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Teaseday Teaser




Happy Spring………finally………….we weren’t sure it was really going to happen here though since last Saturday – the day before the first day of Spring (!) it snowed here….thank heavens that’s over with!   We can move out of snow mode and into sun mode now.    We feel happy and ready to TEASE – are you ready to be teased?     REMEMBER – you must tell me WHERE (city/town and in what country/state) this photo was taken…….don’t just say “Honolulu” – you would have to say “Honolulu, Hawaii” (which is definitely NOT where today’s photo was taken but you know what I mean!).

YES?  Good!


Today we have a GUEST TEASER again……………but you won’t get to know who that is until tomorrow after the dust settles…………………….in the meantime, I think we need to get our little wacko cheerleader Suzie Q in here so we can get on with the show.   Brace yourselves – you know how she is – never fails to surprise us with her……um……cheery cheers!

Rippy Tippy Too Who the heck are you? Let's all do some teasing It should be super pleasing Sammy is a Honey Now where's the Easter Bunny???!

Rippy Tippy Too
Who the heck are you?
Let’s all do some teasing
It should be super pleasing
Sammy is a Honey
Now where’s the Easter Bunny???!

Umm……gosh…..geee…..thanks a whole bunch Suzie Q.   Maybe I should make an appointment for you with Sam’s psychiatrist so you can work out your “problems”????

Sam's doc who helps him work through his vacuum-phobia!

Sam’s doc who helps him work through his vacuum-phobia!

Anyway Suzie,  I’m not sure your cheer is (a) appropriate, or (b) relevant, or (c) makes any sense!    But no matter what, you did your thing.     At least now Mr. Silver Briefcase can bring in the Teaseday photo for us to take a gander at!

Here it is Mr. Sam!

Here it is Mr. Sam! It’s a BIG TOUGHIE!!!!


Now, if you are the very first person to COMMENT on today’s post – you will win something!   All you have to do is be the FIRST commenter and this will be yours!


If you’re the FIRST to tell me WHERE this photo was taken and you’re RIGHT, you get this:


If you’re RIGHT but not the first one you get this:


If you’re WRONG – just plain WRONG – or haven’t got any idea…………… may still have this fabulous GREENIE!!!



So hurry up and figure it out – I’m waiting and so is our Guest Teaser…….!  


You heard what Sammy said - go ahead and GUESS!

You heard what Sammy said – go ahead and GUESS!

Hugs, Sammy the Tease

Pee Ess……I have my 4 month thyroid check this morning at 9AM.  I wished YOU luck on the Teaser now will you wish me luck back??



Pre-Tease Monday!


Getting Ready?  

You better be!


Tomorrow is TEASEDAY and we’re ready to WOW you with another one……………AND it’s a Guest Teaser (don’t you just LOVE those?!)…….one of my buddies sent in a photo to try and STUMP you so that means of course you have to be extra prepared for tomorrow.  You don’t want someone you KNOW to pull the wool over your eyes right?

WOOLOVEREYESTomorrow at a SECRET time, up will pop your photo of the week and you will have a chance to get one of my fabulous badges (I’m thinking of updating them again by the way).   You could get one of these if you’re up to snuff!!

So you’d better do some studying today – I know it’s the first day of Spring and you’d probably rather be outside playing in the grass, or maybe taking a nap, or eating something yummy but instead I suggest you prepare for TEASING………..

You heard what Sammy said - BE READY!

You heard what Sammy said – BE READY!

Ready or not…..

Here we come!



Palm Sunday Selfie


It’s time for another Sunday Selfie Blog Hop with The Cat On My Head!

I’m in the spirit of the occasion of Palm Sunday today……

Why not visit the Hop and see the other selfies AND post your own? 

Just click on the badge below my selfie and see for yourself!




Happy Hugs, Sammy

The Joy of Bacon


Ah yes……maybe I should

write a book?  “The Joy of Bacon”

by Sammy Bacon Boy Kimmell


Mom didn’t let me down this morning either…..bacon we had AND waffles too!   Not that I ate the waffle part – that was for Mom and Dad – but the bacon I was totally on board with.   Once my sniffer got WIND (haha) of it, I was all over the kitchen following Mom!



I was dressed and ready to go – bacon socks and hat and my chair pulled right up to the table like a BIG GUY!



