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YAY!   Here we are again folks…………….Mr. Silver Briefcase and Suzie Q – front and center please!

You called me? I'm here...and I've got the TEASER in my suitcase!

You called me? I’m here…and I’ve got the TEASER in my suitcase!

I'm here Mr. Sammy Sir!!!! Shakin' my pom poms!

I’m here Mr. Sammy Sir!!!! Shakin’ my pom poms!

TELLIN’ IT LIKE IT IS……..yep – that’s me on a Wednesday…..giving you the scoop from the results of yesterday’s Teaser!    But first, shall we take another peekie at the photo????


Not much in the way of a clue here is there………………..well, that’s why it’s a super duper and tough Teaser!    Ready to find out where it was snapped?   This is the beautiful Amlwch Port (pronounced Amlook!) in Anglesey, Wales!    Yes indeedy…………..now I’ve had another Teaser in Anglesey – last year in fact – but this is another one from the SAME Guest Teaser as last time around!    Wanna know who???    It was sent to us by our friends Miss Carolyn and the Dynamic Tuxie Austin Towers!    That’s right – and they know this area because they LIVE THERE (not in the harbor though).

This is for you Austin:

Thanks Miss Carolyn and Austin for being my FIRST Guest Teasers of 2016!!

Thanks Miss Carolyn and Austin for being my FIRST Guest Teasers of 2016!!

Now as of when Mom and I were putting this post together, there was only ONE right guess…………………………so no matter how many others guess correctly, the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER is still the FIRST and that was my buddy and pal Speedy and his Mom Miss Rachel!    YAY!    Concatulations for being the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the FIRST Teaser of 2016!


Did anyone else guess correctly?    If you did, you get this:


How about GREENIES?   How many of you guessed WRONG or didn’t know?   I think there were a FEW of you (hahahaha)……..and this is yours!

TEASERBADGE2016-3So we’re off to a great start for the new Teaser year……………….thank you again for tuning in every week.    We didn’t have our buddy and pal Mr. Easy vying for position today as he and his Dad are “bachelors” while his Mom is off visiting her folks – otherwise who knows WHO would have won – you know how Easy is…….seems to be our Geography Expert for sure!

I’ll see you NEXT WEEK right?   You know you love to strain your eyes every week trying to figure these things out……………………so it’s a date – next Tuesday………….YAY!

Til Next Time!  

Sammy the Tease

Hee Hee......it's ME in here!

Hee Hee……it’s ME in here!



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  1. Big ConCats to Speedy and Miss Rachel! That was pretty good sleuthing!! Well done too to AnimalCouriers for being first commenter! I honestly never thought anyone would get it unless they had visited!! I shall pick up my badge and display with pride! Have a great day Sammy xox

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks to you and your Mum again Austin for that FABULOUS photo which ALMOST fooled everybody! If your Mum has any more TOUGHIES, send ’em my way will you? Meanwhile, ENJOY YOUR DAY!!!!

      Love, Sammy


  2. That’s a beautiful photograph. I suppose it’s too late to guess now you’ve given the answer?

    I wish you and your family a wonderful 2016, Sammy!


  3. Yay for Prof. Austin and his assistant…who is obviously much sharper than my assistant…who scheduled my today’s post to post at 3:57 pm. WHAT IN THE WORLD was she NOT thinking!!
    That is a beautiful photo too.
    Hugs madi your bfff


    • Hehehe Trust my friend I have Never Been to Wales and Mummy has only been to Tenby and Caernarfon in Wales we first thought it was in our neighbourhood but we couldn’t find it.so we thought Wales but it could have been anywhere in the UK as a lots of places have similar fishing ports in the UK….hehehe we just got lucky,xx SPeedy


  4. Wow, Sammy, I never get these right and I’m never first! Boooooo Butt, I always have fun with these. Keeps me coming back for them each week! BOL/MOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

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  5. **slapss paw to head**
    LadyMum should have known thiss Unccle Sammy…. our Aunty Amanda livess inn Waless all so.
    An so startss thee Greenie colleckshun! 😉
    ~~head rubsss~~ neffkitty Siddhartha Henry~~


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