Christmas Eve


T’was the night before Christmas……

Christmas 2011 Outdoor Decorations

We’re going to have a quiet Christmas Eve Day and get a good night’s sleep because Santa Paws will be coming tonight……Mom says if I try to stay awake and sneak a peek, Santa might decide NOT to come down our chimney after all so I’ll be good and tuck myself into bed well before he gets here. 

Sam Sleeping (again)

I’m not peeking Santa…..honest!

I’m so overwhelmed by all the holiday cards I got this year…….thank you my friends……this is my second slideshow of cards and it isn’t even ALL of them – we ran out of places to hang them!  


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Remember that even though we’ve had to say goodbye to so many friends this past year as they’ve left us for the Bridge, they are still with us always and forever in our hearts….light a candle tonight……they will see it…..!  

Baby Sammy Christmas card.....

Baby Sammy Christmas card…..

I’ll be back tomorrow morning to hopefully show some photos of our Christmas Eve and Morning!   Hope yours is merry and bright……..

Love, Sammy Claws

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  1. Good idea Sammy early to bed..we can here Santa’s 10.21pm Christmas Eve we will put in a good word for you 😉 lovely cardies and pictures and thankyou so much as the postie delivered a lovely cardie from you hanging proudly and waiting to join a slideshow 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and Mum and Dad ..loves Fozziemum xxx


      • Awww… thank you Sammy and Pam. I feel the very same way about you… love’z you to the moon and back! Listening to Christmas music and thinking about a nap or watching the Muppet Christmas Carol…. 🙂 CH baking a pumpkin pie!


  2. Sammy, you were an adorable Baby Claws. We love seeing all the Christmas cards. Mom hopes she can put something together after Christmas. We and Mau got way more cards than Mom and Dad. It sure is fun. Mom and Fiona are going to work on our Christmas cards tomorrow while Dad is out for the day. We love you all bunches and wish you a blessed Christmas, Mom Janet, Dad Tom and Kitties Blue


    • We hope you have SPECIAL blessings this Christmas – especially for sweet Fiona but also for the rest of you who make your Mom and Dad happy AND all of us who love you happy, EVERY SINGLE DAY! We send you lots of love but also lots of HOPE…………

      Hugs, Sammy, and Mom Pam and Dad David


    • MERRY CHRISTMAS! We got your Christmas card yesterday……..thanks for the BIG SMILE…….Mom loved the card!! We hope that your Christmas is wonderful AND we’re hoping that the new year brings good health for your Mom and lots of love and happy times too.

      Holiday Hugs, Sammy and Mom Pam


  3. Sammy, it’s so good that you don’t peek! We have trouble with that! We want to send all of you special Christmas greetings. Thanks for being our friends in blogosphere!
    Hugs, Purrs and soft paw pats from Hemingway, Shakespeare and their Mom, Pam!


    • Hi Dear Miss Caren and Cody………Mom and I got overwhelmed with cards this year and if we missed putting yours in one of our slideshows, it wasn’t on purpose it was just Mom being MOM! HAHAHA Seriously though we were totally overwhelmed with cards and felt so bad that we didn’t send many out this year ourselves. We love all our friends in the blogosphere though – especially YOU, so just know that we appreciate your friendship and hope that your holiday is full of fun, love, and light.

      Love, Sammy and Mom Pam


  4. Merry Christmas Sammy, Mommy and Daddy! Mommy has quite the week finishing a project at work and getting the apartment all spiffed up for Alex (my human brother) coming to visit. Mes is a little disgusted that mes doe not gets to post when mes visits, like mes used to, but at least mes gets to reads what everybody is up too.
    Lots of hugs, kisses and good cheer tomorrow!
    Your Nellie Bellie (and her tired Mommy)


    • Dearest Nellie and Tired Mommy – no matter how often or “not often” we hear from you, you’re on our minds all the time…………we hope that while things were a little crazy for you this past year, that the NEW year will be amazing, quiet, happy, successful, and full of love………..thanks for being our friends……….enjoy your Christmas!!!!

      Love and Holiday Hugs,
      Sammy and Mom Pam


    • We love you too Boomdee……….we put our aqua bird on the Christmas tree when we were decorating and it’s the prettiest thing on our tree! We hope your Christmas is full of love, light, happy, and HUGS……..

      Love, Sammy and Pam


  5. Yr a good Unccle goin to bed befur Santa Clawss showed up mee an LadyMum stayed up till all most 1 A Em….as wee not have a visit frum him…
    Wee wishes all of you there a merry Katmass
    ***paw patsss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxxx
    Pee S: Mee iss sorry wee not d a eCard….wee ran out of time an LadyMum needs sum time off 😉


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