WAIT – did I say “BIG BOY”??   Sitting in a high chair??? I don’t THINK so!!

Anyway, I got my bacon and now I’m set for the day.  

I'm one "fully baconized" boy now!!!!

I’m one “fully baconized” boy now!!!!

Before I go, I must tell you this WEIRD but true fact.   We’ve had nice weather for a couple of weeks – – – like Spring stuff………….but tomorrow – THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING (!!!) we are going to have SNOW………..that’s right………from 1-3 inches of the stuff.   Is that fair?   NO IT IS NOT!    Will I whine about it?  You betcha!   Oh well, what can I do about it – nothing except hope it doesn’t happen!   Maybe a SAMMY WHAMMY would help?


I hope snow is NOT in your forecast for the first day of Spring……………………!!!  

Hugs, Sammy

The Wizard of Bacon

Monster Time



Is this guy Irish????

Happy Friday – or – as we know it around my house – MONSTER DAY.    The house gets the “works” from my Mom and Dad with the dusting, toilet cleaning, kitchen counters and sink cleaning, vacuuming – it’s the noisiest day of the week.

Broomhilda will arrive shortly and help but really it’s my Mom and Dad who do the BIG stuff………….Broomhilda mostly just likes her uniform!


A lot of us furries really just plain do NOT like all the flurry of activity, removal of dust bunnies, moving of our toys from spots we’ve stashed them, etc., but we DO appreciate a clean litterbox!   


Some of us will even help our humans clean THEIR litterboxes!    That’s what I call “above and beyond the call of dooooody” though!


It’s true that the only really EASY to clean thing in the entire house – is US!

CLEANING-SELF!Well, it’s been just swell talking to ya but I’ve gotta get going…………………..I gripe and complain a lot about cleaning day but in the end, I do help.   Sort of.   I mostly stay out of the way and that truly IS a big help………..I will also occasionally sweep the litter I toss out of my litterbox when I’m using it into a pile for Mom.   I know – I’m spoiling her right?    Well, maybe we should call my blog ONESPOILEDCATANDMOM???????????


See you tomorrow for BACON CATURDAY!    Oh yeah!    My reward for surviving cleaning day!


Mr. Clean

When Irish Eyes Are Smilin’




This year I have several “looks” for St. Patty’s Day – my last year look which you may remember:

LeprechaunSammyThen there’s this year’s “look” for St. Patty’s……………..


I told Mom it didn’t matter to me as long as we celebrated – Mom has a pile of Irish ancestry as well as English……..but I have my GINGERNESS so we’re SURE I’ve got Irish in me.   I’ll be “around” today – the Tabby Cat Club has a celebration and of course Scouts does too.   But I’m celebrating here as well – so how about we start with this!

Irish Stew!  Yes it's good for breakfast!

Irish Stew! Yes it’s good for breakfast!

From Me to all of YOU!

From Me to all of YOU!

I hope all of you have a grand day whether you’re celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day OR just celebrating being ALIVE and relatively happy – it’s “ALL GOOD” right?


Lotsa Love and Hugs,

Sammy O’Kimmell

Teaseday Tell All



It’s time to break it down peeps!  

Give you the scoop!   

Tell you who did what!


It was a pretty darn good Teaser, even if the photo started out pretty smallish (made it tougher yes?) but Mom eventually was able to make it LARGER (not that it really helped with those of you guessing but at least we TRIED!).  

So let’s spill the scoop on yesterday’s Teaser………………………shall we start things off with a cheer?   Oh SUZIE???????????????????

Bim Bam Boom Gimme some room My pom poms need space To get in your face Let's see who was a winner AND who was late for dinner! RAH RAH RAH

Bim Bam Boom
Gimme some room
My pom poms need space
To get in your face
Let’s see who was a winner
AND who was late for dinner!

As usual, a stirring performance of a cheer that we’re not sure makes any sense!

Mr. Briefcase – if you’d bring it on???

Your wish is my command!

Your wish is my command!


Yep – that’s a doozy alright…………could be anywhere……..however, Mom and Dad can tell you PRECISELY where it is because Mom took the photo!    She took it from the vantage point of Sacre Coeur in Montmartre, overlooking PARIS, FRANCE!    If she turned around, she’d be facing Sacre Coeur!  

