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Rainy Day


Hi Peeps!   Yesterday was picture perfect – start to finish it was gorgeous.  YES it was cool – only got to the low 60s for a high – BUT not a cloud in the sky and only late in the afternoon did it become breezy.  My Dad got to go flying too which made him happy.

Warrenton viewed from a cockpit

Yep – this is my town – Warrenton, Virginia, from the air!

Dad putting the plane away in the hangar after flying

Dad putting his baby away after his flight………..

Mom and I were home all day yesterday and I must have asked her 87 bazillion times to take me outside for some fresh air.   It was great – and the grass is finally growing so I got some “fresh greens” while I was out there.

Front Garden 2012

Yep – my old friends are back again….one NICE thing about perennials!

Things are popping up – the dicentra are blooming and even the miniature Japanese Maple is just about ready to leaf out.   You might be able to see some of the Bradford pears in the background in bloom along the driveway.   NICE!

Anyway, I’m happy and even though today it’s going to be  raining – we need the rain………………gets the lawn fertilizer activated AND waters our gardens for FREE.    Nothing wrong with FREE right?

Enjoying the yard and the nice fresh air!

Ahhh…’s getting NICE out here!

Yeah I guess you could say I’m a happy guy…………………and lucky……………oh and SPOILED TOO – don’t forget that one!!!!


Hugs, Sammy

Shopping Around The World!



Bacon and Fozziemum’s

Shopping Around the World!

This month’s recipe called for us to share one of our favorite snackables or appetizers and that should be EASY PEASY since who doesn’t have a pile of those kind of recipes???   We sure do.   I’m gonna tell you about one of Mom and Dad’s easiest and favorite-est (haha) snacks!



1 egg

2 tablespoons milk

4 cups crushed BBQ potato chips

1/2 lb. boneless, skinless chicken breasts cut into 1-1/2 inch cubes

BBQ sauce for dipping


Chicken Breasts – $2.29/lb.

Lay’s Sweet Southern Heat BBQ Potato Chips (Mom’s favorite kind) – $3.29 for 7.75 oz. bag

The other ingredients we didn’t buy – we ALWAYS have eggs, milk and BBQ sauce available!!!


In small bowl mix egg and milk with a whisk.   Crush chips in separate bowl.   Dip chicken cubes into egg mix then into chips.   Put on greased baking sheet and cook for 10-15 minutes (until chicken is no longer pink) in 400 degree oven!    EASY PEASY!!    Use the BBQ sauce as a dip and anyone who loves BBQ will LOVE THIS!!!   TRUST ME!!!



Happy Eating!   Sammy

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Teaser Tell All



Hello?  Is This Teaser Central HQ?

Yes it is and it’s time for the Tell All…………..Ernestine, you can connect all callers to ME because I’m the guy in charge and I’m about to TELL ALL about yesterday’s Teaser!


Well it was an interesting day with the Guest Teaser yesterday……………………….but before we talk about it, let’s do some business!     Concatulations to Florida Furkids and Kolytyi for TYING for FIRST COMMENTER!   WOOT!  You guys each get one of these babies!

I was first to comment on Sammy's blog on March 29, 2016!

I was first to comment on Sammy’s blog on March 29, 2016!

Now, let’s bring out the photo and I’ll tell you who sent it to me!    Mr. Silver Briefcase??  Front and Center !

Here it is Mr. Sam!

Here it is Mr. Sam!


First of all, isn’t it a BEAUTIFUL shot?   My Guest Teaser was the ever fabulous SQWAAAAAAAKY bird, Kismet!

Kismet lives right in this area too – where?   Why it’s right in the city limits of the 6th most populous city in the U.S. – PHOENIX, ARIZONA!   As you know, Phoenix is near the Sonoran Desert.   My Mom and Dad have been to Phoenix and not far outside of the main part of town you see vistas like this and forget you’re near civilization!   Amazingly beautiful place.   THANKS KISMET!   This is for you:

Thanks Kismet!

Thanks Kismet!

We had a lot of people guess Arizona – lots of specific spots and even non-specific spots but nobody as of the writing of this blog said PHOENIX……………..therefore, nobody was “right enough” to be FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…………….but so many of you guessed Arizona, I think you deserve SOMETHING for sure for guessing the right State.   After all, that could have been ANYWHERE and there were guesses all over the globe.    So, if you guessed Arizona – you get this little gem:


If you didn’t guess Arizona, then you get the world famous GREENIE!


