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Bakin’ !



I wonder if you thought maybe my Saturday post would NOT be about bacon and instead would be about BAKING  since I did a little tricky trick with my post title today……….naaaah….you all know me too well, you know it’s BACON SATURDAY at my house today!!!

BACONBEGGINGWell of course you “can haz” – we all can if our Moms cooperate that is and buy the stuff for us at the grocery when they go.   My Mom stocked up so we’re having our bacon fix this morning.   Mom is going to try to make these – egg nests (hash browns with an egg cooked in the middle) with a LARGE side order of bacon!

BREAKFASTBACON BREAKFASTNESTShe can hold the hash browns and eggs and just load me up with the GOOD STUFF……………..and that will mean we’ve officially started our Saturday!     Our RAINY Saturday I might say – for the third day in a row.

Raining cats and dogs!

Raining cats and dogs!

Bacon improves all situations………..bacon even makes me forget about the rain and how I can’t go outside to munch on the lawn because of the rain…………bacon is the “fixer” of all my problems.


Fortunately for ME, my good dish is in better shape than this guy’s AND it’s about to have my portion of bacon dumped in it on TOP of my ham baby food so I’d say it’s a pork kind of day for this spoiled old cat wouldn’t you??

BACONHAPPYI am getting spoiled extra rotten today because it’s the very first National Tabby Cat Day!    That’s right…………..we’re celebrating it in the Tabby Cat Club (of course!) and I celebrated it there by designing a tee shirt which I modeled at the TCC……………..what do you think????



This first National Tabby Cat Day was put together by a wonderful organization – the BIDAWEE folks here who seem to do a whole lot of great things to benefit animals.   This is their poster for the event – I love the poster cat on this one!


So two reasons to celebrate today – it’s the first National Tabby Cat Day……….AND there’s bacon in abundance at my house………………..I’m liking this a whole lot!

Tabby Hugs, Sammy



Just Another Rainy Friday


Rain Makes Things Green

No this is NOT my yard.....IF ONLY!!!!!

No this is NOT my yard…..IF ONLY!!!!!

It has rained from first thing this morning until now and will continue into the night but man oh man has it made Spring POP around here.   The cooler temps came with the rain but that sure didn’t stop Spring from springing.   The pollen is flying around so the rain has put THAT under control, and the only BAD thing is I haven’t been able to go out and munch on the grass because – well – I don’t like to get too wet!!!!    Yes I’m a wienie – so what?    Not many cats enjoy WET………..well maybe some do:

CATINRAINCOATAt least this guy is prepared!

BATH2This guy is just plain nuts!

No I’m more the “keep me nice and dry pretty please” kind of guy and if I was getting too wet I’d definitely be like this guy:



Anyway, Mom planted a bunch of stuff earlier this week and if we could just get a bit of time without rain, I’d share some photos of everything……….so maybe by this weekend some time we’ll get Mr. Flashy Box out there and take some photos.

There was some cleaning activity around here today though so we did have the MONSTER MASH……we did have Mr. Vacuumator come out of his closet house and trip the light fantastic all over the house – Mr. and Mrs. Broomhilda did the dusting and heavy work and Mom and Dad snoopervised.

Mrs. Broomhilda

Mrs. Broomhilda

Mr. Broomhilda

Mr. Broomhilda

Mom says they scare the dirt and dust away.   HAHAHA…..actually I have to tell you that when my Mom was growing up her family had an English Bulldog for a family pet.  His name was Sir Reginald but they called him Reggie.   He was white with a brown “saddle” on his back and he was 80 lbs. of muscle.   My Mom used to TRY and take him for a walk but it was more like he took her for a walk.   She was no match for him and he knew it.   Anyway, he was one of the SWEETEST dogs they ever had so I’m sure if I could get close enough to have a conversation with Mr. and Mrs. Broomhilda (eeeek) I’d love them too but frankly……I’m just a TEEEEEENY WEEEEEEENY bit afraid of them!

So, that’s my Friday report.   Slightly boring but nonetheless it’s from ME so I know you’ve loved every word of it…………………..Right?   RIGHT?  RIGHT?


Happy Friday!!!!  Sammy





Yes, I am admitting here and now that a majority of time on most of my days for the past year or so is spent in sweet repose……………..from my toes to my nose, I sleep ever so deep and trust me, Mom is happy about that because when I’m awake I’m very…………………….VOCAL.    Yeah, that’s the nice way to say it – I’m usually calling her from somewhere in the house – I need her to do something for me – clean my litterbox, fill up the kibble bowl, let me outside, get in her chair so I can pop up onto her lap for a brush…………..whatever I want, I get.   Trust me.   Why do you think my blog is called ONE SPOILED CAT????

