Teaser Tuesday


YAY!!!!!   (applause, applause)




RA RA RA! Sis Boom Bah!

Alrighty then!   It’s time for the FINAL Tuesday Teaser of 2015 – I hope you liked the badges I made for this week’s Teaser winners (assuming we have some….hahaha).   I happen to think this is a particularly tough GUEST TEASER but maybe I’m wrong……..heaven knows I’ve been wrong before!

So you know that we have a special badge for whoever is my FIRST COMMENTER on this post today right?   So what are you waiting for????


Let’s get to the MAIN EVENT shall we?     Mr. Silver Briefcase Dude………….will you please come up to the stage and show the Teaser Fans today’s CHALLENGE?????

YES SIR ! I have the photo right here!

YES SIR ! I have the photos right here!

No welcome mat here!


That’s right!   Two photos of this location……………..now WHERE did my Guest Teaser snap these photos?   Any ideas?    See why I said this would be a MAJOR challenge?   Well, you did want the final Teaser of 2015 to be tough right?   Get to guessing!    Here’s what’s at stake!







Teaser Operators are standing by for your guesses…………!!!!!


See you tomorrow for the TELL ALL – – – and GOOD LUCK (I think you might need it for this one!)

HUGS, Sammy the Tease

IMPORTANT P.S. !!   Me and Mom won’t be around today until LATER this afternoon so you children will have to play among yourselves without supervision (translation: I won’t be here to comment on your comments and posts until late this afternoon SOOOO you’re on your own until then.)   You will know who the FIRST COMMENTER is before I do………when I’m back this afternoon I’ll pop on and catch up with you………..GOOD LUCK FRIENDS!


  1. 4
    Jan K Says:

    Are we first?


  2. Eeek how did we miss being first again?


  3. 12
    Piglove Says:

    Darn it to piggy heavens. I knew I should have passed on that second biscuit and gotten here sooner. Snorts. XOXO – Bacon


  4. 15

    Hello! Good Morning!


  5. 19
    Dianna Says:

    Good morning, Sammy! We don’t know the answer but we just bet your parents are having fun today!
    Love, Sundae


  6. 21
    Jan K Says:

    This place looks vaguely familiar….but we really have no idea!


  7. 23

    Ha! We thought maybe we could be first. Fat chance of that! 😉 This is a tough teaser. We’ll say it’s someplace in Germany.


  8. 25
    Oliver and Calvin Says:

    Is there a badge for being ninth or how about for the guys that were first comment last week and ninth this week, talk about not following through. That looks like a real head scratcher of a teaser Sammy, we’ll going to take a look and try for a guess but we believe we’ll be getting the greenie as our last badge of 2015.


  9. 27
    Flynn Says:

    You caught mum out again! She was waiting because you have been early recently, but then she went to get lunch ready and you crept in when she wasn’t looking. Quick guess is it looks vaguely like one of the alleyways at Edinburgh Castle. We will go and have a think on it and look through some of her photos.


    • 28

      Hi Flynn! Mom changes it up all the time – pretty sneaky of her right? Some Tuesdays it’s EARLY some it’s NOT SO MUCH! See you later when you’re ready to GUESS!

      Hugs, Sam


  10. 29
    kolytyi Says:



  11. 31
    kolytyi Says:

    Is it your basement, Sammy?


  12. 33
    Sarge Says:

    Wow, I gotta bark that I don’t have the slightest idea! Dang, I never get these. I think I need to get out more. BOL/MOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish


  13. 35

    maybe that’s a bed from neuschwanstein castle germany? maybe for a small prince or a princess?… it#s tooooo small for a weimaraner :o)

    Liked by 1 person

  14. 37
    katsrus Says:

    No idea where that is. Looks pretty.
    Sue B


  15. 39
    pilch92 Says:

    As usual, not a clue. I think you have stumped us all Sammy. XO


  16. 41

    Hey there, hi there, ho there, it’s little Boomdee finally catching a teaser! Big Hooray, she FINALLY shows up on the very last one this year LOL

    Julia and I walked thru Arlington House, The Robert E Lee Memorial in Washington last spring. I don’t remember the bedrooms, maybe we didn’t walk by them but the walls kind of looked like this, so maybe?