Thanks Kismet – that was a pip of a Teaser!    Congratulations everyone – you did WELL……………… get a passing grade in geography this week………………….!!!!!

Well done Teaser Students!

Well done Teaser Students!


Hugs, Professor Sam

Teaseday Teaser


WOOOO HOOO!!!!!   Welcome to the weekly pain of guessing where a photo was taken!!!  

I know you love it………..I love it too…………so let’s do it!


OK Class – now pay attention – no paper airplanes, no passing of notes, no using your iPads or other “devices” – PAY ATTENTION!

Today we have a GUEST TEASER for you.   I think it’s a doozy.  Hope you do too.   Suzie Q would you like to kick things off???

Two bits Four bits Six bits A dollar If you're a Teasermaniac Stand up and holler! RAAAA!

Two bits
Four bits
Six bits
A dollar
If you’re a Teasermaniac
Stand up and holler!

Suzie that actually makes sense!  Well done!  I was starting to think maybe you were having one or two or three too many niptinis before cheering for us on Teaseday but now I think things are fine and dandy.   

Mr. Silver Briefcase will bring the Teaseday photo in for you but let me remind you that (a) if you’re the FIRST PERSON TO COMMENT on this blog post today you get a badge!!


As for guessing where the photo was taken – remember I must know what TOWN/CITY and what STATE OR COUNTRY alright?  Alright!  

Here it is Mr. Sam!

Here it is Mr. Sam!


WHERE IS THIS???  Hmmmm??????

Be FIRST to guess correctly and you will win this:


Even if you’re not FIRST to be right, if you’re RIGHT you will win this:


Not a clue?   No idea?  Guess wrong?  You will still get a GREENIE!


AND, like I said earlier, if you were the very first to comment on this blog this morning you get this:

I was first to comment on Sammy's blog on March 29, 2016!

I was first to comment on Sammy’s blog on March 29, 2016!

Good Luck Everyone! 

Let the guessing begin!


Are you an official Teasermaniac?  You can put this badge on your blog and declare it!

Hugs, Professor Sam


Pre-Tease Monday



It’s that time again!  (already?!)

Yep – tomorrow we unveil another photo for you to guess.   It’s a GUEST TEASER too………………..and you know that means it could be from anywhere on the planet (yes, it definitely is a photo taken somewhere on THIS planet!).

Hopefully you will be back to normal after an Easter (if you celebrate it) full of FOOD and family and fun…………some of us will have eaten so much stuff that we will waddle like a duck……or not be able to move at all due to “food coma”.    I was VERY good – Mom made a roast and Yorkshire pudding and I only got a TEENSY WEENSY piece of the roast because I don’t eat a lot of meat.   So I’m feeling fine today.  (**burp**)

I thought you MIGHT like to see some photos of me with my Easter Basket from this year but Mom’s camera battery died so one day this week I promise!   Mr. Bunny was good to me as always.   I think the Easter Bunny works kinda like Santa does…..if you’re good as gold all year long, Mr. Bunny will visit you and bring you goodies – just like Santa knows if you’ve been naughty or nice and acts accordingly.    Maybe I’m wrong – but that’s what I think anyway.    I also found out something yesterday that I’m not sure I’m happy about – my “EASTER BUNNY NAME” is “Smartie Carrot Cake”.     Scary huh?


Anyway, back to the Teaser – I hope that I can count on you being here BRIGHT AND EARLY tomorrow morning to guess away???    Remember that if you are the FIRST to COMMENT on the blog you get a badge then of course the other badges will come along like FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, RIGHT GUESSER and the badge for the epic failures among you, THE GREENIE OF DOOM.

SO, enjoy your Monday – get lots of rest – you’ll need it for tomorrow!   Tee Hee

Love, Smartie Carrot Cake


Sammy is a big fat bunny That wabbit suit makes him look so funny I hate carrots I'd rather have money Come see me tomorrow I'll call you "HONEY" !!!!

Sammy is a big fat bunny
That wabbit suit makes him look so funny
I hate carrots I’d rather have money
Come see me tomorrow I’ll call you “HONEY” !!!!

Gosh Suzie – who invited you here today anyway???!!!