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Tuesday Teaser



The Teaser Cheerleader!

The Teaser Cheerleader!

Rah Rah Rah – Sis Boom Ba!



WAHOOO!!!!    Here we are – the Tuesday before Santa Paws arrives and I do hope you’re ready for this NEXT to last Teaser of the year!    This is a GUEST TEASER so you will find out who sent the photo in AND where the photo was taken tomorrow on the TELL ALL.

In the meantime, Mr. Silver Briefcase Dood – PULEEEEZE come on down and bring that suitcase.  Show our fans today’s photo will you?????

I have today's TEASER!!!!!

I have today’s TEASER!!!!!

Now as you look at this photo, remember I must have the exact location of this photo op AND what it is that we see in the photo!    Got it?   Ready?   GO FOR IT!


Remember, if you are the first person to COMMENT on this blog today, you get something for your hard work!


If you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, you will get this:


If you aren’t FIRST but you do guess right, you get this:


And if you’re an epic failure (hahahaha), you still get the fabulous GREENIE!


What are you waiting for???   Get those keyboards moving!    See you tomorrow for the Tell All………………….BON VOYAGE!

Hugs, Sammy


Pre-Tease Monday



Hello Friends!!!!   The last Teaser before Christmas – yep – tomorrow will round out the pre-Christmas season with a GUEST TEASER so I hope you’ll be ready for it!    I think it’s a beautiful photo too so I hope you think it’s EASY and PRETTY all rolled into one!

I’m still working on brand new badges for 2016 so for the first Teaser of the new year, you’ll be able to rack up some NEW Teaser badges when you win something!   Cool huh?

I want to share a couple of hilarious videos with you…………….yesterday we had a BIG event at Cat Scouts.  My “Sammy’s Travel Group” had its’ Second Annual Trip to the North Pole where we spent the day feeding reindeer, making toys, wrapping presents, etc. and during the day, my friend Raz from Friends Furever showed everyone a couple of videos of us having some fun.   One of them stars Raz’s sweet girlfriend Madi (who many of you know!!) and I think you’ll see why this was a BIG HIT at Scouts!   The other one is me and my friends having some fun making toys!



Now if those don’t make you giggle – NOTHING will!!!!!

So – it’s a date right?  I’ll see you tomorrow at a TOP SECRET TIME to guess the Tuesday Teaser?????

Hugs, Sammy

I've got a goodie in here for tomorrow!

I’ve got a goodie in here for tomorrow!

Sunday Selfie


The Last Sunday Selfie Before Christmas!!   

I’m glad to see I’m on the RIGHT list! 


We joined The Cat On My Head Sunday Selfie Hop – you can join too – just click the badge!



Love, Sammy

Last Bacon Before Christmas



Can It Be True?  

Today is the last bacon before Christmas?

Yes my friends………this time next week there will be NO presents under my tree – everything will have been opened on Christmas morning…….things may or may not still be under the tree that were opened and left in their boxes.    I will be enjoying my first “post Christmas bacon breakfast”  just like today I’m enjoying my last “pre Christmas bacon breakfast”.

BACONXMAS1Maybe this is what Mom will fix me for breakfast?   A Christmas tree full of bacon as one final BIG Christmas present?    Oh I should be so lucky.   One thing better NOT happen and that’s THIS:


This morning there’s no problem though because even as you’re reading this, I’m smelling bacon cooking in the kitchen.   I WILL have it today………………..!!!

Funny the kinds of things that pop up when you google “Christmas Bacon”…………there’s apparently a whole lot of Christmas tree ornaments for bacon fans – I’ve already added THAT to my Christmas list for next year.  There were even photos of bacon garlands for Christmas trees… that might be a bit much.   Even for ME!   And I even saw (are you ready for this?) bacon after shave lotion………..imagine walking down the street and having every cat in the universe trailing after you like the Pied Piper because you smelled like a big slab of bacon thanks to your after shave?!?!