    Final answer, Robert E Lee Memorial in Arlington

    Have a fab day Sammy and Pammy xoxo Boomdee-noodle


    • 42

      FINAL ANSWER TO YOUR ANSWER: MAYBE. HAHAHA I can’t say a word until tomorrow……….we’ll find out if you’re right or EL WRONGO and getting a Greenie tomorrow! Can you stand to wait?

      Hugs, love, and STUFF,
      Sammy and Mom

      Liked by 1 person

  17. 43
    cecilia07 Says:

    Household help quarters at some fancy smancy castle in Anywhere, USA.
    Hugs madi your bfff

    Liked by 1 person

  18. We’re guessing Mt Pleasant plantation….not really sure that’s the answer but we’re going with it!!

    The Florida Furkids


  19. Not sure……but…I bet it is from Jackie….could it be somewhere in England?


  20. wait…maybe Bulgaria?


  21. Rhodope Wall Gazebo Bulgaria?


  22. I think Easy must be some kind of time traveler. No other explanation for how they’re always first!

    Liked by 1 person

    • 54

      I think somehow Easy has put a special ALARM on his computer so the second the word comes in from WordPress that my blog is up, it SOUNDS an alarm and voila – they’re FIRST!

      Hugs, Sammy


  23. 55
    Kismet Says:

    I’m sticking with Scotland.


  24. 57
    Brian Says:

    Well, I do know I’m not under the bed there Sammy! That is a toughie!


  25. 58
    Sylvia Rzeminski Says:

    the Bastille, Paris, France


  26. 60

    You lived up to your hype Sammy – beastly tough 😉


  27. 61

    Hmmm you got me…no clue but except the bed looks french to me so it has to be in France,xx Speedy


  28. Well my guess is that the photo is taken in a old , cold and damp castle in Scotland 🙂



  29. You know Sammy, this alleyway reminds me of Hairy Potter when he got beat up by some muggles. However, this is not what you want to hear. The bed…holy cow kitty!! It is small…no room for 2 kitties and a peep. I must admit the peeps back then were short. You mention major….could this be a major’s bed? I got it. The alleyway is a tunnel for the slaves to leave the southern states. The bed is where a major of the Yankees slept. How’s that for extrapolating to the nnnnnth degree. hehe



  30. dood….we haz looked at 83,099 fotoz oh bedroomz in castlez…then we runned across one that had sum carvin on de head bord wood…..N on de head bord wood iz: Boleyn’s Bed….then we tried R best ta see if thiz bed haza chunk oh wood cross de top oh de pillow….N ya noe what….we think it doez !!!! sew we iz goin with Anne Boleyn’s bed in Hever Castle in Kent and if we iz RITE….de food servizz gurlz gonna buy a lot o ree tickit 🙂 ♥♥♥


    • 66

      You guys are FABULOUS detectives! Studied so hard and looked at that headboard (we didn’t know it said Boleyn’s Bed!!!!!)……you guys are just tooooooo smart! However, you’re WRONG…..tee hee….come by today and find out what the scoop is. Mr. Leo fooled ALL of us!

      Love, Sammy


  31. 67

    Looks like a museum of sum kind Sammy. Hope yous all havin’ a gweat day.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


  32. 70

    Hi Sammy! We were here at 5:00am when Mom got up and back at 6:30 before she went to work….too early 🙂 We are going to guess some castle in Holland because that headboard looks like it has tulips on it!
    Marty and the Gang


    • 71

      Good deduction skills Marty – and I suppose it’s possible that the headboard was made in Holland???? But come by today and see what the photos were actually of!!!!!! Mr. Leo GOT US ALL!

      Hugs, Sammy


  33. 72
    Shirley Matthews Dunn Says:

    Chuck and I both say the pictures look very familiar. We think it is one of the presidents homes up close to Monticello, but not Jefferson’s. ??


  34. 74
    kittiesblue Says:

    Hi Sammy, we stopped by this morning, but as we had no idea where this is, so we didn’t comment then. We still don’t have any idea now. We’ll gladly take our greenie and be on our way. Love and hugs to you, Mom Pam and Dad David. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  35. 76
    Judy & C.A.T.S. Says:

    Well, it looks like a museum. I will say Boston,MA


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