSES right – where the photos were taken…..then another award is available for anyone else who guesses right but isn’t first…..swell?  Oh yeah……..then if that wasn’t fabulous enough I even have a badge for everyone who guesses WRONG – yeah – WRONG – or hasn’t got a clue……… there’s no way you can’t win SOMETHING tomorrow.    

So bottom line is – BE HERE TOMORROW or you will miss out.   You don’t want to miss out do ya?  Heck no!  

You heard what Sammy said - BE HERE OR ELSE!

You heard what Sammy said – BE HERE OR ELSE!

Don't mind me.....I'll just rest here and wait for you Tuesday morning......

Don’t mind me…..I’ll just rest here and wait for you Tuesday morning……

About onespoiledcat

We are Angel Sammy and Teddy......! When I went to the Rainbow Bridge in December 2016, my Mom and Dad adopted Teddy from the same shelter where they got me 17 years ago.......he's a cutie......I'm teaching him ALL I know. It's great that I can continue blogging from the Bridge - we have great wi-fi up here! Teddy and I will tell you all about our adventures together AND we have some fun blog features every week too. It's nice to meet you..........have fun with TWOSPOILEDCATS!

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    • HAHAHA! Easy – maybe it will be…….(although I’m not familiar with Hammond Maine!). I hope you’re feeling back to 100% perfect Weim by now AND that your Mom and Dad are finally getting over the flu-from-hell-o !!

      Love, Sammy


  1. I am telling you Sammy you better rein in that Suzie, she is getting a little too big for her cheerleading britches! She did have a very sweet cheer about you today though… 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful Monday. We are back on the road again today… 🙂


  2. You must have had some very strong words with Susie Q. She was actually very nice to you this week. I’ll see you tomorrow but I don’t know what time. I have given up on trying to get my mum here on time.


  3. Hey Sammy!
    Wow, that SusieQ is the bestest cheerleader kitty EVER! Enjoy your snooze and I’ll be back for my weekly wrong guess tomorrow. BOL/MOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish


  4. Sammy, mes looking forward to tomorrow, but Mommy will NOT be home from work until late…mes may not reads your post until wes under the covers at bed time….
    BTW, the pictures of yous sleeping today and yesterday is fabulishious!!! Mes must come over for a nap!
    YOUR Nellie Bellie


    • Nellie Bellie you are welcome to nap with me any time – I do a LOT of it (napping that is) so almost any moment the mood strikes you, I’ll be here to be your heating pad buddy!

      Love, Sammy


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