SO, who were yesterday’s winners?????


Miss Annie at Animal Couriers



The Teaser King Dood -Easy from Easy Weimaraner


OTHER RIGHT GUESSERS and we did have some (like you Miss Csilla!) –

if you guessed Paris, France, this is yours:


My buddies and pals who were WRONG:


WOO HOO!!!!!   Who knows where we’ll go next week?   What far corners of the universe (well, OK, not universe but earth) will we visit?   Where will we be mystifying you from next TEASEDAY?    Only the SHADOW knows……..hahahahaha

The Shadow......sort of

The Shadow……sort of

Happy Wednesday!  

Your Teaseday Teaser Guy, Sammy

Are you cheering because I'm finished with the post, or because you love me?  HAHAHA

Are you cheering because I’m finished with the post, or because you love me? HAHAHA

TEASEDAY Teaser Time



Lords and Ladies of the Realm

(ok so we’re not a realm….we’re the blogosphere!)

It’s Time for your TEASDAY TEASER!


Today’s challenge is NOT a Guest Photo – it’s one my Mom dug up from heaven knows where.  We thought you had such fun (??) with the skyline photo of Istanbul that we’d give you another skyline (sort of) for today!   Cool huh?   HUH?  

BUT – before we get to that – remember I have a badge for the fab person who COMMENTS first on this blog – that’s right – just plain comments first – SO COMMENT!   You might win this:


Now if Miss Suzie Q would please step up and do her thing, we can get on with the show!

Teaser Meezer Be a winner Go on a diet You'll get thinner!!! RAH RAH RAH

Teaser Meezer
Be a winner
Go on a diet
You’ll get thinner!!!

Gosh Suzie – you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel there for cheers – that makes ZERO sense!!!! 

I've always thought Suzie was a little strange! Anyway, here's the photo for today Boss!

I’ve always thought Suzie was a little strange! Anyway, here’s the photo for today Boss!


What skyline is this??????  Look for clues……….make a guess – go on – you can do it!   Remember though you must tell me WHAT CITY/TOWN this is snapped in and what COUNTRY/STATE too!   That’s right – the whole dingy dangy thing!!!   SO GET GOING!   GUESS!

Your rewards could be:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Gimme your best shot!

Since today is the Ides of March, I thought I'd wear this little outfit to say HURRY UP AND GUESS so I can change!

Since today is the Ides of March, I thought I’d wear this little outfit to say HURRY UP AND GUESS so I can change back into my Professorial garb!


Pre-Tease Monday!



Well of course you’re ready! 

Tomorrow we will have another TEASEDAY Teaser for you and you’d better be ready………………… this one is NOT a Guest Teaser.   Whatcha think about that?   But no matter WHOSE photo it is, I always try to make it a toughie because I know you don’t want it to be so simple that 50 people guess it. 

Your Geography Professor Doctor Sam

Your Geography Professor
Doctor Sam

It’s more fun if you’re the only one OR you’re certainly first………….and you know that you wanna be FIRST especially if you’re usually receiving a GREENIE!    I’ve had email from some of you who have earned your first “FIRST RIGHT GUESSER” after trying for ages to get one and only getting Greenies.   Who knows – maybe this will be YOUR turn too?!


Wouldn't you be SO EXCITED???!!!

Wouldn’t you be SO EXCITED???!!!

I don’t want you to be grumpy…………….

Oh no.....we don't want anyone to be grumpy!

Oh no…..we don’t want anyone to be grumpy!

Maybe you’ll be the first person to COMMENT on the Teaser on Teaseday??



So – start studying maps, globes, internet, old photos, WHATEVER you can, cuz you just might be able to claim a PRIZE!

GOOD LUCK TOMORROW EVERYPAWDY!    I’m rooting for all of you!   

Professor Sammy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Another Sunday….Another Selfie!

Pawticipating as always in The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop………….you can join in if you like – all you have to do is click on their badge and WHAM BAM THANKYOU SAM you’ll be there and can enter your blog link to your photo!   You can also visit all the other swell selfie pawticipants.   Good deal right?   We think so too!

My Official St. Pat’s Day Selfie – It’s coming this week you know!


Here’s where you can join up with the HOP!   Just click their badge!


Happy Sunday!  

Love, Sammy O’Kimmell