I promised an easy one right?


OK CLASS – YOU’RE GETTING AN EASY ONE!   It will probably be whoever is fastest on the trigger as to who wins today!

Rules are as always:   You have to have a complete guess to win:   city/town/location AND country or state OK?

So let’s get today’s geography class started……Suzie Q?   Do I dare trust you to kick things off with a cheer????

Hoo HA Hoo HA Who’s our Grand Poobah? Rhymes with Ham No it’s not Spam Gimme an “S” What’s your guess? Gimme an “A” Whaddaya say? Gimme an “M” YES! It’s him!!!!

As usual Suzie, you’ve outdone yourself.   But I do think we’re now ready for the Teaser photo so Mr. Silver Briefcase – C’MON DOWN!

 Ask and you shall receive Professor Sam!

Ask and you shall receive Professor Sam!


Two photos – same place on the planet – but where?

Be FIRST to comment on today’s blog (even without a guess if you wanna!) and get this:


Be FIRST to guess where these photos were taken (specifically) and get this:


Be RIGHT with your guess but not first and you get this:


Be WRONG with your guess, or don’t guess at all, and you get this:


Good Deal right?

You heard what Sammy said - go ahead and GUESS!

You heard what Sammy said – go ahead and GUESS!

Good Luck Teaser Students!



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    • My very own town? Well, I can’t say a word until tomorrow but who knows – maybe it is my town – I haven’t seen much of it except for my yard, and the vet’s office! Tomorrow we’ll find out!

      Hugs, Sammy

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    • You’re right about the photos being old – taken in the late 80s or so………but really it IS easy(ER) than usual!!!! Take a good look and think where it might be!!!! Go on – you can do it!

      Hugs, sammy


  1. Good morning Sammy,
    I believe the two of us have quite a different notion of what “easy” means! 😉 Let me explain: to me an easy teaser means a picture of the city/town sign! 😉 With that, my old brain might be able to figure out state and country – hopefully. 😉
    Have a wonderful day,


  2. LadyMum has stared at thee fotoss’ fur like 10 minuttss Unccle an shee said shee ‘got nuthin’….
    So much fur an ‘easy’ Teezer, mew mew mew…..
    ***paw patsss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxx


  3. Haha, Sammy, this will shock you but we all have no idea! Wherever it is, was it the olden days before paved roads? We’re going to guess its the land that time forgot 🙂 Also, we thought this was supposed to be an easy teaser….wasn’t it…hmmm?


  4. This is a real guess cause its not here in Prince George so I’m lost! I’ll say Cape Cod….thus the cobblestones…Cape Cod Massachusetts. Learned that Cape Cod is actually a peninsula so I will say the town is Provincetown.



    • Hi Shoko!!!! Cape Cod is a way cool place with Provincetown at the very end of the Cape…..interesting town and fun too but is it THIS PLACE??? We’ll find out tomorrow dear girl!!!!!!

      Hugs, Sammy


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