Lemme At It!



Good Thing I Can Smell It! 

OR ELSE…..(no April Fools joke

when it comes to bacon please!)

We don’t want to talk about what would happen if on a Saturday Mom did NOT fix bacon…………oh no…………that would be a disaster.   There would be a very upset kitty and at my age, it pays NOT to upset the kitty.

BACONBEG10Don’t even JOKE about it………………….there simply will be bacon on Saturdays as long as yours truly is around.   Mom promised me that years and years ago!

Don't EVER disappoint THE KING!

Don’t EVER disappoint THE KING!

As for what she’s making WITH the bacon at least for her and Dad………………(I’m a PURIST for Saturday breakfast……..just bacon……that’s it………nothing to distract me).   I think she’s doing waffles this morning.   I really have no interest in them so GO FOR IT HUMANS!

FUNNYBACON4I’ll be sure to brush after breakfast!


See?    There are some perfectly excellent reasons to eat bacon……………….wouldn’t you say?   All those poor plants out there at risk?  Oh yeah!!!!!!


Here’s to a BACON-FILLED Saturday for all (especially ME!).

Hugs, The Bacon King

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  1. I love that toothpaste! Bet it is better than the one with liver sausage I’ve got once :o) Happy Bacon Caturday Sammy… I hope the crispiest and biggest piece finds the way to you today :o)


  2. My wife is starting a new diet that requires her to eat like a pig (pun intended) for two days and then flip it around and starve for six weeks. So this weekend will be like the last meal before the Green Mile. We are going out this morning to have a big breakfast that includes plenty of bacon.


  3. Good Morning, Sammy! Glad you are getting your bacon! We love waffles! Mmmm, a waffle with an over easy egg on top with a side of bacon!!!! Enjoy your Saturday! We are hoping for some sun and warmer temps!


  4. Bacon boots and bacon toothpaste- I have seen it all 🙂 I am glad you get your bacon every Saturday- especially after suffering through the vacuum day on Friday. XO


  5. Sammy there is rarely bacon served here on Saturdays ’cause my peeps like to eat toasted bagels with preserves. You are the Bacon Expert…do you know if there are any bagels that are bacon flavored?
    Hugs madi your bfff


  6. Mee-you Unccle did you have a bit of bacon fur mee???
    LadyMum puled an April Fool prank on mee! An not a nice one either. Shee said shee wood get sum bacon an mee went thru thee grocereess when she brott them home on Tuesday an there was NO bacon anywhere! An that was mee April Fool’ss earlee 😦
    Mee purrtested butt shee said mee has had sum *ahem*trubble with dye-geshun so mee not aloud yet!!! PHOOEY!!!!!!!
    So mee iss still ‘baconless’…..
    **hangs head inn sadness**
    Yur neffkitty Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


  7. Happy Bacon! Wes, alas, did not have bacon…Mommy has not made bacon since wes came to Vancouver. Mes going to has to teleport over to your house next weekend.
    Hugs and Kisses to yous and your Mommy


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