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Pre-Tease Monday



It’s that time again!


Well, of course you are! 

How dare me even ASK!!

Tomorrow we’ll have Mr. Silver Suitcase here with the MAGIC PHOTO………….we’ll have Suzie Q shakin’ her booty (oops I mean pom poms), and we’ll have a whole lot of you jostling for First Commenter, First Right Guesser and even – dare I say it – pretending you don’t know WHERE the photo was taken just so you can collect yet ANOTHER Greenie!!!!!!!!

So, I hope you’ve had your eyes checked this past week……………..

CATEYECHARTAnd you’re feeling PERKY………….



So you’ll be in good shape to work on the Teaser Challenge.   It will be a GUEST TEASER again this week too…………………..keep those photos coming in everyone – I may use one of YOUR photos for the Teaser and you can sit back and have fun watching people guess!     Send your possible photos to me at junekimm(at)AOL(dot)com.

We had an amazingly GORGEOUS day yesterday.  Seriously.   No weather complaints from this guy about yesterday.  I’m sure I’ll be complaining before the week is out (like Thursday for instance when SNOW is in our forecast), but yesterday – GOLDEN DAY!    Sixty-five and PURRFECT.

You know it's nice when Dad has short sleeves on!

You know it’s nice when Dad has short sleeves on!

I’ll be happy when the weather settles down and STAYS nice.   Anyway, it’s always NICE indoors and that’s where I’ll be tomorrow waiting for your guesses to come in!   Here’s the rundown on what badges you’ll get for being FIRST TO COMMENT ON THE BLOG, FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, RIGHT GUESSER and (uhoh) HAVEN’T GOT A CLUE, GIMME ANOTHER GREENIE:

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So I’ll see you tomorrow right?   Can’t tell you what time I’ll be here, but I’ll be here – waiting for the FIRST COMMENTER because that’s always the first person who pops in on a Tuesday.  BE ready………….is this an easy Teaser?  I personally DO NOT THINK SO……… may think differently but there’s only one way to find out……….

Be Here! 

Hugs, Sammy

Ready for a hug!!!

Ready for a hug!!!

Snoozy Sunday Selfie


Seems all my Sunday Selfies lately are involving SLEEP.  

I say if you’re good at something, keep at it.   You might say it’s my “Specialty of the House” !

Joining up with The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie – click their badge and enter your OWN and see all the other great selfies!



Click above to visit them!

Pee Ess   I have some brand new friends I wanna share with you!  

Two ADORABLE Gerbils named Timon and Pumbaa

and you can stop by to say HI to them HERE!




I’m ready to be baconized……….it’s been a cold, rainy week and I am ready for my BIG TREAT……..bacon for breakfast.   I took a peekie in the refrig while Mom was cleaning house yesterday and there’s a BIG package of bacon in there so I don’t want any “we’re all out” or “there’s not enough left to cook” stories – no I will NOT settle for that………..I want BACON!

NO - she's not telling the truth!

NO – she’s not telling the truth!

Mom’s not sure WHAT she will make for breakfast other than of course bacon…………….I thought I’d help by giving her this pup’s recipe but not sure she fell for it!




After we have breakfast, I’ll probably have a “BELLY FULL OF BACON” nap……… know…….give that stuff a chance to digest properly while visions of sugarplums bacon dance through my little ginger head!

I'm dreaming that I'm KING of Baconville......zzzzzzz

I’m dreaming that I’m KING of Baconville……zzzzzzz



Happy Caturday

(with a side order of bacon)

King of Baconville!

Wanna be part of my “Kingdom” of bacon?  Grab this badge!





Well I could hardly be called Cinderella right?  So I’ll be Samarella (NO – not SALMONELLA!!!!!)  and tell you that it’s CLEANING DAY and you know how hard Cinderella had to work with housekeeping – I’m working my buns off here today too!   Thank heavens BROOMhilda came by to snoopervise!

Samarella, at your service!

Samarella, at your service!

Thanks for snoopervising today BROOMhilda.....!

Thanks for snoopervising today BROOMhilda…..!


We’ll get this place whipped into shape before you know it…………………..I have help…………….someone is in charge of dusting under the beds:


Someone is in charge of floors:


And Mom said she’d take care of laundry so at least my crew doesn’t have to do THAT little chore……………………

Before you know it, the house will be:


Then I can play……………and have fun…………and of course snooze………….it will all be a distant memory – this cleaning thing just happens once a week but I’ll be darned if it doesn’t seem like just yesterday when we were doing this!

Speaking of playing though – yesterday I read on Hailey and Zaphod’s Blog HERE that to celebrate Phod’s FIFTH Birthday, they’re having a FUN kind of fund-raiser!   They want to see the REST of us “foolin’ around” – a photo of us just plain having some FUN.   Now if that’s not FUN, what is?!   And on top of that, Hailey and Phod’s Mom is going to donate $1.00 for every photo submission they get AND $.50 for every comment made on Phod’s Birthday Post on April 1st.   Donations will go to the Ontario SPCA.    Why am I telling you so far ahead?   So you can look in your photo stash and come up with a photo of you foolin’ around to send to them at leeandphod(at)bell(dot)net !    I sent mine in – how about you??????


Cool huh?   Feel free to use the badge to help them raise some money for their chosen cause and remember to get your photos to them ahead of time!!    April 1st will be here before you know it!

Big Hugs,

Mr. Clean (aka Sam)



Rainy Day Snooze


Yesterday was a GRAY day…………..various shades of gray too – it ALMOST seemed as if the sun might break through because it got LIGHT GRAY……….then five minutes later it was DARK GRAY and raining cats and dogs……….well not literally – imagine what a mess that would be!



It was a little bit freaky because the first forcast said SEVERE weather but we didn’t get anything SEVERE – just WET.    I was happy about that…………….it didn’t disturb my napping patterns at all.   I hardly noticed in fact.   Except when I whined to go outside and was LET out on the front porch only to see RAIN………I am not a fan of rain.   Neither is this guy.



So I stayed inside for the most part, doing what I do best…………………and we ALL know what THAT is right?

As if you haven’t seen enough snoozer photos of me to fill 87 albums!!!   Some of these are newer and some are older…………….the older ones I was a chub – now I’m slim and trim and downright bony but that’s OK… long as I’m putting one foot in front of the other Mom says I’m just FINE!

To top off a WET day, we actually had tornado warnings last evening just about dinner time………..we waited and watched but thankfully they didn’t hit our town – in fact, while there were some pockets of possible tornadic wind activity, not sure there was one that touched the ground anywhere near us.  But we were “EYES TO THE SKY” and listening to the weather radio, you can bet on it!

Anyway, we are hoping that tomorrow we’ll get a bit of a break from rain……….our ground is now saturated between the heavy snows we had which are melted now and the rain and people are afraid if we get wind, the BIG TREES will come down.   We hope not – we have a lot of big trees around our house.   I do NOT want to be like this guy!


So I’ll just keep on snoozing and hoping Chicken Little is WRONG………..I like my sky right where it is thank you very much!


Sammy Snoozeman