Well, anyway, the new STAR WARS movie is finally out so this graphic that I’ve used a lot over the past year is definitely “IN SEASON” now – – – – – enjoy all you Star Wars fans (who also love bacon):


Happy Bacon Caturday! 

Sammy the Baconator


Help yourself to this badge if you’re like me – – – in LUV with bacon!

Do We HAVE To Wait?



Good grief!   I had a little discussion with my Mom today about WAITING.   I mean if there are presents UNDER the tree just sitting there doing nothing absolutely bursting with the need to be opened, WHY AREN’T WE OPENING THEM UP??????   They look lonely to me.   They look like they need to be needed…………they look pitiful even though they’re cheery and bright and pretty paper and ribbon-covered……..they want to be appreciated on the INSIDE TOO!

Mom said (and I quote):


So that’s that…………Mom says no more discussing or whining – I just have to WAIT……………..sigh.   Seems like I’m always WAITING for something though….waiting for Mom to get up in the morning to feed me….waiting for her to give me my pill (yuck) every morning……waiting for her to put my harness on and take me for my 4AM walk…..waiting waiting waiting……



Mom says everybody has to wait for things.   Not just me (although I’m positive I have to WAIT more than she does!).   She waits for traffic……for appointments…….for the grocery line to shrink so she can get out of the store……for Dad to do the stuff on his “HONEY DO” list……..she says EVERYONE waits.

I’m not convinced.   DO YOU HAVE TO WAIT??????   Maybe if I ask really nice, Santa Paws will come tomorrow instead of next week………maybe if we ALL ask really nice we can get him to come early…..what do you think?

HUGS, Sammy the Impatient

p.s.  and now I’m waiting for Saturday to get here so I can have my bacon! 

Christmas Fun


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas………everywhere you go (oops…..this sounds like a song doesn’t it?!).    My little town of Warrenton puts on a great display down Main Street (all eight blocks of it) with little white lights in EVERY SINGLE store window – greenery around all the street lamps, and lots of window displays including some animations.

Here at my house, we have everything DONE inside and out.   My negligent Mom has still not gone outside at night to take photos of my outside lights but maybe I can get her to do that tonight.  Maybe.

Meanwhile I’m collecting a whole lot of Christmas cards of both type – ecards and “paper” cards – and my Mom and Dad only have a couple but I’m RAKING THEM IN!!!!    I’ve also had some surprise boxes arrive for ME from Scout friends – there are so many kind people in this world……..Mom won’t let me open a SINGLE thing until Christmas morning though.  HUMBUG MOM!

Here are just SOME of the ecards cards I’ve received!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have more – I have cards in abundance – and I’m thrilled about each and every single one of them – I thank everyone from the bottom of my old furry heart!

If you don’t have one from ME, forgive my oversight!   I’ve posted it before but am posting it again because it’s from ME to ALL of you with love……………………….forever.


Holiday Hugs, Sammy


Teaser Tell All



Holy Moly was that a good Teaser yesterday!   Wasn’t it?    Yes we knew it was a lighthouse but WHERE was that thing located?   It also looked like SEVERAL lighthouses that people found courtesy of Mr. Google so that made it even MORE tough.

YET – we did have a FIRST RIGHT GUESSER and you’ll hear about that in a bit…………….first things first though……………..Here’s the photo one more time…….Mr. Silver Briefcase dood, please bring the photo in and show it to my guests?????

Your wish is my command oh great Mr. Tease!

Your wish is my command oh great Mr. Tease!


The photo was sent in as a Teaser possibility by my super duper buddy Raz from Friends Furever!    His Mom and Dad took the photo on a visit to Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada where they saw this cute little Mulholland Point Lighthouse!!!!    YES it does look like Peggy’s Cove Light but it ISN’T and some of you guessed Peggy’s Cove then took a second, third or fourth look and decided “maybe not” !!!!    BRAVO for all of you who were on the trail of this one……… kept at it then made your final guesses.    This is for you Raz!    Thanks again for the photo.

Thanks Raz at Friends Furever!!!!

Thanks Raz at Friends Furever!!!!