Anyway, I’m wandering off point here – the point is I love sleeping more than ever in my whole life……maybe it’s the medication I take, maybe it’s the hyperthyroid issue, maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s just because I LOVE TO SLEEP?????    Mom took some photos of me yesterday and feels compelled to show them so here I am – in all my glory…..snoring away on the rug in Mom’s room.


Her foot/paw fascination continues!

Her foot/paw fascination continues!

A closeup of me in LA LA land....

A closeup of me in LA LA land….

Zoom out and I'm still in LALA land.....and I'm smiling!

Zoom out and I’m still in LALA land…..and I’m smiling!

These days when I’m asleep I’m REALLY asleep – Mom can come and go in the room and I’m oblivious….she can bump her chair into her desk – I don’t hear it……..she can cough, sneeze, burp, I’m unaware.   Being hard of hearing is swell!   Mom is amazed that when I’m lying like this on the floor I actually look chubby.   In fact, I’m slim and trim now and when Mom feels my backbone she gets depressed – Dad tells her to “get a grip woman!   Sam’s better off without the weight on him!”………….and I am.   I don’t hobble around like I used to because of my achy joints!   WOOT!

I think the other photos Mom has taken of me snoring resting lately you’ve all seen…….but in case someone out there is a “sleeping cat photo fanatic”……here are some more of ME for your viewing pleasure……

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So that’s the end of today’s show…………….ME ME ME ME, it’s all about ME.    Mom has been a flashy box crazy lady for the past six months….like she wants to chronicle and record every breath I take…………..well you never know how many breaths you ARE going to take and you never know what tomorrow will bring so I indulge her.   She’s my Mom.   Moms are super cool.

Before I leave……….I just want to say something about our lovely friends at All Fur One and One Fur All because their wonderful sweet pup Forrest flew off to the Bridge at home in the sunshine with his Mom and Dad there to help ease the way for him.   We’ve all either experienced this or will one day, and while we know it’s what has to be done or what must be, it’s NEVER easy.   I just want to say Mom and I are sending them and their whole family – furry and human – a HUGE HUG…………Ann Adamus of Zoolatry did a beautiful badge for Forrest……..he lived “the sweet life” Down Under and this is the way I will always think of him – looking out over the outback.    Farewell Forrest – I will look for you when I get there… can believe it my friend.


Happy Thursday and give those you love a hug……

Here’s one from me!  

HUG, Sammy


Shop Til You Drop


It’s Time for Bacon and Fozziemum’s



This month’s challenge was to make our FAVE sandwich (or as we call it here at my house SAMMICH!) and give the ingredients, recipe and costs of stuff!

We are a big sammmich family.   My Mom and Dad have a regular-sized dinner every other day and on the between days they have sammmich night!    They make lots of different sammiches but their big favorite is a BLT.   I’m a fan of that too because when Mom makes, them I get some of the “B”!    Since that’s a pretty easy and common sammich, I decided to combine TWO of their favorite easy to make sammiches in one post today so I’ll tell you about BLTs and “Loaded Tuna”………they are the biggies here.

The Pawsome BLT

Bacon, lettuce and tomato BLT sandwiches

Ingredients:Bacon (uh huh) – currently $2.97 for 12 oz. (Harris Teeter Brand) on sale!

Bread (yep gotta have that for a sammich) – currently $3.79 (Pepperidge Farm White Bread)

Mayo – always on hand in our refrig!  Hellman’s 8 oz. $2.99

Tomatoes – $.37 each (Romas)

Lettuce – Romaine – package of 3 $1.99

Do I have to tell you how to make a BLT?  Heck no – so I’ll just say this is a BIGGIE around my house………….

The Loaded Chicken Salad



Bread (of course!) – same as above

Swanson Canned White Meat Chicken – $3.49 12.5 oz.

Onion – chopped – Mom uses sweet onions and when she can get them, Vidalia onions!

Sweet pickle – chopped – Vlasic Sweet, 16 oz. $3.59

Mayo – as I said above – always on hand in our refrig!

