Pre-Tease Monday



Ready?   Good!

Tomorrow we’ll gather together to take a gander at a photo and try to figure out WHERE somebody was in order to snap the photo that’s driving us crazy!    AND – no surprise here I’m sure – I have another goodie from another Teaser fan – yep – a GUEST TEASER tomorrow!

You know the drill – tomorrow at a TOP SECRET time, my blog will go live and WHAM BAM THANK YOU SAM, somebody will be here to comment first on the blog (not necessarily make a guess) and they will win this!


Then we have three other possible badges to win – if you are the first to guess the RIGHT city/town/village and state/country where the photo was taken, then you’ll win one of them!

As the old saying goes – “YOU CAN’T BEAT THAT WITH A STICK” (don’t ask me what that means).   You will be able to display your prize like an Olympian displays his or her GOLD MEDAL!   What an honor – right????

SO, bone up today and tonight on geography……take a peek at all your travel brochures……get a rough idea what different countries look like (hahahahaha……I know that’s impossible but it sounds good don’t you think???).

Suzie Q said she’d like to have a chance to MOTIVATE you to come here tomorrow and guess your little heart out so take it away Suzie!

Wanna get some eye ball strain? Wanna go totally insane? Wanna win a wonderful prize? Get a cold compress for your overworked eyes? Wanna..........

Wanna get some eye ball strain?
Wanna go totally insane?
Wanna win a wonderful prize?
Get a cold compress for your overworked eyes?

Stop the Music! 

Suzie – give us a break!

Yeah I’m afraid it’s another one of Suzie’s “creative” cheers so I decided to put a halt to it.  Heaven knows what we’ll hear tomorrow on Teaser Tuesday!!!!    Meet me here to find out……….

I'll see you in class tomorrow!  Be alert!

I’ll see you in class tomorrow! Be alert!


25 responses »

  1. I’m ready, hope my mom is back from shopping till the teaser maybe then I will win the furst right guesser badge :o)… or wait let’s go safe… I say Maine Usa… wooohoo the speed-badge is mine :O)


  2. We’ll be here, Sammy….but we probably won’t be first, and I’m pretty sure we won’t have a guess! But we always love seeing the Teaser anyway – and visiting with you & Suzie Q!
    Love, Sundae


  3. Sammy you tickle my funny bone…mom says lots of crazy things that leave me shaking my head too. As per normal, look for me tomorrow at 49 degrees lattitude and 49 degrees longitude
    Hugs madi your bfff


  4. Mew mew mew that Suzy Q iss a bit hypurr isn’t shee Unccle Sammy???
    An wee will bee ready….can wee make it 3 inn a row?? Mee do not know!!!! 😉
    ***paw patsss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxx


  5. OMC You wake yous mommy up at 3 am? We don’t even go to bed till then. MOL And we thought your April Fools fotos was really cute. What a Frenchy you was yesfurday. MOL Yous just all over da place aren’t ya’ Sammy. Well guess dat’s why you do teasers. Hope yous havin’ a great day.

    Luv ya’



  6. Sammy! First off…mes LOVED your selfie yesterday…mes saw it while Mommy was in the bathtub, and when she gotted out…she went to bed early so mes did not gets a chance to post. It is GORGEOUS!!!
    And Sammy, mes really, really, really wants to trys to guess tomorrow!


    • Hi Nellie my girl! I’m glad you liked my “oh so French” selfie Sunday. That was from a trip to Paris Scouts did and it was a lot of fun. The Teaser today is a bit tough but I just know that you and your Mommy will be trying your bestest to guess! No matter whether you do or not, you know I’ll love you anyway! 😉

      Hugs, Sammy


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