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Tell All Time!


Yes indeed I’m gonna TELL IT today…………although from the results of yesterday’s Teaser, you all know it already!  HAHAHA     Before we kick things off, I want to thank my GUEST TEASER for yesterday’s photo………..it was the fabulous and fabulous Police Commish of Blogville, SARGE at Sarge Speaks Out.    This is for you Sarge!

Thank you Sarge for being my Guest Teaser!

Thank you Sarge for being my Guest Teaser!

Now, to announce the winners of the badges this week, let’s bring in that ever popular, ever adorable, ever cute, Suzie Q – our Teaser Cheerleader!

I'll let YOU announce the winners Sammy, I'm better at shakin' my pom poms!

I’ll let YOU announce the winners Sammy, I’m better at shakin’ my pom poms!

OK Suzie……………………………………let’s show our photo one more time first………………..


It is a grand photo of Fort Niagara………..just as many of you guessed!   Here’s some info Sarge shared about the Fort:

Located at the confluence of the Niagara River and Lake Ontario, the site was vital as it controlled access to the Great Lakes and the westward route to the heartland of North America.

Today, the three flags flown daily above the parade ground symbolize the nations which have held Fort Niagara. Each competed for the support of a fourth nation: the powerful Iroquois Confederacy. The French established the first post here, Fort Conti, in 1679. Its successor, Fort Denonville (1687-88) was equally short lived. In 1726 France finally erected a permanent fortification with the construction of the impressive “French Castle.” Britain gained control of Fort Niagara in 1759, during the French & Indian War, after a nineteen-day siege. The British held the post throughout the American Revolution but were forced, by treaty, to yield it to the United States in 1796. Fort Niagara was recaptured by the British in 1813. It was ceded to the United States a second time in 1815 at the end of the War of 1812.  This was Fort Niagara’s last armed conflict, and it thereafter served as a peaceful border post.  The completion of the Erie Canal in 1825 provided a water route to the Upper Great Lakes, bypassed Niagara Falls and ended nearly 200 years of trade along the Niagara Passage.

The garrison expanded beyond the walls following the American Civil War. Fort Niagara was a barracks and training station for American soldiers throughout both World Wars. The last army units were withdrawn in 1963. Today, the U.S. Coast Guard represents the only military presence on the site.  Old Fort Niagara was restored between 1926 and 1934.  Fort Niagara State Park was established in 1947.

Here are two other photos he sent for the Tell All:


So who was the first person to comment on today’s blog?   Well it was EASY that’s who!   BRAVO FOR YOU Easy – your Mom’s new eyeglasses are working well!   this is for you!

First Commenter!

First Commenter!

Who was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?   It was my friend Raz from Friends Furever!    This is for you!!

First Right Guesser!

First Right Guesser!

There were BUNCHES of you who guessed this one though so ALL of you who did get this:

Right Guesser but not FIRST!

Right Guesser but not FIRST!

If you didn’t guess right or just plain couldn’t guess AT ALL, you get a Greenie – AND this week, I have a SPECIAL Greenie for my friend Kismet!!!!!!

The new 2016 GREENIE!

The New 2016 Greenie!



So there you have it for another week…………wasn’t that FUNZIES?   YES?   Good!  Then let’s do it again NEXT week!!

Until then……………

I'll be looking for you!

I’ll be looking for you!



45 responses »

  1. Sammy, PLEASE forgive me — my secretary failed to even make it to your blog yesterday. Hoomins are so inept sometimes….
    That is a beautiful structure!
    Have a good day –
    Love, Sundae


  2. Hey Sammy!
    Wow, this was such amazing fun! For the first time EVER I knew the right answer! BWAR HAR HAR ahem. Anyway, thanks for posting my pix and concats to Easy and our Florida furinds. I gotta bark that I was pretty surprised that someone guessed it so quickly. 🙂 BTW: My peeps loved visiting that place. They said it was fascinating.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Furiend


  3. harrumph…. you would THINK that we could at LEAST get our Cussin Sarge’s Teaser right, wouldn’t you? At least we are CONSISTANT with our WRONG answers.


    • Well guys, Sarge sent in a good photo but WHAMMO if someone didn’t get it within ten minutes! Maybe next week – if you guys have a whopper of a photo you want me to use, send it!

      Love, Sammy


  4. OMP OMP OMP – can you believe I guessed it right? Thank goodness for our great “Snowmageddon” and watching the Travel Channel this past weekend. Happy piggy dance! XOXO – Bacon


  5. Oh my Easy was first again…well concats Easy. Raz. you don’t win a lot and I must admit this was a very clever answer. We had to ask Mr. Goggle to help us and give us the answer. Concatulations my friend…very good,

    Shoko and Kali


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