Celery – chopped – for that extra crunch!  $1.99 a bunch

AND the TOP SECRET (no longer) INGREDIENT????????   Curry powder!  (1 oz. McCormick Curry $4.99)  That’s right – curry – adds some zip to the chicken salad and my parents love curry – obviously this is an optional item and only weirdos like my parents would put curry powder (preferably madras which is the hot stuff) in their chicken salad but I’m told (cuz I haven’t had it) it’s delish.   

So there you have it – another monthly adventure in food brought to you by Bacon and Fozziemum………… should share your recipes and prices every month when Bacon does his SHOP TIL YOU DROP post – it’s a monthly favorite for us – amazing what things cost around the world AND you can collect some swell recipes too!

Happy Shopping (and eating!)


Mom - are you makin' bacon?

Mom – are you makin’ bacon?

Teaser Tell All


Tell It Like It Is Professor Sam!

Attention class! No more spitballs or paper airplanes - it's time to get serious!

Attention class! No more spitballs or paper airplanes – it’s time to get serious!

It’s time for the Tell All………………


Well yesterday’s geography class was an interesting one.   We got to see an interesting fountain in a nameless place and your job last night for homework was to figure out WHERE that fountain was………… did you do on the assignment????????????   Well, before we talk about that, let’s look at that photo again OK???


This fabulous photo was sent to us for a Teaser by our buddies and pals, Flynn and his Mom Miss Jackie from Two Devon Cats (Eric and Flynn) and wow was it a doozy!    Thank you Flynn for giving everyone a headache yesterday as they tried like heck to figure this one out!   This is for you and your Mum!

Thanks Flynn and Mum Jackie for the Teaser photo of 4/26/16

Thanks Flynn and Mum Jackie for the Teaser photo of 4/26/16

Wanna know where this is????   Well it’s in the Lost Gardens of Heligan in St. Austell, Cornwall, UK.    It’s a most interesting place and I have two links for you to follow to read about it.   But the point is – it was NOT AN EASY TEASER!     Here are two links for you:    (look on the right side of the page and you’ll see this fountain in The Italian Garden!)


We also had a TIE for FIRST COMMENTER!   Fast on the trigger finger (or keyboard I should say) were Easy of Easy Weimaraner and Annie of Animal Couriers.   You BOTH get this!

First Commenter on Sammy's Teaser of 4/26/16

First Commenter on Sammy’s Teaser of 4/26/16

Now, before we get to the Right Guessing part of today’s class, let’s bring in SuzieQ to fire everyone up appropriately!   Suzie?   Let’s keep it simple OK?????

Whadda ya know Now I can crow We have us a winner So on with the show! My cheer is for YOU Our dear Kitties Blue BOOO HOOOOOO For the REST OF YOU!

Whadda ya know
Now I can crow
We have us a winner
So on with the show!
My cheer is for YOU
Our dear Kitties Blue
For the REST OF YOU!

Gosh Suzie – that actually makes sense AND you also gave away the winner for the Teaser (which is NOT your job young lady – it’s MINE!!)    But you’re right we did have a FIRST RIGHT GUESSER and it was Kitties Blue!    Here’s your badge gang and concatulations!

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on Sam's Teaser on 2/26/16

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on Sam’s Teaser on 2/26/16

At the time Mom and I did this post nobody else guessed right BUT it’s possible that there were MORE of you who knew OR who jumped on Kitties Blue bandwagon and guessed the same thing after googling to find out!     If so, then you get this badge for your VERY OWN!

I wasn't FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of 4/26/16

I wasn’t FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of 4/26/16

That means the rest of you get a GREENIE this week……………..aren’t you excited?   Hey – Suzie – what are you doing back again????   Wait……..wait………we didn’t say you could cheer again!

Greenie Greenie Don't be a Weenie You all failed You should be jailed Your brains they must be TEENY!

Greenie Greenie
Don’t be a Weenie
You all failed
You should be jailed
Your brains they must be TEENY!

Now that’s more like the SuzieQ we all are used to – mean as a snake!   Well, you certainly insulted everyone today Suzie…………….I think you need a time out……….

So, here’s your GREENIE everyone:

I didn't have a CLUE on Sam's Teaser of 4/26/16!

I didn’t have a CLUE on Sam’s Teaser of 4/26/16!

My apologies for SuzieQ but those of you who know her…….well…… know what I mean!    Please come back NEXT week for another Teaser………maybe it will be easier – maybe it will be another doozy.   It remains to be seen (because Mom hasn’t picked a photo out for next week yet!).


Your Geography Teacher

Professor Sammy