Our First Comments this morning were in a TIE for that position – Oliver and Calvin  and EASY.    You came in during the same MINUTE this morning and you both get this:


Then we have the winner of the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…………….EASY got it again!   It took him a while to figure it out but he was the first to guess Mulholland Point Light in New Brunswick!   Easy concatulations my friend.   You are a FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH on Tuesdays believe me…………..we ALL think so!


I did have SEVERAL of you come around to figuring it was Mulholland Point Light though – and that means we had a bunch of RIGHT GUESSERS!   You all get this:


Were you left out in the cold shivering without a blankie?   Did you have NO CLUE?   Well you get a GREENIE for your time and effort ANYWAY!


That was a goodie……………….now, remember, if you have what you think might be a good “stumper” of a photo for a Teaser – send it to us – we’ll put it in our stash of photos and one day BINGO BANGO BONGO you’ll see YOUR photo on a Tuesday Teaser….it’s fun to sit there and watch the guesses rolling in when it’s your photo!!!!   Just email it to me at junekimm(at)aol(dot)com !

See you next Tuesday for more pain and agony?  Good!

Love, Mr. Tease and his new Cheerleader!

Hee's ME in here!

Hee Hee……it’s ME in here!

The Teaser Cheerleader!

The Teaser Cheerleader!

Tuesday Teaser!



As promised – Tuesday arrived right when it should…..between Monday and Wednesday (haha) and Tuesday means TEASER!    Let’s get right to this GUEST TEASER – what do you say?   Mr. Briefcase guy – please show my friends the photo of today’s stumper!

Yes Sir!   Here it is!

Here's the Teaser for today!

Here’s the Teaser for today!


Now, please remember that you must tell me WHERE this photo was taken – I need to know the actual name of this structure (yes I already know it’s a lighthouse!), and where it’s located – what country or state, city or village???   Be specific as to location if you can.  OK?   NOW GO FOR IT!

If you are the very first person to COMMENT today on the blog you will get THIS for being so speedy quick!


If you are the very FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on today’s post, you will be the proud owner of this:


If you are RIGHT but not FIRST, you still get to strut your stuff with this:


If you are wrong or clueless, you get to add one of my FABULOUS Greenies to your collection (or start a collection if this is your first WRONG guess on a Teaser of mine!):


Swell?  You betcha.   Tomorrow we’ll find out where this photo was snapped and by WHOM……… Guest Teaser will get a badge to proclaim that they TEASED all of you, and I’ll probably immediately start looking for another Teaser to fool you NEXT Tuesday!

GOOD LUCK PEEPS!    I’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines………………………..

The Teaser Cheerleader!

The Teaser Cheerleader!

Ra Ra Ree

Kick ‘Em In The Knee

Ra Ra Rass

Kick ‘Em In The OTHER Knee!

I'm so danged funny!

I’m so danged funny!

Pre-Tease Monday!



Hello Peeps!   Tomorrow is the day………….yep – at some unspecified time that only my Mom knows (darn) the Teaser is gonna pop up and scare you and then you will have to try and be the FIRST COMMENTER on the blog or maybe FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!!!    Are you up to the task?    I hope so!

This week’s photo is from a GUEST…..that’s right – we’ve got another Guest Teaser for you to agonize over.   Cool?  Oh yeah………….I’ll tell you who sent it to me AND where it was taken on Wednesday for the Teaser Tell All.

I've got the photo but I'm not showing it until TOMORROW!

I’ve got the photo but I’m not showing it until TOMORROW!

So, make sure your eyes are in good operating order tomorrow morning – I can’t say if this one will be EASY for you or TOUGH but it will be FUN and that’s GUARANTEED!    Get a good night’s sleep tonight so you’ll be ready for it to arrive tomorrow……………..wonder what time that will be?!?!?!?!?!

I wonder when the Teaser will go "live" tomorrow???!!

No this is NOT a hint!

Hugs, Sammy the Teaser


Silent Sunday Selfie


Loving My New Fleece Blankie  

Thank You Secret Santa!


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