The Purrfect Valentine


Thanks Nellie! 

A heart-shaped bacon card!

Of course I won’t be bacon your heart dear girl – you’re the Queen of everybody’s heart………..that’s why I thought of this little graphic you sent to me a while ago – tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and today is my Bacon day so it’s a PERFECT combination!!!

Won't you be my Valentine?????? Hmmmm??

Won’t you be my Valentine?????? Hmmmm??

We had a nice breakfast this morning – remember this cool bacon/pancake combo I showed you several months ago?   EASY PEASY to make and really delish with maple syrup?   Mom is making this for Caturday Bacon Breakfast!   YAY!

Dump on some syrup and you're READY!

Dump on some syrup and you’re READY!

Nothing smells as delish as bacon………..well, maybe SOME stuff does, but not for THIS BOY – bacon is the BEST smell I know!!

BACONPOSTER6 BACONBEG8And I don’t even have to try and SNEAK some……………..oh no……………..I get bacon SERVED to me on a little saucer by my regular food bowl……………THANK YOU MOMMY!!!!


Don’t forget what tomorrow is!  


But for now…..Happy Bacon Day! 

Love, Sammy



50 thoughts on “The Purrfect Valentine

  1. Those bacon/pancake strips look crazy delicious. I would like to eat 50 of them. Mom would, too. Whenever she makes them, she’d better make 100!

    Love and licks,


  2. Happy Bacon Day you dearest of boys! And isn;t Nellie Bellie the best furriend we any of us have ever HAD??? I love her and you.


  3. Happy Bacon Day Sammy. I thought of you yesterday when the radio announcers were discussing a rose made out of bacon for Valentine’s Day- sounds like something you would like. XO and keep warm!


  4. Sammy, once again you are the bacon king! Nellie looks wonderful. Mom and dad are planning on visiting with Nellie and her mom in Richmond when they head back from their holiday. Wish I was visiting Nellie too but I’d probably make a fool of myself and hiss at her.

    See you later tomorrow at the Valentines Party on Cat Scouts.



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